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Christian Zionism

Well, that was bloody insane – all of it.

But then we appear to be living in an insane asylum in which the inmates have taken control.

If you ever needed a more perverse and overt expression of the incestuous nature of the Trump/Netanyahu relationship – and indeed of the Zionist/End-Timers fanaticism that I keep talking about here – it was in the last couple of days, which saw the official ceremony for the new US embassy in Jerusalem, accompanied by the deaths of dozens of Palestinian protesters.

I don’t want to keep re-writing the same points over again, so I’ve re-posted below (in full) the older article on Jerusalem, the embassy move, and more importantly the Judeao-Christian Zionist plan to seize the Temple Mount and pave the way for the ‘rapture’, the Second Coming and the Biblical Apocalypse.

I’ve covered that matter several times here before, including crucially in the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ article, which laid out the reality of the extremist-Zionist takeover of Israel (which a former Israeli Prime Minister had in fact warned us about), as well as that government’s involvement in the rise of Far-Right ‘populism’ across the West and the growth of European Zionism, the Trump/Kushner/Netanyahu factor, the Zionist sponsorship of the so-called ‘Alt Right’, and – importantly – how it all related directly to the Zionist plan to violate international law and seize the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

If anyone never read that very detailed article, it is worth doing so for very important context (read it here).

On the Trump administration’s alliance with the right-wing government in Israel (and the US media’s clever use of ‘Russia-Gate’ to obscure the reality of ‘Israel-Gate’), that was covered here, while the subject of the Trump regime’s outsourcing of US foreign policy to Israel was covered in the article about the Iran Nuclear Deal here.

For the record, I wrote here, weeks before Trump’s inauguration as President, that we were about to see a “Christian-Zionist Crusade” unfold (accompanied by a continuing Neo-Con/PNAC agenda): and now that predicted lunacy appears to be in full swing.

Below is the re-post of the article on the orchestrated apocalypse scenario that evangelical Christian Zionists have been seeking in Jerusalem – to bring about the End of Days.

I only want to preface that with a brief (and relevant) note on the events two days ago in Jerusalem.

The ceremony, which featured a jubilant Netanyahu and Jared Kushner (former house-mates, you know), also featured two very interesting guest speakers: specifically high-profile (and super-wealthy) American evangelical preachers (and professed Christian Zionists) John Hagee and Robert Jeffress.

Hagee has been an infamous Christian Zionist and Rapture-enthusiast for many years and is in fact one of the most important figures in both American Zionism and evangelical ‘End-Times’ fascination, while Jeffress (pastor of a Dallas ‘mega church’) famously heralded Donald Trump’s inauguration as having been ordained by God, regarding Trump as a divinely-guided saviour figure whose arrival was a pointer to the imminent return of Jesus.



I note these details here, because they reinforce perfectly the themes and content of the article below. Hagee, who was inivted to perform the ceremony’s final ‘blessing’, proclaimed (as dozens of Palestinian protesters were being pummelled nearby) “The Messiah will come and establish a Kingdom that will never end”. The highlight of his contribution was a rock-star-like sing-along with the crowd of “Israel Lives, Israel Lives!”

There’s no question whatsoever that Hagee and Jeffress were someone‘s very deliberate choice of speakers for this event: anyone could have been invited to speak, including any number of more moderate, intelligent or refrained invididuals. Indeed, given the inflammatory nature of the entire event, more sophisticated minds might’ve been more careful to have a low-key, less over-the-top event. Instead, the US and Israeli officials involved wanted a big, provocative event – and there’s no doubt at all that Hagee and Jeffress were invited to make a very deliberate impression and capture a very specific mood.

If it wasn’t so serious (and if so many protesters hadn’t been killed while this event was going on), the whole affair would almost have seemed like a nightmarish parody – or something like a Mel Brooks spoof of an evangelical Zionist event. But this surreal sense of deadly parody has been the tone of everything ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election – every embarassing, painful or ominous element of this affair was already foreshadowed entirely by the farce of Trump’s inauguration a year ago (which I observed with real concern at the time here), which – fittingly enough – had involved Pastor Jeffress making an unhinged, apocalyptic sermon.

My friend James at the Crimes of Empire site summarised John Hagee’s role aptly in this old article: ‘John Hagee is one of the most popular and aggressive proponents of the Christian Zionist abomination in the US today. Hagee’s task appears to be to keep as many of the apparently ignorant Christians of the US safely in thrall to the Zionist project as possible…

Also, just to reinforce the absurdity of both Christian ‘End-Times’ Zionism and its alliance with more logical Jewish Zionism that the article below touches on, Jeffress had once proclaimed that Jews cannot be saved and will burn in Hell, while Hagee was widely reported to have proclaimed that Hitler had been sent by God to drive Jews into their ancestral homeland of Israel (so that Jesus could come and eventually smite them all).

And these are the two clowns someone decided would be perfect to grace the opening of the illegal US Embassy in Jerusalem – what a world we live in! On another note, if Hagee – who said Hitler was God’s vehicle for enabling Zionism – was invited to grace the embassy opening, why on earth is Ken Livingstone (who merely said that Hitler had favoured mass Jewish emigration to Palestine) still barred from the Labour Party and being called an ‘anti-Semite’?

Surely, if the evidence of the last couple of days is anything to go by, the present Israeli officials adore Anti-Semites?

Anyway, I can’t contemplate any of this farce anymore without my head exploding. So, below is a handy guide to Jerusalem and the orchestrated Christian apocalypse that is presumably set to be played out some time in the next few years.

At least it’ll make John Hagee extremely happy.




Why JERUSALEM is So Important to the Apocalypse Fantasists…

 Jerusalem, The Dome of the Rock 

Jerusalem is regarded as an international city, under a world body protectorate.

That is its prevailing status.

The United Nations has affirmed in a number of resolutions that continued Zionist colonisation of Jerusalem is illegal under international law. Every Zionist settlement in illegally occupied East Jerusalem is a direct contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which forbids an occupying power from transferring colonists into the areas it occupies.

The UN Partition Plan in 1947 – which divided Palestine between Jewish and Arab states – was clear to grant Jerusalem special status, placing it under international sovereignty and control. To some, this situation isn’t ideal – but to most, it’s the situation that works.

This special status was based on the historic city’s cultural and religious importance to Muslims, Christians and Jews, meaning that no one party should have control over it. Jerusalem houses some of the most important buildings or locations in all three religions and has always been a melting pot of all three – and other – communities.

Apart from Donald Trump, no leader or country in the world recognises Israeli claims to Jerusalem – and no country has its embassy in Jerusalem (including, at this time, the United States).

Juan Cole does a good job of laying out the case here way back in 2010 for why East Jerusalem doesn’t belong to Israel.

It is generally understood that Israel has no legally recognised claim to Jerusalem, that annexation of Jerusalem was never part of any internationally-recognised agreement, that every Zionist settlement or house in occupied Jerusalem is illegal, and that any Israeli move to annex Jerusalem will have dire consequences.

Zionist agents in various countries, however, have been openly pushing for the annexation of Jerusalem in recent years. In fact, various political figures or parties (the Austrian Far-Right, for example) have gone to Israel and made “the Jerusalem Declaration”.

Trump isn’t the only one. Geert “What We Need is Zionism For Europe” Wilders was calling for complete Israeli annexation during his bid to win the recent Dutch election, while Trump has previously expressed support for the Zionist claim to seize Jerusalem and make it the Israeli state capital and Jewish national capital – in keeping with Biblical Prophecy and evangelical ‘End Times’ agenda.

An alternate title for this article could be ‘Armageddon – an organised event starring the fanatical zealots of all three Abrahamic religions’. And, of course, it has to center on Jerusalem. Where else?

 Donald Trump at the Western Wall, Jerusalem 

And that’s what’s scary. Even Donald Trump, in all his cluelessness, surely understands that there’s nothing non-dangerous or non-loaded about making toxic and unnecessary statements about that city. It’s as if the cheerleaders for the apocalypse are all getting geared up for the big event, doing whatever they now can to push it into motion.

The underlying reason for the longstanding Zionist/nationalist agenda for occupying Jerusalem is to seize the Temple Mount and rebuild Solomon’s Temple – an event that relates to the coming of the Jewish Messiah (and for Christian Zionists, to the Second Coming of Christ).

What is extraordinarily stupid about this is that those two ideas or expectations – the coming of the Jewish Messiah and the Second Coming of Jesus – are fundamentally contradictory.

Nonetheless, for a good understanding of the true nature of this Zionist/American agenda for the ‘Holy Land’, see Grace Halsell’s article here, or seek out his book Forcing God’s Hand, which exposes the strange alliance between millions of ‘born again’ American Christians who long for the ‘Rapture’ and ‘Armageddon’ and believe it all hinges on the land of Israel.

The main problem with this idea of rebuilding Solomon’s Temple is of course that it will require the demolition of the Al-Aqsa mosque – an act that could potentially set off a religious/sectarian conflict like nothing seen in recent times.

That’s kind of the point, however.
Allies for Armageddon, by Victoria Clark 

Victoria Clark’s 2007 book, Allies for Armageddon: The Rise of Christian Zionism, is also a good resource for understanding the apocalyptic/religious dynamics of the Zionist/US alliance in regard to the Holy Land.

Again, in this context, we should remind ourselves that President Trump (backed by the Zionist propagandist and apocalypse-enthusiast Steve Bannon) did express his support for Jerusalem being seized and made the Israeli capital quite some time ago. This isn’t some new, shocking thing – as the MSM seems to think it is – but has always been a stated part of the Trump/Bannon/Kushner agenda.

Which is why it is no surprise that both Bannon and Kushner fund illegal Zionist demolition of Palestinian homes and colonisation of occupied territory.

So after all these years, is the Zionist movement finally maneuvering to seize the Temple Mount and begin the prophesied rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple?

The answer is most likely yes. It has been planned by certain elements in Israel for a long time; but it was waiting for the right sets of circumstances to be in place.

It has long been regarded as an event that – as inevitable as it might be – would probably trigger off a major conflict. From even when I was a child, I remember being told by someone older than me that Israel would never go that far because it would set off a Holy War.

However, those were simpler times.

There is already holy war in some form or another going on across virtually the entire Middle East; and with both the regional and the Western powers fully distracted with jihadists, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the Iran/Saudi proxy war, now is the perfect time for the extreme right-wing government in Israel to move on the Temple Mount.

With everything else going on in the Middle East, the plight of the Palestinian people has been pushed into the background of regional concerns, and moreover the across-the-board demonisation and mistrust of ‘Muslims’ and of Islamic militancy in the West that has occurred in the last 10 – 15 years has eroded a lot of the international sympathy for the Palestinians (even though Palestinians are also Christian).

I am increasingly convinced all of that has been by design.

And that it goes as far back as the assassination of the moderate and peace-seeking Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1994 (by Zionist-Jewish extremists) and the later assassination of PLO figurehead Yasser Arafat (via pollonium poisoning and almost certainly by Mossad).

Just to say something else here, before we carry on: every government or country is entitled to (or, more accurately, expected to) look out for its own self-interests, sometimes even via nefarious, convoluted means. Most countries do it, especially powerful countries.

But there does come a point where you’re just taking the piss.

I wrote in a very long article early this year about the warning that had been issued from *within* Israel about an extremist take-over that had occurred within the Israeli government; including a warning by a former Israeli Prime Minister (Ehud Barak) about the “seeds of fascism” that were present in what others were calling “the most extreme government in Israeli history”.

I argued in that same article that a lot of the crises going on elsewhere – that we think are entirely unrelated to the situation in Israel – might in fact be entirely connected to the agenda of that extreme government in Israel. And I concluded in that piece that the central purpose of all of this was to place Israel in a position to be able to make a play for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

Interestingly, although the right-wing nationalists in Israel have sought annexation of Jerusalem for a long time – along with seizure of the Temple Mount; they have never been in a position to do so, due to international opposition (as well as domestic opposition within Israel) and the political make-up of (1) a Western world-order mostly dominated by liberal political parties that, despite their general support for Israel as a state, would not support forceful annexation of Jerusalem, and (2) an Arab world dominated by strong, independent states and leaders who (until relatively recently) generally supported the Palestinians and were a threat to Israeli military ambitions.

 Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat 

More interestingly, as I argued in this older article, Neo-Con-led geopolitics from the PNAC-orchestrated 9/11 onward have already ensured that the key regional states that might’ve intervened militarily against Israel in the event of full annexation of the Holy Land (or whose military power and strong, independent nature might’ve acted as a deterrent) – specifically the Pan-Arabists (like Gaddafi) and the Ba’athists (like Syria and pre-war Iraq) – are no longer in a position to do so.

In fact, every one of those regimes has either been toppled by the Neo-Cons or collapsed from the so-called Arab Spring (leaving now only Iran, Lebanon and whatever’s left of Syria).

In effect, something that no Israeli government could’ve really done twenty years ago is now wholly possible, because the way has been cleared: from the removal of Arafat and perceived de-legitimisation of Palestinian organisations/authorities to the proxy warfare waged on neighbouring Arab states to weaken them, the widespread encouragement of Islamophobia and demonisation of Muslims, the psychological warfare of the Islamist terror wave in Europe and the West (so that Palestinian terrorism can be equated in the popular mind with the virus of broader Islamist extremism – even the methods of all terror attacks in Europe seem to mimick older Palestinian attacks), and, finally, the conditions – and propaganda arrangements – being right for pro-Zionist nationalist-populists like Trump and Wilders to come into place to advocate for militant Zionism and to work to legitimise actions that are wholly illegitimate.

Quite simply, the time is finally right – and having true Zionist supporters or agents in the White House (as opposed to a reluctant ally like an Obama) is arguably the final piece of the equation.

This has all been building for some time, step by step. Two years ago, when groups of extreme Jewish-nationalists – backed by paramilitary – were violating the mosque area, with Palestinian access to the Old City being more and more restricted and illegal Zionist colonists seizing more and more Palestinian homes, Mazin Qumsiyeh wroteIt is now clear that there is an orchestrated campaign to destroy the indigenous presence here. The Israeli military occupiers have decided to close down the Old City of Jerusalem to Palestinians while allowing Israeli Jews to rampage, taunt and attack the native Jerusalemites, Christians and Muslims…’

Indeed, that crisis at that time – which included multiple Palestinian knife attacks on Israelis and instances of some Jewish/Zionist settlers setting fire to Palestinians in Jerusalem and calling for “shoah” against the non-Jewish population – might well have been a partly (or wholly) manufactured situation to act as a dry-run for what might need to happen in the future.

Some even then were claiming it was a manufactured situation: if it was (and I don’t know if it was or wasn’t), it might’ve been to see what would happen if Zionist zealots began to act more aggressively in Jerusalem.

On a similar note, if Trump genuinely moves towards Jerusalem being made Israeli capital, it is liable to provoke a resurgence in Palestinian attacks – which, in turn, will give the Israeli military all the justification it needs to take harsh, sweeping actions (witness ‘Operation Protective Edge‘ in 2014). The day afyer Trump’s Jerusalem announcement, there was already talk from some quarters of “a new intifada”.

Likewise, it seems likely that Trump’s announcement was also designed to provoke further backlash or inflame further anger across the Middle East, allowing a further escalation of the much sought-after ‘clash of civilisations’ scenario that many of the key players (including apocalypticist Steve Bannon, who has spoken at length about wanting an apocalyptic showdown between – in his mind – a Judaeo/Christian Crusader-style West and Radical Islam) seem to believe in.

Of course, it gets worse.

Zionist Jewish nationalists want to ‘rebuild the Temple’; as in what they perceive to be Solomon’s ancient temple, destroyed by Vespasian and the Romans in AD 79.

The only way to do this is to demolish the Al-Aqsa mosque. And the only people who want this to happen more than Jewish nationalists are the Christian/American Zionists, specifically right-wing evangelicals who fully back ultra-nationalist Jewish activity in Jerusalem, simply because they want to trigger a Third World War and, more importantly, the Biblical ‘Armageddon’ and subsequent Second Coming of Christ.

Why? Because they believe they – as pure, ‘Born Again’ Christians – will survive the ‘rapture’ and be raised by Jesus, while the rest of the world burns.

Israeli Zionist extremists in Jerusalem are fully backed and funded by American Christian zealots who want the Second Coming and the ‘rapture’ (despite the fact that Jewish lore insists the rebuilding of the Temple will mean the arrival of the Jewish Messiah and not the Christian version of Jesus – as pointed out earlier, it’s completely contradictory).

 The Rapture, cartoon 

It’s also fair to say that the Christan evangelical Zionists don’t care at all about the traditional Christians of Jerusalem and Palestine – you know, the proper Christians who pre-date modern evangelical McChristianity by a few dozen centuries?

To make matters even more perverse, Muslims also believe that a ‘Second Coming’ of the Christian Jesus is to occur, but the fundamentalist Islamic view/prophecy has it that whoever the so-called Jewish ‘Messiah’ is (whose arrival is meant to be foreshadowed by the rebuilding of the temple), he is to be regarded as ‘the Anti Christ’.

In other words, the moment the Al-Aqsa is demolished and the Temple of Solomon is ‘restored’, we are probably looking at a Holy War to end all Holy Wars.

Even more perversely, as I’ve explored before (see here), some of this has already been playing out with the ‘Islamic State’ group in Iraq and Syria, with the so-called ISIS ‘Caliph’ – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – being fabricated to play into Islamic prophecies about the End of the World and to convince would-be jihadist recruits that the End-of-the-World struggle between Good and Evil was in play.

For the record, there have long been claims that Baghdadi was an Israeli Mossad agent named Shimon Elliot. I’ve never particularly subscribed to that theory – my own belief, based on various sources, is that the so-called ‘caliph’ Baghdadi never really existed and was a fictional figurehead crafted to help all of those events gather momentum.

A key part of the ISIS psy-op was to bewitch or frighten people – both those in the terror group and those civilians in areas or towns that ISIS was taking over – with the idea that what was playing out was the Islamic ‘End-Times’ prophecy.

One wonders then if much of what is intended to play out over Jerusalem is also intended to excite or bewitch those who subsribe to Christian End-Times theology or Jewish Messianic expectations. Clearly that is what’s driving most of this: my question is whether those at the top of the agenda genuinely believe in all this stuff or whether it is simply a vehicle for bringing about some other objective or desired state of affairs.

But the point is that, across the board – whether it’s in the camps of extreme Islamism or in the camps of zealous Zionists or ‘End-Times’ Christians – we appear to be looking at deluded, zealous lunatics and apocalypse-fantasists.


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  1. Wow… lots to digest. You said it so well: “The way has been cleared”.

    All the nations that would have opposed the taking of the City of David have been neutralized or reduced to a pre-industrial state. Turkey is held at bay with the hope of the larger prize inof becoming an EU member. The ancient nations of Syria, Babylon, and Libya have been reduced to rubble during the previous two Administrations. Egypt is controlled through quasi-martial law. Persia, the last standing Rook, was recently flogged in Syria and then put on notice not to respond in kind, or else. Palestinians who had been been herded to friendly Syria were starved in camps during the civil war. And Arabia has benefited the most all along while Lybian, Persian, Syrian (and even Venezuelan) oil were removed from foreign markets.

    From a.conservative Jesus Freak viewpoint… We must also bear in mind that every nation that could have been in possession of the “Lost Ark” has been conflicted and thoroughly combed and ransack (i.e. Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia), pre 2K tunnelling under the Temple Mount has likely provided all the ceremonial victuals, a Red Heiffer.

    The culmination of the all this includes the rebuilding of the temple… this alone begs the simple question whether the US Embassy itself is not intended for more than one use.

  2. Fascinating and horrifying in equal measure – a really great article. Can I just add the obvious importance of 9/11 in all this manufacturing of apocalyptic chaos. We wouldn’t be in blood half so deep if only those 3 towers were standing today and the more than 3000 sacrificial victims were still breathing. May they rest in peace.

  3. About a year ago, Paula White — Trump’s confidant — ‘fires back to critics’ on CNN. In her defence, proclaims; “God knew everything I’d go through before I went through it”. Doesn’t mean, as and when knowable, but before all that ever was and would be. Our freedom to will, like God and portrayed in the Bible, is now subject to ultimate and closed outworking. An according to Christain Zionists’ bedrock. With signs and wonders to confirm: Israel reborn, sure be a miracle. Like Donald, should-not-be but… One lens to view through and fixed by God/all and all ‘ordained’. Becomes so God is a virtual devil in disguise. Arguments “Jerusalem ours” and has for 3000 years is secondary. (Watched Blackstone Intelligence on YT helpful historical explanation. A fair claim is for about 200 years/total). And all else… that zionist’s say matters, don’t, compared to the foundation of fate. “How else can we explain ’48+ ?” we’re told. This bringing a rest and easy does it, in the face of poisoning and murdering, the prisoners of Gaza. Seen through such a lens, becomes the unstoppable cost of God’s intentions. The other way to understand is ‘through Jesus’. No ambiguity there. A parent cuddling in unimaginable distress and anger their child suffering or killed. Jesus here, and in the midst. Protesting in and with. Closer to the revelation of God’s heart. You should write on this subject not said well-as enough. A form of protest. Would that those on Gaza could read and see we care. The relative lack-of, being the other story. That our ‘head explodes’ shows we’re alive to truth and love.

    • I heard someone say the other day that ‘Jesus would be a Zionist’. I had no idea what he meant. But if – at least sticking with the main gospel version – Jesus was all about being down with the persecuted, the downtrodden, the poor, etc, then it’s hard to imagine.

      • Y’right on there. And some… Said, and applies to stone throwing suffering prisoners who’re the ‘least among’: What you do to them, you do to ‘me’. 150,000+ Palestinian Christians in Is. (50 in Gaza) goes along with, all the Muslims+, God loves and suffers for. This Crucified God, painful over. Wants resolve and peace. Zionism — especially its political dimension — isn’t of God.

  4. My compliments for this wellwritten piece which illustrates some of the unfolding which could be expected, knowing how Christian zionism and the Israel project was created in the 19th century by the angloamericans.
    On the other hand the empire is a wounded beast and is making moves to buy time.

    • Agreed, larryzb. The corrupt extremes of all the major religions give the ordinary followers/adherents a bad name.

  5. Excellent commentary as always, and a truly frightening one at that. As an Atheist who despises and fears Trump, Evangelical Christians and all of the ignorant, racist zealots who support him, I’m absolutely horrified and nauseated by the spectacle now unfolding in Israel and, specifically, Jerusalem (not to mention in the U.S. on a daily basis).

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