Westminster/Parliament ‘Attack’, the Sequel – And a Question of CCTV…

Westminster terrorist incident, 2018

I used to try to cover terror incidents or suspected false-flag ops in detail: I have an archive of articles devoted solely to the various terror incidents across the West in the last several years.

But I eventually got so bored of the subject, because it got to the point where it almost didn’t matter anymore whether any given attack was a genuine terror attack, a false-flag or a case of state-enabled terrorism.

So, as for this latest car attack in Westminster… meh.


Could’ve been real or could’ve been staged. Does anyone care anymore? Everyone’s response is going to be predetermined anyway: those who believe in the false-flag ops will believe it’s a false-flag, while those who don’t will believe it was a real terror attack – and therefore any drawn-out efforts at detailed analysis or research become purely academic and a waste of time and energy, since the majority of people are stuck firmly in the realm of memes, hashtags and/or confirmation bias.

And others of course will use it to continue the Us-Versus-Them cultural/religious/racial paradigm. Don’t need to bother looking at Geert Wilders’ or Tommy Robinson’s Twitter feed this evening – it all runs like clockwork.

Also – no joke – I saw people calling it a ‘false-flag’ organised by Jeremy Corbyn to deflect attention away from the Anti-Semitism crisis: which just proves that we have reached a point of almost total futility.

I was wondering briefly about my own apathy: and then I decided to do Google and YouTube searches to see if anyone else was talking about the latest Westminster incident being a false-flag – and I found absolutely fuck-all.

Clearly, no one cares anymore: but I’m not entirely sure whether this is because most people assume a false-flag or because most people no longer believe in false-flags.

In the spirit of continuity, however, I will just ask a couple of random, non-forensic questions here.

Firstly, who carries out a terror attack at 7.30 in the morning?

Second, why did he choose Westminster/Parliament as a target, given that security there has supposedly been beefed up after last year’s Westminster attack?

I mean, I guess you’d just call it ‘low level’ terrorism with little preparation – but this one seems devoid of any forethought. Was he just a tribute act to last year’s 3/22 car-attack on Parliament (which was pretty much a false-flag)?

Who was he targeting? A bunch of random cyclists? If you’re targeting a bunch of random cyclists, why bother going specifically to Parliament? Why not go somewhere more crowded for maximum harm?

Also, this looks like the most pathetic, inept ‘terror attack’ to date. And the perpetrator, who we’re told is from Sudan, must’ve known he was going to be caught easily – which, psychologically speaking, makes it dubious that he would bother with such a feeble, half-arsed attack.

I suppose he could just be mentally damaged or not thinking straight.

Also, I haven’t been able to get a definitive answer as to whether Westminster’s CCTV system is online again.

As I noted as soon as the first attack on Parliament happened last March, the CCTV systems across Westminster had oddly been switched off a few months prior.

As I noted then, it’s very odd for Westminster – of all places – to switch off its CCTV, given that London is reportedly otherwise the most CCTV-heavy city in the world. As I asked back then, if London is saturated in CCTV – why would they deactivate the CCTV in the part of the city that houses all of the government locations?

Certainly, once the 3/22/17 Westminster attack happened, you’d think there would’ve been a rush to restore all CCTV, right? Shouldn’t that have been a basic response?

I’ve looked it up and there seems to be conflicting statements as to what the CCTV situation is in Westminster. However, I did find this BBC report from last month, in which it appears the CCTV hasn’t been restored.

According to the report from July, ‘The Mayor of London has criticised Westminster Council for “dragging its feet” in reinstalling previously removed CCTV cameras… Only 14 cameras are currently active in the centre, compared to the 75 which were operational in 2016…’

The article quotes London Mayor Sadiq Khan as saying “I’m really disappointed that the council took a decision in 2016 to decommission and remove CCTV cameras which we know are crucial for the safety of London…”

So it seems that Westminster would be the perfect location to carry out another low-level, random false-flag. That makes sense – otherwise you’d have to ask why the terrorist would bother with a second attack on Parliament, at 7.30 in the morning?

If it is a false-flag, it’s gotten so lazy at this point that I imagine there’ll be another one specifically in Westminster at some point – at least until the CCTV is all restored. It’s just so convenient.

Funny though – that the actual false-flags have gotten so lazy and the response to the possible false-flags has also gotten so lazy. Like I said, I did some browsing – and it seems like no one cares anymore.

We – as the general public – have apparently gotten so lazy and apathetic that the ‘conspirators’ have also gotten sloppy, becasue they can afford to be. Either that or it’s a sloppy terrorist. Either way, sloppiness all around.

There’s also some talk now of the ‘white van filmed driving erratically as it pursued the terror suspect who ploughed into cyclists and pedestrians is at the centre of growing speculation that the “attacker” was being followed.’

They have said, however, that the perpetrator was unknown to the authorities (for once). So, was he being followed? Or guided?

Whatever. No one cares anymore, do they?

My three posts on the original Westminster/Parliament car/terror attack last year are here, here and here.

For all ‘False-Flag Terror’ articles, see here.

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  1. As you have noticed the quality and organisation with these latest terror attempts leaves a lot to be desired. What is a selfrespecting terrorist doing without automatic weapons and plenty of ammo?
    The terrorism label gets way too much use and abuse these days.
    But then again, these pitiful events might be geared towards putting the public to sleep.
    Before pulling the big one, so to speak. Let’s hope not.

  2. Hi BBB,

    I weirdly feel the need to reply and reach out a bit.

    Is seems to me that you’ve turned quite a cynical turn these last couple of weeks. Al least is seems like that to me. There’s no need for that. This blog, and many others working on these lesser known aspects of the fucked up world we live in are now living in the shadows. There will however soon be a day when this whole facade of fakery will come crashing down, my guess is that it will start with the next big financial / economic crash and a inevitable ‘big reset’. When people get hurt in their own wallets and lives by something the experts / elite say would not and could not never ever happen again, they will be completely caught by surprise, in shock and looking for answers, whilst being more open to alternative narratives, facts and explanations of how the fuck we got here. It will be at that time that more and more people will be sucked into the rabbit-holes that exist, and it will be articles like these and the immense archive you’ve single handedly written by now that wil help people catch up and understand. You are part of the bigger puzzle, part of the resistance you could somewhat romantically say. Keep up the good work, keep your chin up, and keep the faith.


    • Timing of the event is curious coinciding with the denegratory coverage of Corbyn’s funeral attendance. Wall to wall in the Daily Mail that morning the intention being to link Corbyn to alledged islamic terrorism. DM 1st edition went to print at approx 10pm. Searching the following terms -halfon corbyn funeral- being revealing.
      Of course the Mail remains tight lipped regarding the visit of then PM Maragaret Thatcher to the Kind David hotel ( scene of the terrorist attack killing many British military, civillians and police ) and her fraternising with known terrorists.

      • Fair point. The Islamic terrorism angle doesn’t really work anyway, because the Palestinian terrorists from the era they’re talking about weren’t Islamists – they were Muslims, Christians and secularists alike. The PLO and it’s splinters weren’t really about the religious angle. But I expect most DM readers wouldn’t care about that anyway.

    • Thanks Smoothsailing, those are kind comments. Yeah I get cynical phases: not so much discouraged as just jaded. Thanks for the positive comment though.

  3. Hacked vehicle? Perhaps you recall that the potential for security services or others to hack vehicles was admitted in that trove of Vault 7 leaks. So maybe some of these attacks are remote controlled (a possibility I’ve only ever heard mentioned in the case of the mysterious death of Michael Hastings). But it makes about as much sense as anything so far and anyway I just thinking outloud really.

    • Yeah, hacked vehicle is definitely possible. I’m not an expert on that tech, but I’ve had it suggested a few times.

  4. Could write a too much/long of a comment on this with ease. Ain’t it weird there’s you and… mmmm… and who else, writes about contemporary false or hoax flags? Y’right it’s getting rarer till you’re the solo shout. YToob somewhat took over — this happened. Word is ‘Las Vegas’ started d’purge or “shut it”? ‘Parkland’ became a three-line-whip. Suppose communicators recognise the ceiling. Not glass but rock. Solid. Ones who see the light go, “no one gives a….”. No encouragement to edit on. Can’t help but remember ‘Barry Soetoro Esq’ (early YT be-banned one/had close to 100k subs). In a discussion goes; “Wanna change things, stop all else and let’s see, not 500 channels on Sandy Hook but 5000. That’ll get em rattled”. Tend to agree. And now we’re down to and latest? Oh, there’s — you and..? OK, ‘Aangirfan’ pipes up. Where oh where else written-wise? Algorithms not returning searches aside the YT portal is all so-quiet. Does this matter? Yup/me say. There’s more to these flags than pragmatic politicals. The word is ‘ritual’ and — mind-control follows. The compulsion of a crackhead at it — backroom/top-floor elites, thinking themselves like a god. Don’t stop. Or got nowhere else to read.

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