Alien Bones, Strange Lights, Ancient Statues – What’s HAPPENING On MARS (and the Moon)…?


An image, captured by the Curiosity rover’s MastCam on August 14th, is taken by some to be suggestive of large animals, possibly even dinosaur-like creatures, once having roamed the rocky deserts of Mars.

ET-seekers and Martian enthusiasts have recently been enthralled by the sighting of an “alien thigh bone” on the surface of the Red Planet.

The mystery object isn’t the only imagination-sparking item to have been tantalizingly glimpsed over the years on the Martian surface, with keen watchers having previously speculated on objects resembling fossilized spine-like objects and even alleged humanoid fingers, along of course with much more famous mystery objects such as the old ‘Face of Mars’ on Cydonia (and possibly the “Great Ass of Mars” too, according to a classic episode of Futurama) and alleged pyramid-like structures that had for a long time excited the imaginations of Mars watchers.

Perhaps the most tantalizing of these was an object arguably bearing a strong resemblance to a fossilised iguana-like creature and a slightly less convincing object thought by some to be suggestive of an ‘alien skull’.

There’s also been plenty more, including a Star Wars Tusken Raider like figure being photographed from a distance (image below: they appear to be waiting to ambush Luke Skywalker).

 Humanoid figures seen on Mars 

At the beginning of April this year the Mars Curiosity rover excited UFO enthusiasts by capturing images of a white light shining up vertically from a Martian hill. NASA has stuck to several simple explanations for this, primarily either a camera glitch or an unusual reflection of sunlight; but many are unconvinced by those explanations.

If it was an unusual reflection of sunlight, one has to wonder what naturally-occurring object would be reflecting the light in so pronounced a manner.

 Mysterious Light photographed on Mars 

On the other hand, if – as some claim – NASA is routinely doctoring images from the Martian surface or omitting details in order to maintain a cover up, then why would they leave images like the ones above in the public domain?

Unless… there’s some kind of elaborate double-bluff game going on. But why would there be?

The Cydonia ‘Face’ is what began the modern fascination with Martian anomalies, originally photographed by Viking 1 in the 1970s.

I remember being particularly fascinated by the Face of Cydonia as a teenager when my interest in UFOlogy and its related subjects was in its earliest stage. I remember being captivated by Richard C. Hoagland’s assertions that the “Face on Mars” was part of a city built on Cydonia Planitia, consisting of large pyramids and mounds arranged in a geometric patterns, evidence of an advanced civilization that once existed on Mars.

Among other books, Hoagland wrote The Monuments of Mars: A  City on the Edge of Forever and co-authored Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, questioning how much of what NASA has discovered in the solar system over the past several decades has been filed away as classified material, its secrets kept from the public.

Of course the fact that curious ‘objects’ are periodically spotted on the Martian surface might be less a supporting case for past life on Mars and more a case of the human imagination instinctively ascribing meaningful narratives to otherwise non-meaningful objects such as oddly shaped rocks, strange tricks of light and shadow, etc.


Statue head photographed on Mars
An alleged ‘statue head’ photographed on Mars.


The reflexive tendency of the human brain to do this – finding meaningful shapes in generally random patterns – is well known and begins from a very early age.

Pareidolia, for example, is the cognitive mechanism that makes people see the face of Jesus in pieces of toast or Hitler in the face of a cat. Hell, I always half expect to see a Jawa Sandcrawler move across the frame every time I see images of the Martian surface.

It’s a natural reflex of the mind in general, but it is even more overtly present in people who have strong expectations or desires of seeing something, such as in the case of religious visions. There is an undeniable zeal, even religiosity, in a lot of the people who see such things as ‘alien skulls’ in Martian images, for  example: in as much as they don’t just happen to see such things but they want to see such things, having a conscious or unconscious agenda of sorts.

However, that isn’t to say there isn’t anything interesting to be found on the Red Planet; but I can’t speculate on what NASA and other space agencies might be omitting from the data generally made available in the public domain.

Admittedly the Curiosity Rover’s ‘thigh bone’ image is one of the more intriguing we’ve had so far.

The charge that NASA may be hiding certain findings and information is not at all far-fetched; aside from the Martian mysteries there is to this day even more controversy surrounding what may or may not be going on the surface of the Moon.

The Internet is full of photographic and video evidence of varying quality and varying reliability purporting to show secret Lunar structures and Moon-based UFO activity, some of which might be of questionable origin, but some of  which demands serious attention.

 Astronaut on the Moon 

Claims of a secret moon base, of alien activity or structures on the Dark Side of the lunar surface, or even of close encounters experienced by astronauts on the Moon’s surface, have been longstanding: and have included claims made by seemingly reliable or well-placed sources.

It has been heavily suggested for almost two years now that China may be intent on the release of Hi Res images taken by the Chang’e-2 moon orbiter, showing buildings and other structures on the surface of the Dark Side of the Moon, the implication being that China is moving toward full disclosure of UFO and ET activity.

If that’s true it could create a fascinating international situation in which China acts independently of other governments’ and agencies’ respective and longstanding cover-ups; if Chinese evidence of artificial structures and anomalies on the Moon is officially disclosed then would NASA have to be investigated for fraud and conspiracy?

Or, in reality, do all space-faring nations have a shared policy of information control?

The problem when it comes to sifting through the various forms of non-official (as in from non official sources) coverage available on-line and off-line is in trying to separate the credible from the spurious. For every genuinely fascinating or legitimate anomaly or item of evidence there are half a dozen hoaxes, Photoshop jobs or overly zealous and untempered interpretations that serve to lessen the credibility of items that might otherwise be genuinely worthy of serious coverage.

This is part of the problem in this whole arena, in fact; along with the fact that various writers, researchers and websites often too discernibly have an agenda that interferes with the manner in which the subject is presented.

This discernible agenda, along with often excessive language and grandiosity and an unnecessary tacking-on of unrelated subjects (for example, Illuminati conspiracies, Christian beliefs or demonology, to name a few), undermines the information itself, even if that information is valid.

This also serves to put off more even-handed people from taking the information itself seriously and therefore invites ridicule where it should be inviting fascination and inquiry.

In general this dual relationship between intriguing, genuinely significant information and over-the-top, over-embellished presentation is a continuing source of frustration for someone like me, who wants to examine the information/evidence but doesn’t want to have to spend time wading through the add-on narratives and agendas that serve only to undermine it.

For those, however, willing to put in some time to sift out the unnecessary stuff and find the genuinely worthwhile information (including some genuinely fascinating photographic and video evidences), you may be forced to consider that the prevailing mainstream narrative regarding space, the Moon and Mars might not be the full story.

Whether any official form of ‘disclosure’ is or isn’t on the cards in the near future, we now live in an age of information exchange that makes the kind of cover-up conducted in the pre-Internet age highly ineffective.

However, despite the sheer volume of UFO evidence now available on-line (including highly credible items; and including extraordinary UFO footage from space and the outer atmosphere), the mainstream media (and even mainstream science media) still broadly refuses to acknowledge or give coverage to the phenomena, which seems to indicate that the mainstream media certainly isn’t heading towards disclosure or even inquest.

That a subject matter of such enormous global, political, scientific, even social, significance is largely ignored by the mainstream media despite seven decades worth of substantial evidence that is being added to literally all the time is both extraordinary and highly suspect.

By “highly suspect”, that is to say very suggestive of being an established policy rather than coincidence or negligence.

As for the ‘thigh bone’ object on Mars, I’m pretty sure it’s part of the remains of the Gorn creature that Captain Kirk once fought.



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