Westminster/London Attack – Where’s All the CCTV…?

Westminster terror attack coverage, March 22nd 2017

Just want to throw a few interesting points out here, pending a more considered thought-process as more substantial information is released.

As I’m pressed for time and as the information about this attack is still being updated all the time, the notes below are just a quick, provisional observation.

But I include the usual disclaimer: nothing here is meant to downplay or question any suffering, trauma, injury or death that has occurred. I also fully acknowledge that today’s event in Westminster could’ve been a straight-up lone-wolf IS-inspired attack by an Islamo-Fascist jihadi: London has been on high alert for some time and an attack has been predicted.

But, as I said, a few notes.

This incident occurs on the anniversary of the Brussels airport attack – which itself was suspect for several reasons. Indeed, a memorial event was being held today to commemorate the Brussels attack.

The date (22/3) may be of occult/ritual significance, as was very much the case with the Friday 13th Paris attacks. Last year, in fact, just prior to the Belgium attack, a Reddit conspiracy theorist even posted a question asking what false-flag attack might occur on 22nd March.

The significance of March 22nd in some areas of conspiracy-theory lore, is that the emblem of the secret society ‘Skull & Bones’ features the number 322 (with March 22nd being 3/22).

Another curious thing. A few days before the attack, a story appeared in multiple newspapers revealing – oddly – that when the Queen eventually dies, she will be referred to by the code-word ‘London Bridge’ and that civil servants will state the phrase ‘London Bridge is Down’ on secure lines.

I say ‘odd’ not because such a code exists: but because it has been in place for decades and, for some reason, someone just randomly decided to reveal it via the media (a few days before the attack). So, could this strangely-timed story have actually been a pre-arranged signal or ‘launch code’ for a false-flag op in Westminster, involving an attack on the bridge?

Why else reveal that code in multiple newspapers at a random time, when that code has been in place for years and is hardly a big news story?

Interestingly also is that, today, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnston is in the US, meeting with the Trump administration and representatives from 68 countries in a conference on how to deal with the ‘ISIS’ threat and radical Islamism.

This attack in Westminster also forced the cancellation of a key parliamentary vote on the issue of Scottish independence.

Interestingly the CCTV cameras for Westminster were reported to have been taken off-line as of September, apparently due to the costs of maintaining them. See here, here and here. As a result, I’ve seen several police requests on TV for witnesses to come forward – presumably, among the usual reasons, to compensate for the absence of CCTV.

Also interesting is that Cressida Dick was just recently appointed the new head of Scotland Yard a month or so ago.

This appointment was met by some controversy, as she is best known as having been the officer in command of the operation which led to the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005. Amid a career that has included Head of Counter-Terrorism and an unspecified role at the Foreign Office, she also has held such posts as ‘Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations’.

Terror drills involving simulated attacks on Parliament have taken place in recent years, such as this one in 2014, which is specified to have involved ‘Specialist Operations’ according to the report from the time – which is during the time that Cressida Dick was still Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations.

As I’m writing this, I am aware that neither ‘ISIS’ nor any other terror group has yet claimed responsibility.

As of now, pictures have emerged showing the alleged attacker being carried on a stretcher – a bearded individual being widely described as “an Asian man”. Presumably this is the attacker. And we are generally being told that this was a lone attacker.

However, worth noting that one or two outlets reported more than one attacker. RT reported (17:30 GMT) the following: ‘Reuters are reporting that police are currently looking for a second suspect in the Houses of Parliament. A BBC reporter says a witness described two assailants as being a “bald white man” and a “black man with goatee beard”…’

It’s a muddy picture of events right now.  As I’ve covered these sorts of incidents here countless times by now, I’m foregoing the usual points and contexts about the nature of the terrorist threat, false-flag operations or Operation Gladio – most people here are probably bored of all that by now.

A more final, official story will coalesce probably by this evening in mainstream media. My thoughts are with any of the Londoners hurt or killed in this event.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. London is now back to normal after this “atrocity”….my that was quick wasn’t it?.

    Internet surveillance is becoming more and more worrying through these farces. Perhaps the government could use this to uncover paedophile celebrities…..oh! but then again pigs will fly.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uhmj0ITzlE

    I also want to direct you to a video by the excellent New Order Agenda You Tube channel, asking the valid question of how likely it is that EDL/Zionist spokesman Tommy Robinson just HAPPENED to be on the scene in Westminster to give an immediate reaction via the psy-op ‘Rebel Media’ channel. NOA’s analysis, by the way, is perfect – so I don’t want to add to it, just go check out the video. ‘Rebel Media’ is (supposedly) a very low-key, alt-right operation, so how likely is it that they just happened to be in Westminster on the morning of the attack? And how likely is it that Tommy Robinson just happened to be wandering about the area too?

  3. Detectives in this country are qualified, you’re not. You see meaning in nothing. The man who killed JFK was a lone attacker it happens it’s horrific deal with it and address your anxiety problems. There is a reason you’re not in a position of power and is because you can’t even control your own mind. Conspiracy theorist have been on the same extreme fundamentalist scale. Ps your your initial facts are wrong, let the experts do their job you are a fish

  4. It’s crazy that so many people just believe the story you are given by the mainstream media! I wish people would wake up to this corrupt world and the true villains would be exposed

    • Thanks 🙂 Leave it to ‘Donald Trump’ to come on here with the most intelligent comment of all.

  5. All a set up planned attack.. funny how the story of the brother of the alleged attacker said his brother is in prision ans the story put up online by The Independent has been taken down..coincidently the cc to cameras were also.taken down.in that area…and its also funny how UK PM Theresa May mentioned almost every ethnic individual on the “list” of injured people..as to say the “Muslims” are against everyone. If people still fall for this rubbish they must surely be dumb dead and blind!

  6. so even if the cctv surrounding parliament was switched off why is there not cctv of the car anywhere. it must have come from somewhere… im yet to see a photo of the driver driving. channel 4 had no photographic evidence of the number plate and neither did any public eye witnesses.

    how much they going to spend fixing the houses of parliament soon (in the billions) and they want to save less than 10k a year to maintain them

    looking forward to your update

  7. You have caught interesting points my Earthling friend! And, as long as the finance sources of the terror would not be cut, unfortunately these events will be more in almost everywhere on this planet. And I feel sad for the victims of the Westminster/London Attack.

  8. The story out of Toronto, but with bylines entirely from AP (though this paper has its own stringers there), makes no mention of the time of the attack; no mention of any search in the HoP for a 2nd suspect; a repeated detail about where the injured came from (foreign nationals); the hospital confirms injured but says nothing of any deaths; they manage to find as an eyewitness the very last man right before the cop who was then stabbed to death–so all hell is breaking loose, blood, screams, very little detail on the actual car crash unlike in Marseille, people likely running for their lives, and they manage to find this guy and get his full name and a detailed quote from him because he stuck around with his clear head and all. Hmm

  9. I can not say if this directly linked or coincidental, however there was an encrypted post on the 4chan boards yesterday pointing to a pastebin page with the big ben coordinates.



    below is a copy and paste of what was in one of the comments on the zero hedge page:

    “Buckaroo Banzai’s picture
    Buckaroo Banzai Joe Sichs Pach Mar 22, 2017 2:26 PM
    Someone on 4chan posted the location of the attack last night, in morse code:


    Morse code string posted by anon: –. — – — …. – – .–. —··· -··-· -··-· .–. .- … – . -… .. -. ·-·-·- -.-. — — -··-· –.. .-.. ..- -..- -.. — –.. .-

    the Morse code, decoded to ascii text:
    (Verify for yourself here http://www.unit-conversion.info/texttools/morse-code/)

    This is the binary string at the pastebin link: 00110101 00110001 00101110 00110101 00110000 00110000 00111001 00110100 00110111 00101100 00100000 00101101 00110000 00101110 00110001 00110010 00110100 00110101 00110011 00110000

    Plug that into a binary-to-ascii converter you get this: 51.500947, -0.124530
    (Verify here: http://www.roubaixinteractive.com/PlayGround/Binary_Conversion/Binary_To…)

    Plug those coordinates into Google maps and you get Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, at the precise location of the attacks.”

    I can confirm what is (was?) in the comments is correct however, at this time (03:30 something 23/03/2017) the pastebin link does not work but I can assume that it did when looking at the time stamps of the posts on 4chan.

    • Humans, experts and elite have ruled this planet for far too long. They’ve done a pretty good job so far 7 billion people but now it’s time for fish to take over, I vote morse code lemmy the super encryption wizard as world leader. Oh dear god

  10. I’m sure everyone will tell their lies for whatever demonetization they need to serve and as usual things will remain convoluted and no truth will ever be known and off it all goes in speculation and conspiracy and more official fake news to serve the systems elites foremost agendas. every article knee jerks some terrorist theory of the current scapegoated countries that the USA UK and Israel wish to bomb to take over… keeping the fear alive in the pesky proletariat that are not buying the authority of the state anymore…All to frighten them to have them beg the state for deliverance, rewind repeat,

  11. Sickening. Totally with CR, finding it harder and harder even to look anymore.

    I would just like to add that Simon Jenkins was interviewed at the end of tonight’s Newsnight and he usefully compares the media’s super-saturated indulgence in all ‘terror’ incidents of this kind today as opposed to how IRA terrorist attacks were once played down. As he says, what better inducement could any potential murderer have than to worldwide 24/7 coverage of their crimes?

  12. Heard some US security official talking about the only way to deal with this kind of “terrorism” is “martial law” – stinks of NWO shenanigans. This is what they want and for the sheeple to say, “Oh yes please, if it keep us safe !” Sickening really.

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