ORLANDO MASSACRE: We Might Have Just Gotten Definitive Proof of What Really Happened…

Santa Monica police department document on James Howell, 2016

We already looked at reasons why the Orlando Massacre was probably a false-flag operation; first here and then more here. But now something has emerged that seems to prove it almost beyond doubt.

A missing puzzle-piece that, when fitted into the picture, appears to portray the story in its true light.

Many of us will recall – even though most of the media seems to have quickly pushed it aside – that on the morning after the Orlando Massacre, another young man was arrested by police in Santa Monica, found carrying multiple assault weapons (as well as explosives in his vehicle).

James Lindsey Howell (pictured in the document above), aged 20, had driven to California from Southern Indiana.

According to the early report by the LA Times, Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks had initially said on Twitter that Howell told one of her officers he had wanted “to harm the Gay Pride event.”

The FBI very quickly intervened in the Howell case, gagging the Santa Monica police officers, claiming that the police spokesperson had been ‘mistaken’ and that Howell’s intentions were unknown.

Information given to the public appears to have been carefully filtered to omit any clues suggestive of a multi-attack event involving multiple agents. I already highlighted in this previous post that early Twitter posts on the night of the Orlando shooting were deleted by ABC News when they reported multiple shooters at the Pulse nightclub, and also that there are multiple eyewitness statements attesting to more than one shooter.


But the case of James Howell – which was already an odd factor in the official story of that day – is what may decisively sweep away the official narrative and prove that Orlando was a false-flag event: and moreover that it was meant to be merely one part of a bigger false-flag operation targeting the LGBT community.

Now it is alleged that the two Santa Monica police officers involved in Howell’s arrest came to a former LA Prosecutor (under threat of Federal prosecution) to expose what really went on with James Howell.

As it happens, said retired Prosecutor is a contributing editor to the website, GetOfftheBS, which has published what it insists to be the Santa Monica officers’ version of events. This version of events seems to absolutely confirm not only the false-flag nature of the Orlando attack, but also to suggest that the plan was for multiple attacks involving at least five different attackers, who were all patsies. Howell appears to have been part of a complex operation that went wrong.

Howell, as initially reported in the media, had planned to attack the Gay Pride event in West Hollywood just a few hours after Omar Mateen’s Orlando nightclub attack. But according to the source(s), Howell had arrived in LA and found his co-conspirator’s apartment totally empty.

When he then heard that Omar Mateen had been killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Howell contacted the Santa Monica police and asked for “protection” FROM THE CIA. According to this source in the Santa Monica police, Howell claimed he had been “set up” and that he was one of five people involved in a planned attack that day that was meant to occur on both the East and West Coasts.

According to this, Howell only knew the names of three of the alleged five attackers, one of these being Omar Mateen.

The officers (allegedly) report that Howell told them, “Omar was not supposed to be killed. They lied to us…Everyone knew their part. Something went wrong.”

The 20 year-old allegedly asked the Santa Monica police officers for protection, saying “they are going to kill me.”

It should be noted that the police officers who are the source of this information remain anonymous (for their own safety and to avoid Federal prosecution), so their story cannot be independently corroborated.

But this story seems to fit all of the existing information (and misinformation) established in the previous two articles on the Orlando nightclub shooting, so well that it feels like the missing puzzle piece to make sense of it all.

Much more so than the problem-riddled and self-contradicting mainstream, official narrative that is still being maintained.

It must’ve struck most of us as extremely odd that, with the Orlando nightclub attack having occurred just hours earlier, we were told that this second person – James Howell – was arrested by police, carrying firearms and explosives and claiming to have come to carry out an attack against a Gay Pride march.

And yet we were supposed to believe James Howell was completely unrelated to the Orlando attack and this was just a coincidence.

If he was one of several patsies, on the other hand, everything makes more sense.

The police officers’ story also makes sense of the multiple eyewitness reports (see here) and recordings from the Pulse nightclub suggesting that there were multiple shooters in Orlando (including Omar Mateen himself saying there were other shooters outside the club). If Howell was aware of Omar Mateen, then Mateen was probably aware of Howell and the various patsies were all probably aware of each other.

All of this should, for that matter, be viewed not just as indicative of what probably happened in Orlando, but also of what transpired in other false-flag terror attacks where the perpetrators were later revealed to have had contact with intelligence agencies – including Paris, Charlie Hebdo, 7/7 and Boston.

Further, Wily Loman’s blog draws our attention to a report from Telesur that the FBI had already tried to lure Omar Mateen into carrying out a terrorist attack back in 2013. This reinforces what I wrote almost immediately after the Orlando shooting, in which I cited the case of James Medina and how the FBI has already been revealed to have been grooming and goading unstable individuals into carrying out terrorist attacks.

Loman surmises on his blog, ‘As I suspected, the “contact” the FBI had with Omar Mateen back in 2013 was actually yet another case of the agency trying to create another fake terrorism plot for them to foil (or allow to go through) but Omar didn’t go along for the ride. According to this, they wanted to frame Omar as a terrorist in 2013 and failed to do so.’

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A hat-tip, by the way, to ‘TruthWarriors’ YouTube Channel, whose video alerted me to the source for the Santa Monica police officers’ story. A hat-tip also to Alexandra Bruce of FKTV, who directed me to the video in the first place.

This story – specifically the police officers’ report implicating the CIA – appears not to have been covered on most major alternative-media outlets; additionally, the YouTube account also specifically accuses the Alex Jones network of censoring the story and refusing to report it.


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  1. Well explained. I tweeted this ‘claim’ when first surfaced, (originally c/o G. Edward Griffin http://needtoknow.news/archives/2016-2/2016-06-17/ ) but was quickly tweeted back, a blunt dismissal, from someone that ‘it’ was a hoax. (Not a follower/following).

    Although it is plausible. Especially expecting, an increase in desperate whistle-blowing, from within ‘authorities’. Will re-tweet this post to my – hardly large number of – truthscoop followers. If it is a false report, where’s the evidence and denials/why? Debate?

    Orlando suffers with our ‘false-flag fatigue’. Prepared to read/see convincing evidence of causalities, still almost certain a F.F. but… All that comes is the one ‘Angel’, un-gowned, shot six times (or was it..?) – and mad looking surroundings, joining a bizarre Press-call by those ‘caring’. Whole thing is an elaborate wind-up and there are dead and injured or – more Sandy Hooking?

    May those reading this post comment back to help resolve this suspicious community activity? A crime upon us all, that decency should demand is accountable to scrutiny. Paul Craig Roberts isn’t the only insider-out, more-mature one, making noises that Orlando contains all the signs of (im)pure theatre. Incredible? The outrage – yet it takes filing lawsuits seeking disclosure of city of Orlando to establish bones of the official narrative. If we could only be informed of the details, these phone calls etc? But no… smug and suspicious. Sick with lies?

    • I do also acknowledge we can’t be sure of the legitimacy of this story: but, as we both agree, it does seem to fit all of the facts perfectly and tie up all of the loose threads.

      • My back yard, I can ask around. Note also that there was an incident this month at UCLA and the individual was Islamic, aerospace engineer, heavily “equiped” , but just 3 fire reports and 2 victims. Murder-suicide is official narrative. Man drove from Minnesota (next to Indiana).

        Sounds like Hoover’s G Men and Dulles Spooks were keeping busy in Midwest and on both coast; again, with plan to turn LBGT lobby and clout against 2nd Amend. Scaliia was taken out in sleep just like Roosevelt (for his refusal to use A-bomination of Desolation) – current plan seems elaborate.

        Movie Pelican brief is very relevant as was pre-911 Enemy of the State. Hoax huh, truth is stranger that fiction.

        • I haven’t seen Pelican Brief – will have to check it out.

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