The Truth About ‘RUSSIA-GATE’: Trump IS a Foreign Agent, Just Not the One You Think…

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It is baffling that ‘Russia-Gate’ is still going on – much less that so many platforms or agencies seem to be taking it so seriously.

It is clear to most discerning minds that the entire ‘Russia-gate’ fiasco that is utterly dominating politics and media in the United States is an exaggerated or fabricated pantomime, designed to discredit or hamstring Donald Trump‘s presidency and – moreover – to provide a phony ‘excuse’ for why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

Having needed something to blame for the horror/humiliation of having lost the presidential election to a complete moron, the Clinton camp and its supporters decided to blame Russia for ‘hacking’ the election (which, in fact, seems to mean nothing more than running a propaganda campaign contrary to the American MSM propaganda).

Absent entirely from all of this months-long melodrama is any acknowledgement of the extent to which the United States has previously ‘hacked’ or engineered countless democratic processes around the world, be in Latin America, the Middle East or somewhere like Ukraine. Even right now, there are deadly crises going on in several countries where the US has in recent years ‘interfered’ in the political processes or right to self-determination of those societies – check the news for what’s going on right now in, for example, Honduras, Libya, Yemen, Syria or Iraq.

It’s also even more absurd because there are so many other ways to discredit Donald Trump that ‘Russia-gate’ was never necessary (the claims of vote-rigging in the election, for example, the outstanding law-suits against him, his tolerance of white supremacists and neo-fascists, and about half a dozen other things).

However, I am not refuting the idea that Donald Trump and his people are foreign agents – in fact, I’m reiterating the point that they are.

But what’s been most interesting in all of this as a neutral observer is this: the entire, fabricated ‘Russia-gate’ melodrama seems to have been specifically designed to focus everyone on the idea of ‘Russian interference’ and to obscure the fact that the more serious interference was in fact from another source entirely.

As usual, the evidence suggests that the interference was from Israel, not Russia. In short, everything that is being said about alleged Russian collusion or interference can be said about Israel.

I made this point way back in January, in an article highlighting the Trump campaign’s connections to the Zionists and the Israeli occupation.

Now, suddenly, mainstream commentators are acting shocked that Trump has announced his intention to recognise (against international law) Jerusalem as the Israeli capital – when, in fact, he had been broadcasting this intention for ages, even prior to his election victory. It’s the same thing that all Zionist agents say – for example, Geert Wilders said it about a dozen times when he was trying to get elected in the Netherlands earlier this year.

Eveyone knew what was going on. Naftali Bennett, Israel’s Education Minister (of Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud Party), had gladly cited Donald Trump’s election as the end of any possibility of a Palestinian state.

I wrote this back in January (here); ‘The Israel connection to the Trump administration could prove significant: Trump has joined some of his people in suggesting support for Jerusalem being made into Israel’s capital – a policy that, if pursued with Netanyahu, could tilt the already-unstable Middle East into an even worse situation and will probably ignite or play into open conflict with Iran and Hezbollah (and therefore quite possibly Syria again, if you can imagine that)…’

‘Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is known to have financed illegal nationalist Israeli settlers in the Occupied Territories; and is expected to play a major role in the administration, having already played a big role in the campaign…’

Given the evangelical element in Trump’s camp, the possibility of a Christian Zionist Crusade married to the PNAC/Neo-Con agenda becomes a not-unthinkable possibility…’

The Breitbart/Goldman-Sachs mastermind of the Trump campaign, Steve Bannon, was also a supporter of – and supported by – illegal Israeli settler groups.

Bannon belongs very much to the weird Christian-Zionist school of thought that seeks a Judeao-Christian apocalypse, supports Israeli annexation to that end, and sees the world in terms of a Templar/Crusader-style clash of civilisations. The whole point of annexing Jerusalem and rebuilding the temple is to bring about the Biblical Judaeo-Christian End of the World.

But let’s get back to ‘Russia-Gate’.

It is almost as if the anti-Trump elements in Washington know that Trump was in bed with a foreign power, but are unwilling or unable to openly admit that it was Israel – and so they’re running with the Russia card instead. It would be quite something if the Zionist lobbyists’ power over Washington is so absolute that even *saying* the name Israel out loud (even when the anti-Trump camp is trying to paint Trump as a foreign agent) is somehow unthinkable.

It really has turned into a bizzare pantomime. It’s as if every time they say “Russia” they actually mean “Israel”.

But what’s extraordinary is that even the investigations into Russian collusion seem to be showing instead that it was Israel that was the problem.

A big fuss is now being made over Michael Flynn’s (himself a Zionist supporter) confession and his willingness to cooperate with the investigation. But what Flynn’s situation seems to reveal is not so much Russian collusion as subservience to Israeli interests.

Philip M. Giraldi, a former CIA Operations officer, writes the following about Flynn’s situation (source): ‘Flynn’s guilty plea is laconic, merely admitting that he had lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about what was said during two telephone conversations with then Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak, but there is considerable back story that emerged after the plea became public… The first phone call to Kislyak, on December 22nd, was made by Flynn at the direction of Jared Kushner, who in turn had been approached by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…’

He continues, ‘Netanyahu had learned that the Obama Administration was going to abstain on a United Nations vote condemning the Israeli settlements policy, meaning that for the first time in years a U.N. resolution critical of Israel would pass without drawing a U.S. veto. Kushner, acting for Netanyahu, asked Flynn to contact each delegate from the various countries on the Security Council to delay or kill the resolution. Flynn agreed to do so, which included a call to the Russians.’

 Jared Kushner, Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump 

He continues, ‘Son-in-law Jared Kushner is Trump’s point man on the Middle East. He and his family have extensive ties both to Israel and to Netanyahu personally, to include Netanyahu’s staying at the Kushner family home in New York. The Kushner Family Foundation has funded some of Israel’s illegal settlements and also a number of conservative political groups in that country.’

‘Kushner, however, goes far beyond merely disagreeing over an aspect of foreign policy as he was trying to clandestinely reverse a decision made by his own legally constituted government. His closeness to Netanyahu makes him, in intelligence terms, a quite likely Israeli government agent of influence…’

This all essentially tallies with what I was writing here at the beginning of the year.

I also wrote in March (in the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ article here): ‘In short, given those Israeli/Trump connections (Bannon and Kushner both support and are supported by illegal settlement builders – see here and here – while Trump has made zealously over-the-top statements in support of Israel’s right-wing government), the notion of the right-wing/Zionist elements in Israel having installed the Trump administration into the White House for its own purposes doesn’t seem very far-fetched…’

Ironically, as we’re talking about Michael Flynn’s situation, I did think – at the time of his resignation – that it was possible he was being ditched to make way for an Israeli billionaire named Stephen Feinberg (see here).

I’m not entirely sure of that anymore; but I had based the idea on a report in the Times of Israel, which said ‘Trump wants Jewish billionaire to vet spy agencies’ and claimed that President Trump was reportedly looking into assigning an Israeli/US billionaire from the world of finance ‘to lead a broad review of intelligence services’.

I wrote even then that an Israeli billionaire owner of a mercenary firm being approached to conduct a purge of all American intelligence and security operations ‘essentially amounts to a coup: if true, then essentially a final, decisive (and very under-exposed) Zionist takeover of the United States.’

The fact that Trump or the Trump administration would even consider bringing in a foreign player to “audit” American intelligence agencies is essentially the very definition of a foreign agent or proxy subverting the proper functioning of another country’s government or its national interest.

Note also that Michael Flynn’s resignation had coincided with Benjamin Netanyahu‘s visit to Washington to hold talks and a conference with Donald Trump.

 Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu 

Read this quote from President Trump on foreign policy – and the impression isn’t just of loyalty but of total subservience. This is a real quote, by the way (source): he said, “I’d really call up Bibi [Netanyahu], who is a friend of mine and I’d call up some people and be very dependent on what Israel wants. You know if they really want certain things and they are deserving of certain things…”

And yet all the US media wants to talk about is Russia.

Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are/were all Zionist agents – essentially, foreign agents. But, again, this was all clear from long before the election.

As I’ve noted here before, a perfect example of how this works is the Dutch Zionist Geert Wilders (see here), who even had to be investigated by Dutch intelligence agencies as – specifically – a “foreign agent”, such was the extent of his ties to Israeli Zionists coupled with his outlandish statements of pro-Zionist propaganda (and, crucially, support for the annexation of Jerusalem).

Donald Trump is in the precise same category: he was saying all along that he intended to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (just like Wilders did) and, like Wilders, he angrily condemned Obama, the EU and the UN when they sanctioned Israel for its illegal settlement building. Trump essentially spoke like a zealous Zionist nationalist and not an American President. “We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect,” the ‘president’ tweeted. ‘Stay strong Israel, January 20th [note: his inauguration date] is fast approaching!’

Days after Trump’s inauguration – and after a chat with the newly-installed president of the United States – an emboldened Netanyahu declared unrestricted construction of illegal settlements in the occupied territories: entirely in defiance of the UN, EU and Obama/Kerry condemnations just days earlier. Some 2,500 new settlement units were immediately approved in the West Bank (half of them probably funded by Trump’s son-in-law and Netanyahu’s bunk-mate, Jared Kushner).

 Jared Kushner, Israeli agent 

The EU-led proposed sanctions against Israel were essentially discarded and Netanyahu had his man in the White House.

And yet still, the US media only wanted to talk about Russia.

Yet is was all there in open sight all along.

Here is Trump’s campaign puppet-master, the nationalist and apocalypse-enthusiast Steve Bannon, on Israel. “Breitbart is the most pro-Israel site in the United States of America. We’ve been leaders in stopping this BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) movement…”

Israel’s agriculture minister, Uri Ariel, in fact wrote to Bannon to express personal “thanks for your friendship with Israel,” while also talking about how Bannon’s platform, Breitbart, should be used “in order to promote the Israeli point of view in the media.”

Yaron London, an Israeli journalist, wrote simply that ‘a worldview which supports white supremacy matches our government’s interests.’ He goes on to explain that if Trump’s America’s can be made to “hate Arabs more than they hate Jews”, it would be a “good deal”.

Netanyahu and Israeli nationalist right-wingers were celebrating the Trump administration’s arrival, after having to tolerate years of the more lukewarm Obama attitude towards Israel.

The fact that we saw Obama and Kerry break with US/Israel norms and condemn illegal Israeli settlement building in the Occupied Territories (declining to act against the EU and UN’s sanctioning against illegal Zionist settlement building) was more than curious: the  Obama administration knew the extent to which the incoming Trump cabal and the right-wing government in Israel were linked – essentially, that Trump, Kushner, Bannon and co were foreign agents.

And so Obama decided to join the EU in condemning Israel in order to strike one last – admittedly tepid – blow to the Trump/Netanyahu agenda before it fully comes into play. It was too little, too late. But Obama was – by the standards of almost all American Presidents – about as unfriendly towards the Zionist nationalists in Israel as it is possible for an occupant of the White House to be.

And yet still, the American media only wants to talk about Russia.

When all the evidence all along has been of Trump – and the key figures in his campaign – being in collusion with Israel.

Not that any of this should seem far-fetched to begin with. On the activities of AIPAC and the Zionist lobbyists in the US, the Jewish Labour MP and Holocaust survivor Gerald Kaufman commented, “The odious pressure group, AIPAC — the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — can destroy any United States politician who makes the slightest criticism of Israel’.

Presumably, in that paradigm, they can also make or install their preferred ‘president’ too.

Which appears to be what has happened. Which is not, of course, to say that they’re entirely responsible for Trump being in the White House – no, the electorate and the electoral college system were responsible for that (along with the DNC and their vote-rigging against the Bernie Sanders campaign).

But the point here is that until the mass media obsession with ‘Russia-Gate’ becomes an inquest into ‘Israel-Gate’, this whole thing will have been nothing but a bait-and-switch propaganda exercise.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. (A small oversight.)

    There is also something else you write:

    ‘But what’s extraordinary is that even the investigations into Russian collusion seem to be showing instead that it was Israel that was the problem.’

    Very interesting.

    From the beginning it has always been Israel First and not America First.

    And then the Russian collusion could be explained by another way and Israel always remains ‘First’.

    Jewish Subtexts in Ukraine – The bad ‘faith’ economy in all its glory, oligarchs, mafiosi, corruptions, wars … 👀 🤔 (Kabbalists, depraved imposters, nothing to do with the Faith).


    Tk y

  2. Very good article too.
    And very good point about Bannon.

    There’s one thing that struck me about Bannon. His experience with Biosphere 2.

    And I wrote the following recently, wondering if he was a CIA agent. But hey the CIA (OSS) and the mossad are 2 big sisters. (They have interchangeable agents I guess)

    (I’ll copy my recent comment made elsewhere).

    Crisis managers? I hope there are some who will not follow the suicide. 👀

    Bannon had an MBA from Harvard, served as special assistant to the chief of naval operations at the Pentagon, and a vice-president of Goldman-Sachs. And in 1993, he was appointed acting director of Biosphere 2 . An ecological experiment where eight people and thousands of plants had to survive in a closed environment. (****lock down***** crisis manager?)

    However, the project encounters many problems.

    He was suspected of quackery for his association with a New Age cult.
    The project was founded by John P. Allen, who had been the leader of a commune known as Synergia Ranch in the 1970s, which called itself a “Jonestown-like cult”*.

    Allen was accused of practicing mind control and physically abusing limbs.
    [*Like the Jonestown experiment, the Symbionese Liberation Army was a mind control creation unleashed by the CIA.]

    “Jim Jones is at the origin of one of the most notorious religious excesses in history which has caused worldwide trauma. His community came to a tragic end on November 18, 1978 in Jonestown where 908 people perished by ingestion of potassium cyanide or murder. etc.


    Tk y

  3. Spot on… although I gather that this reckless and deliberately incendiary gesture was all ready and waiting to be signed off as US policy but held off for decades as former presidents repeatedly deferred (so it already has the full endorsement of the wider US establishment – which further underlines the influence of the Zionist lobby in Washington). One very minor correction – bait-and-switch.

    • Dammit – all that text and I make a stupid mistake like that!
      Your term ‘deliberately incendiary’ is also significant though – as I’m sure Trump/AIPAC, etc, are trying to purposely inflame the Arab world even further and encourage ‘retalliations’ and terror attacks. They really do seem to be pushing further and further for the whole ‘clash of civilisations’ paradigm to come fully into play.

  4. Suggest one central motive for the Zionist, is the insistence on being right. ‘Proven’ through world events, validating their futurist view of Biblical prophecy. Believing all foreseen/fore-announced will occur. Vocal and otherwise actions shove toward the proclaimed direction. Reckon to be doing God a favour. Help fulfil? Which is illogical, because they don’t believe it can/not/be. Future is set, as in the past. Already ‘happened’. Any indications otherwise overturned, the end-times train, back on visible track. Ready for the next agreed instalment. Likely Donald considers his effort toward ‘establishing Jerusalem’ his most important Prez-act. Doubtless agreement during the prayer-time negotiations. The huddle around him of Rev.’s made this the primary commitment. Gays etc. and abortion, the other two issues on the list, second to Israel. Another driver is about fellow Evangelicals who disagree. The sharpest thorn in the side of Christian Zionists. Opposition growing in number, an ongoing Zionist dilemma, with their persistent, persuasive, presentations. Not least and most-respected, contemporary, theologians.

    For less-conspicuous about the Christian-part of their Zionism, it serves their national dreams. And how the Islam ‘problem’ must not dissipate off the boil. Again – my hunch – is it’s more, a lot about; pride, face, reputation, sheer repulsion and be wrong. Or, not even this… not willing to be anything but full-on right. The desire to see this worked out sooner than later. Guess all m’yappin’ here to add is the ‘rather be dead/destroying than-wrong syndrome’. Your write, flashing lights on the connections. May someone in the dark please read.

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