A Curious Note on the Stockholm/Sweden Lorry Attack…

Police wearing gas mask, Stockholm lorry attack, 2017
Police officers work at the scene where a truck crashed into the Ahlens department store at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm, on April 7, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / TT NYHETSBYRÅN AND TT News Agency / Jessica GOW / Sweden OUTJESSICA GOW/AFP/Getty Images

I’m so bored of trying to talk about terror attacks in Europe, and also so unable to keep up with the rate at which these things are occurring, that I don’t have time to look into yesterday’s lorry attack in Stockholm, Sweden, in any great detail.

I have written and posted repeatedly and at length lately about false-flag operations and controlled terrorism. This one, for all I know, may have been a genuine terror attack with no state collusion.

Someone in Sweden has helpfully directed my attention towards this, however. The official page, belonging to Swedish security and counter-terrorism forces, has a notice in Swedish. But the translation informs visitors of the following: ‘Swedish Police, Armed Forces and Security Service for two days conducted a joint exercise. The purpose was to practice cooperation between authorities in a terrorist attack in Sweden.’

The notice was placed by ‘Swedish Police, Armed Forces and Security Service trained counterterrorism’.

It is dated ‘2017-04-06’ (a day before the Stockholm lorry incident) and seems to indicate the classic false-flag calling-card of the coincidental terror drill.

I can’t be bothered with the usual repertoire today; so I’ll leave it at that, without committing to any certain view on this. Also, not sure why the police were wearing gas masks.


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  1. The next one comes this forgotten – for all but Stockholm and those directly affected – and onto a growing list of vaguely to deeply-suspicious events. Little concerned, diminishing interest. Admire a new YouTube’r ‘UK Critical Thinker‘. One of too few. Started up on Westminster. Wants to get through to family and neighbours, disconcerted and the authenticity of insufficiently convincing, footage-missing, news stories. Calmly asks and enquires. And here you, rightly asking. As though permission ought to be sought and “can we… is this.. reasonable, useful, decent, behaviour?” Whom we talking to? Somehow being kooky… looking? Dangerous talk? (If this the case, we talk-up -or- lose all opp. to). Commenting on these anomalies is pushing… what or who? The lack of attention and interest is stark. Maybe we give-up before we start and “can we surely ever ‘know’/what can we do about it? Admire, UK Critical Thinker and here and… where are, we all?

    • Thanks Mark. Someone even had a go at me for appearing to be so bored and minimal with this post on Stockholm – but the fact is that I’ve done the false-flag terror subject so many times, especially in the last few weeks that it’s become tiresome. And then I started thinking that maybe that’s part of the strategy in dealing with alt-media and ‘consp. theorists’ – just make them bored of saying the same stuff over and over again, and simultaneously make readers/seekers become bored *with* those same voices repeating themselves every time there’s a new incident. And eventually it all becomes so frequent and commonplace that apathy fully kicks in and no one really cares anymore.
      Thanks for the suggestion though, I’ll check out UK Critical Thinker.

  2. Yes, the gas masks struck me as very odd actually. Is it too wild to suggest that someone might be priming us unconsciously to expect a chemical attack inside Europe?

    • Yeah, WoC, that had crossed my mind too. What struck me as odd is that the Stockholm attack was a day after the Syria gas attack story and here we had Swedish police wearing gas-masks – there seemed to be a weird, illogical crossover of the two events somehow.

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