The DYNCORP Rabbit-Hole: Child-Trafficking, Black Ops & More…

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So, yes, we need to talk about DynCorp. But, first, a quick news item.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, ‘Trump wants Jewish billionaire to vet spy agencies’. President Trump is reportedly looking into assigning an Israeli/US billionaire from the world of finance ‘to lead a broad review of intelligence services’.

The man in question is one Stephen A. Feinberg, who already has a place on Trump’s economic advisory council. He is reported to have no experience of national security issues, but his firm is invested in gun companies and a ‘private security’ firm (translation: mercenary firm). Feinberg, who is a close friend of Trump’s white nationalist chief-strategist – the Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs man Steve Bannon – and of his son-in-law Jared Kushner, is expected to be brought on board to handle an audit of American intelligence agencies.

According to the paper, Bannon and Kushner (both of them Zionists and pro illegal settlements) had previously considered Feinberg for Director of National Intelligence or for Chief of the CIA’S clandestine service (despite him being a dual-national with outstanding business interests).

Who is Stephen Feinberg? Among other things, he happens to be the present owner of a private military company called Dyncorp – a military contractor that financed much of the Iraq War.

The Israeli billionaire’s enlistment by Trump for that purpose might essentially amount to a ‘coup’ of sorts (by Israeli interests), with all American intelligence and security operations being controlled by a private entity with foreign/Israeli interests. Potentially it means that Feinberg, a dual US-Israeli citizen who essentially owns a mercenary firm, would be overseeing all domestic intelligence and surveillance operations in the US.

It is difficult, however, to wholly verify what’s going on here: and this is partly because mainstream news organisations have simply not covered the story – preferring instead to harp on and on about alleged Russian interference in US politics.

If this report is true and this move goes ahead, it is worth looking at precisely what DYNCORP is and what its track record consists of. If you’re not familiar with it, prepare to be very troubled.

Dyncorp appears, from all accounts, to be the absolute worst of the worst – a criminal, inhumane enterprise engaged in every kind of international crime you could think of: people trafficking, prostitution, organised child abuse, ‘rape tapes’, drug trafficking, covert ops, mercenary warfare, false-flag terrorism, the illegal/covert arms trade, and with its decrepit activities having taken place everywhere from Bosnia, Libya and Iraq and Yemen and right through to Pizza-Gate and Jeffrey Epstein.

My knowledge of Dyncorp has been limited: I knew of its bloody involvement in the Iraq War and I was familiar with the whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac’s extraordinary exposure of Dyncorp’s people-trafficking and sexual abuse operations.

In a damning 2003 paper, ‘Real Deal: CSC DynCorp & the Economics of Lawlessness’, Catherine Austin-Fitts analysed the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs having issued a $22 million contract to DynCorp Aerospace Operations (UK) Ltd to “re-establish police, justice and prison functions in post-conflict Iraq.”

WikiLeaks published cables exposing Dyncorp having earned $2 billion per year out of the decimation of Afghanistan and Iraq – it was also involved in a number of incidences of child trafficking.

The things that had already been exposed about DynCorp as far back as 2002 should’ve destroyed the firm already: but somehow they keep managing to be protected and then awarded big contracts.

We’re not just talking about an immensely corrupt organisation, but a criminal enterprise that knows virtually no bounds. In his book, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire, Michael C. Ruppert covers how much DynCorp is embedded across the US military-industrial complex, the CIA, the State Department, etc. ‘So ubiquitous is DynCorp,‘ he wrote in 2013, ‘that we will see its hands all over the map in connection with 9/11 and the ruling of America. DynCorp is everywhere.’

DynCorp was connected with Hillary Clinton on account of being deeply embedded with the State Department, with both Clinton and the corporate-owned media maintaining cover ups to protect the corporation from exposure: for, among other things, the alleged child-trafficking. But it goes further back than Hillary, connecting with 9/11 and the Rumsfeld Pentagon, the Iran/Contra scandal and more.

In a lengthy article entitled Dirty Tricks, Inc.: The DynCorp Government Connection, Uri Dowbenko provides a great overview of how this entire operation works: “Using private companies for government work has been long exploited by the CIA and Pentagon, who like to use proxies, such as contractors or mercenaries to fight their covert wars. The benefits for federal agencies include ‘plausible deniability’ with respect to assassinations and drug trafficking, as well as the ability to bypass the Military Code of Honor and accords of the Geneva Convention. In other words, by privatizing ‘dirty tricks,’ a federal agency cannot be held liable…’

 Dyncorp newspaper story 

In that context, we might note that it was also widely reported recently that mercenaries from DynCorp have been entering Yemen to fight for the Saudi-led coalition: this being after fighters from the infamous Blackwater firm (and Blackwater is also tied to the Trump/Bannon administration) were defeated by the Houthi rebels; which, again, reinforces what I was saying in the Yemen post concerning the Trump administration’s probable ‘cut-throat’ approach, particularly if guided by Steve “Darkness is good” Bannon – and even more so if guided by Feinberg.

In addition to its involvement in foreign warfare and black ops, Dyncorp is credited with having been a major, central developer of what is now the mass surveillance state.

But beyond these areas of activity – which you might be inclined to regard as normal for a private military contractor tied to the CIA and the Pentagon – the area where the ubiquitous Dyncorp becomes even more disturbing concerns the longstanding evidence of human trafficking and organised sex abuse (including children).

Its activities of course span nations, continents and decades. In Afghanistan, for example, DynCorp, which was hired by the US to train Afghan police, was apparently caught supplying drugs and young boys for a sort of ‘sex party’.


What is absolutely crucial – and highly disturbing – viewing is this lecture from former Nebraska policewoman, Kathryn Bolkovac, who I referenced earlier. Bolkovac served as a U.N. peacekeeper, and in this talk she discusses how, in Sarajevo, she discovered military officers involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution, with links to private mercenary contractors, the UN, and the U.S. State Department Dyncorp is central to her revelations.

Her talk here is long, but I highly recommend watching it and listening to her account.

The incredibly brave and moral Bolkovac was forced to flee the country in the dead of night, bringing the incriminating documents with her – with which she was able to win a lawsuit against Dyncorp, exposing their activities. Her story is recounted in the book The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman’s Fight for Justice (which also was a 2009 film called The Whistleblower and starring Rachel Weisz).

In 2002, Kelly Patricia O’Meara wrote a stunning article about DynCorp for Insight Magazine, providing some sense of what goes on in the organisation. ‘Dyncorp forged documents, trafficked women, aided illegal cross-border transports and tipped off sex club owners about imminent raids.’ She covered the brave work of Kathryn Bolkovac, who had uncovered evidence “of girls being beaten and raped in bars by their pimps while peacekeepers stood and watched.” Even one UN policeman who was meant to be investigating the sex trade: “paid £700 to a bar owner for an underage girl who he kept captive in his apartment to use in his own prostitution racket.” Ultimately, the company fired the eight employees for their alleged involvement in sex trafficking and illegal arms deals.’

In the same article, O’Meara explained how “employees and supervisors from DynCorp were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior [and] were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports…’ and how a key whisteblower from Texas ‘witnessed co-workers and supervisors literally buying and selling women for their own personal enjoyment, and employees would brag about the various ages and talents of the individual slaves they had purchased.”

And, again, Dyncorp also appears to be linked to Jeffrey Epstein and the alleged ‘Pizza-gate’ scandal; which, given its child-trafficking record, would seem to make some sense.

Concerning DynCorp’s activities in the illegal drugs trade, Robert Lawson’s DynCorp: Beyond the Rule of Law describes how DynCorp contract employees were caught smuggling heroin out of Colombia within the last decade. Further information linking DynCorp to the drugs trade can be sought out in articles by Jason Vest at The Nation.

This is all just scratching the surface here. DynCorp is also linked to the arms flow to ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq, and has been implicated in Benghazi (Libya).

In the US, George Webb has been researching and posting videos on DynCorp for some time. His series is thorough and detailed, well worth examining. I haven’t been able to get through all of it because there’s so much of it: but, among other things, he links Dyncorp not only to organised child trafficking, but organ harvesting operations (in Haiti and elsewhere). I cannot claim to know whether a lot of Webb’s information is correct or not – particularly as I haven’t been through all of his work – but the picture he paints is disturbing to say the least.

Webb, who, among other things, links DynCorp to the San Bernadino false-flag that the Trump/Bannon team has made so much capital out of, has also made a chilling prediction concerning civil unrest, killings and false-flags in the United States: “I’m willing to say today that it’s going to be DynCorp behind the mass shootings that you see in America. I’m going to tell you right now that there’s going to be a DynCorp person always involved in the pile of bodies. The other murders are just cover murders, but it’s going to be DynCorp…”

Webb could be wrong, of course: but read that quote again… and then go back to the report that the CEO of DynCorp is being enlisted by Trump to conduct an ‘audit’ of American intelligence and security agencies. And ask why Donald ‘Drain the Swamp’ Trump would seek out a US/Israeli billionaire CEO of a criminal enterprise to ‘audit’ American intelligence and security agencies and activities.

The answer – whatever it is – can’t be anything good.

Given the entire propaganda premise of his Breitbart-led campaign, Trump making a place for the CEO of Dyncorp in his White House makes absolutely no sense. It would, however, make sense – as I previously argued – if it is taken in conjunction with the fact that Feinberg is a close friend of Steve Bannon’s, that both Feinberg and Bannon are Zionist operatives and that Trump appears to have a fondness for both DynCorp and Blackwater.

Webb also claims that DynCorp is running Fusion Centers. The Fusion Centers – investigated by a number of researchers, including Jesse Ventura – were set up across the United States after 9/11 essentially to spy on citizens on a massive scale and which are believed by many to be the crucial part of a planned totalitarian state and Martial Law that 9/11, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security was always intended to lead to: and which will involve a massive crackdown on ‘terrorists’, dissent, protest groups, activists and Libertarians.

A constitutional and international lawyer told lawmakers that the United States should dismantle these state-run fusion centers and likened them to the Soviet Union’s KGB and East Germany’s Stasi.


I’m not suggesting we can know for certain what is going on anymore (for one thing, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions seems to have just signed an executive order to prevent human trafficking – which makes the equation even more confusing).

But there also appears to be a lack of open discussion about Feinberg, along with a claim that various senior intelligence officials in the US are very concerned about the alleged appointment. I’m also not at all sure what the true story is concerning a woman named Monica Peterson, who George Webb also posted about – and who, allegedly, committed suicide while (allegedly) investigating child-trafficking in Haiti (though the conspiracy theories now have it that her death may have been faked, with some even claiming she didn’t exist).

Whatever you may or may not think of ‘conspiracy theorists’, George Webb’s claims or the ‘Pizza-Gate’ scandal, what is absolutely certain is that the likes of Kathryn Bolkovac and Catherine Austin-Fitts are utterly beyond reproach: and I again highly recommend watching Bolkovac’s talk or reading her book.

Her evidence alone should’ve meant the complete dismantling of Dyncorp long ago.

Catherine Austin-Fitts wrote back in 2003, ‘A year ago, I took stories about litigation involving sex slave trafficking by DynCorp personnel in Eastern Europe… Indeed, it was not long after that the State Department awarded DynCorp a contract to manage the information systems for embassies and consulates world wide — another plum award for a company that seems to have a hand in most of the most sensitive information systems in the world — at the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the CIA, the Air Force, the FBI, the Securities & Exchange Commission and even the New York Stock Exchange.’

‘If we are paying private corporations to collect highly sensitive data on all of us,’ she wrote, ‘it seems like DynCorp is always there.’

Well, yes, it looks like DynCorp is always there.


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  1. Overwhelming report. Not encouraging – but clarifying. Heard one George Webb interview and the case put forward stands stark and puts most/rest else in perspective. Trump+co = Will he/they, pull back from military engagement, somewhat evidenced in the lack of faking-flags, that drive this sorry global self-destruct? And; Will US authorities be allowed to purge the high-profile paedophiles? About all the rest – for me – compared to this, is secondary. Reformation or an internally-led revolution – and stop the rot? Mr ‘stand my my promises’ has a put up a loudly ticking clock of expectations. With the economy about the creak of the ledge with “officers about to go public/make arrests/charge… etc” – any more delays will be all that’s needed to confirm the worst, not best-hopes, about the new figure-heads of Washington. DynCorp… shadow corruption with a budget of a nation. Media alarms and spotlights, missing in – no – action.

    • Yep, Mark, that’s also why I think it’s so suspect that virtually all of the media is obsessed with the ‘Russian hacking’ angle on the Trump election, when they should be even more worried about entities like Dyncorp, as well as the Zionist lobbies, etc.

  2. Troubling indeed and clearly lacks any accountability to the tax payer whose money is used to pay these criminals.

    Re the Stephen Feinberg appointment I went to the White House website and after a search found only one mention of the guy…in a presidential press conference on 17 Feb. Trump was asked if this appointment was going to happen, he responded:

    “The gentleman you mentioned is a very talented man, very successful man. And he has offered his services, and it’s something we may take advantage of. But I don’t think we’ll need that at all because of the fact that I think that we’re going to be able to straighten it out very easily on its own.”

    Typical Trump speak maybe, but I still wouldn’t rule it out based on the above statement, would you?

    • No, I wouldn’t rule anything out. Trump – who I enjoy watching a lot, because he is charismatic and entertaining – does this a lot, where he’ll make completely self-contradicting statements week-to-week. For example, saying he supports Jerusalem being taken by Israel as a capital: and then later saying he might be opposed to it. And green-lighting the illegal settlements and then a few weeks later saying he wants Netanyahu to stop.
      Go figure.

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