Trump, Brexit & the Rigged Explosions…?

Donald Trump Brexit

Looking ahead to 2019 a little, one wonders what fresh bullshit is on the horizon.

I can see the months ahead being dominated by a few (related) things: all of it centering on the meme of ‘rising up’ against the ‘elites’.

The ‘Yellow Vest’ movement, which started in Paris, and has apparently been catching on elsewhere, is probably going to continue into 2019: and the question, as I raised here, is what form or direction it is going to take.

Moreover, a question of what influences, ideologies, agendas or parties are going to be co-opting or trying to harness it.

Again, to reiterate: I’m in no way questioning the protesters in France and their motivations, which seemed pretty much spot-on. But once the ‘Yellow Vest’ brand is transferred out of France to other countries, it is no longer ideologically under the control of those French protesters.

And something freshly occurred to me that’s been occuring to me on-and-off for over a year now. Given the parallel timing of many different strands – the ‘Populist’ wave, the migration unrest, the Trump/MAGA phenomenon, and now also the big protests, etc – I keep wondering if the Powers That Be have deliberately rigged a series of explosives to rip through society and the political order: and are just waiting to trigger those explosions.

I have no doubts about the honesty and legitimacy of the French ‘Yellow Vests’: but, as explored previously, I do wonder if the protests in France are going to be co-opted and redirected towards other objectives by external parties.

It occurs to me that the two biggest things that have utterly dominated the US and the UK in the last two years are Brexit and Trump, right? And both those things have been linked all along – both in the media and from the very mouths of those at the forefront of both Brexit and the ‘MAGA’ phenomenon. And, generally speaking, the same people who support Brexit tend to be pro Trump and vice-versa.

And those sections of the respective populations tend to have the same passionate, zealous attachment to or support for either Trump or Brexit – for whatever reason, it really, really matters.

That is: people who support Trump, really, really zealously support Trump, and people who are for Brexit are really, really obsessed with Brexit.

I personally have never cared about Brexit: it was a shit-show from the start, a weapon of mass distraction to suck up everyone’s attention, and being championed by Old Elite interests with dubious agendas. And I never particularly cared about the European Union either.

But we’re in a situation now, with tensions and feelings on a knife edge. All that has to be done now is one or both of the following: ‘Brexit’ is reversed in the UK and Trump is impeached in the US.

And then watch the explosions go off. One suspects you would see an outpouring of ill feeling and unrest to entirely match (or possibly exceed) what has been going on in Paris or Belgium.

And then you have to wonder if all the pieces and players are being put in place to maximise the trouble: ‘Tommy Robinson‘ being suddenly inserted into the Brexit narrative via UKIP, for example. Who better than the Zionist poster boy of the white nationalist ‘backlash’ to be right in the thick of things, stirring up unrest if or when Brexit is abandoned and the angry mobs are baying for blood?

Tommy Robinson Brexit march

Given the way the Yellow Vest protest has apparently already spread to a couple of other countries, this could potentially be the start of something bigger. Once it leaves France, then everything changes – the French protesters might’ve been genuine protesters against the elites and the inequality, etc, but once the ‘Yellow Vest’ branding is taken into other countries it will change character.

As highlighted previously, the elite-supported ‘Alt Right’ propagandists have already tried to hijack the Yellow Vest protest and present it as something other than what it was intended to be: so lots of people in other countries have already taken the branding on-board, but reimagined the whole thing according to their own interests.

If that ‘movement’ starts to appear in different countries, you could potentially have the Western nations caught up in their own ‘Arab Spring’ type moment, with mass gatherings and unrest calling for ‘regimes’ to be toppled. That would be where campaigns like the infamous ‘Enemies of the People’ could start to get more serious.

 Daily Mail 'Enemies of the People' Brexit headline

You can’t miss the element of bloodlust that seems to be present in a lot of this ‘backlash’ idealogy or mentality.

There were of course reported calls for Macron to be toppled or to resign: but there were also reports (which might or might not have been true) of pretend guillotines to imply execution. That stuff probably shouldn’t be taken seriously; though when you keep seeing comments on YouTube videos calling Macron and Merkel to be publicly hanged, you start to wonder if the angry mobs in the West would be any different from the most extreme elements of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Then again, these are a lot of the same people who actually believe that Senator John McCain didn’t die of brain cancer but was executed by the military on Trump’s orders after a secret trial. I’m not kidding – the MAGA cult has some crazy shit going on in their heads, but this is one of the craziest. Last I saw, they also think George H.W Bush didn’t die a natural death either, but was put to death on Trump’s orders too.

Seriously, there’s a ton of videos up where people are analysing footage from the Bush funeral and speculating that attendees were shown images of Papa Bush’s execution (to let them know, apparently, that Trump is closing in on them all).

Again, something has to be said about the cognitive dissonance of Trump cultists revelling in the anti Macron situation in France and demonising Macron as a Rothschild puppet… but conveniently failing to note Trump’s and Kushner’s Rothschild/Rockerfeller connections.

But that’s kind of my point: it’s the same problem of Leave supporters talking about the ‘elites’ conspiring to thwart the “will of the people”, but failing to acknowledge the elite interests behind Brexit in the first place.

But what strikes me about the MAGA/Q-Anon crowds’ belief that McCain and Bush were executed is how enthusiastic and approving they seem to be of this idea: not that I have any love for the likes of McCain or Bush, but we are essentially talking about (at least according to them) people being extra-judicially executed in secret.

And it’s kind of creepy that these guys are so happy at the idea that this might be going on: seriously, for anyone who’s not familiar with this, it’s genuinely scary how many people have subscribed to the Q-Anon psy-op.

You can see then that this idea of ‘rising up against the elites’ seems to have taken an ominous tone: but, more to the point, it is clearly being nurtured and harnessed by influences or agencies that want that mentality to spread – because, for example, the whole ‘Q-Anon’ thing is clearly a mind-control psy-op being run on willing lab-rats and primarily spread by YouTube.

But ‘Q-Anon’ could be taken as a microcosm of the macrocosmic dynamic, whereby hidden hands and elite-linked interests are goading elements of the so-called ‘anti elite’ ‘uprising’.

Q-Anon ‘believers’ think the Trump-led patriot ‘white hats’ are conducting a secret coup to overthrow the ‘elites’ in America (including executions of figures like John McCain and George H.W Bush: supposedly with people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to follow).

Apparently completely oblivious to Trump and co’s lifelong ‘elite’ affiliations, they see this potential ‘coup’ as the ‘victory’ of the ‘people’ against the ‘elites’.

This is all of course so stupid that it’s almost embarassing even to talk about it. But you could take the Q-Anon phenemnon as a micro-version of how this shit would work elsewhere: such as in Brazil, where elite-orchestrated psy-op manipulation literally had masses of protesters calling for “the end of democracy”.

But it seems to me that the real ‘elites’ would see the potential of rising unrest and anti-elite sentiment (from the 2008 Financial Crisis and the Occupy Movement onwards) and would take steps to co-opt it and take control of it, so that they could guide its course and control its outcome.

They would do this by co-opting large sections of the ‘alternative media’ and non-mainstream influences (which is already done: see here and here, for example), also by gaininng key influence over the ‘anti elite’ movements and backlashes, and also by putting in their own puppets to represent or embody the ‘anti elite’ zeitgeist.

Hence, you get Trump: an elite 1 percenter claiming to be acting against the ‘elites’.

 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

I’ve touched on a lot of this before, but what you also can track quite easily is how even the common idea of what the ‘elites’ are has changed completely. Back in 2011 – before the ‘alt right’ hijacked most of the opposition media – the Occupy movement correctly identified what the problem was, what and who the ‘elite’ was and why the common people needed to make a stand against an unjust state of affairs.

What has happened since then, given the rise of the ‘alt right’, and the divisive advent of Trump, MAGA, Brexit and much else, is that the self-proclaimed ‘anti elite’ mobs now think the ‘elite’ is all about ‘liberals’, immigration, feminism, environmentalism and general modern sensibilities.

As argued before, the genius move of the real ‘elites’ was to splinter the genuine protest against the elite interests into feuding sub-groups that no longer know what the elite actually is, and are now too busy fighting each other anyway (via identity-politics: hence, ‘white power’, white nationalism, social justice warriors, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, pro Brexit, anti Brexit, anti immigration, fascist and anti fascists, etc).

Meanwhile, the actual legitimate anti-establishment movement can no longer happen (I maintain that Occupy and 2011 was the legit and genuine moment that we will be looking back at in our rearview mirror for a long time): because way too many people have drunk the false ‘anti-establishment’ ‘Kool Aid’.

The thing is: is all of this actually a planned or deliberately-induced state of affairs?

That is to say, is the unrest and potential destabilisation part of the planned course? You know, order from chaos and all of that? I started off by talking about ‘explosions’ being rigged to go off at the right time: you could somewhat see it as a controlled demolition process, like demolishing part of (or even all of) a structure – because you already have a plan to rebuild it into something else.

From what keeps popping up on my news feeds, it seems like we’re constantly being told that Brexit might be reversed, that the “will of the people” is about to be thwarted, or that the Mueller investigation is closing in on Trump and he is going to be impeached.

Are either of those eventualities imminent? And what would happen if they both came to pass – potentially even at the same time? And what if the political crisis in Germany worsens too?

Is there a deliberate unrest being manufactured?

And is Trump just an actor playing out a role meant to fire up or trigger that unrest? Likewise, is Brexit simply designed to do the same thing? Why else would UKIP champion ‘Tommy Robinson’ (a Zionist-aligned agent-provocateur) and at the expense of Nigel Farage (the UKIP politician who did the most for the longest to bring about the Brexit situation)?

I’m not sure, one way or the other. But I’m starting to suspect it. The kind of elite planners and interests we’re talking about don’t simply react to events as they’re unfolding – they would, we should assume, be a few steps ahead of the game at all times and have various contingency plans or alternate strategies in place.

And you only have to look at the kind of elite-aligned figures or influences trying to push this right-wing ‘Populist’ against the current order. Trump and Kushner in the US were already part of the elite, but Trump’s campaign mastermind Steve Bannon (who now is trying to establish ‘The Movement’ in Europe) was a Goldman Sachs man. Well, look at the backlash against Merkel in Germany: the AfD is led by a Goldman Sachs banker (Alice Heidel) and its Vice-Chairman is a member of one of the European royal families (see here). How ‘elite’ can you get?

Look at the situation in Brazil: with Bolsonaro’s rise being framed as a ‘Populist’ backlash, when in fact he was simply a frontman for the wealthy elites and the military dictatorship.

Compared to the so-called ‘rebellion’, the so-called ‘establishment’ figures like Merkel and Macron are practically street urchins.

Brexit was being championed exclusively by the wealthy old-money elites in Britain (I’m not talking about people who voted for Brexit, but the people pushing Brexit at the political level): and Trump tried to stuff his administration with millionaire or billionaire representatives of the 1% from the get-go.

When you take that into consideration – that ‘elite’ figures and interests are encouraging or guiding the ‘Populist’ backlash against the ‘liberal elite’ – while, at the scummier level of the pond, half of the big ‘Alt Right’ voices or figureheads are being funded by elite money (‘Tommy Robinson’ is on the payroll of very wealthy interests)… well, you just have to wonder if the entire ‘rebellion against the new world order’ is simply a double-bluff to dupe the angry mobs into thinking they’ve accomplished something or somehow backed the right side.

You keep enough people thinking that for long enough and you can use them to help bring about the very state of affairs they thought they were fighting against: and they might never even realise what happened. Hell, you could even be really clever and find a way to make them think they’ve actually won and got what they wanted.

It’s not hard, apparently – Q-Anon/MAGA cultists are already celebrating the ‘secret execution’ of John McCain and George Bush and openly pledging zealous support for a Trump-led coup/dictatorship against the ‘elites’ (just like those Brazilian mobs calling for “the end of democracy”).

And with the unrest we’ve been seeing in Germany, now in France, and in some other places, what happens if this ‘popular uprising’ just spreads everywhere? A Reverse Brexit and a Trump Impeachment would be the perfect final dominoes to trigger the unrest that pushes Western societies into the ‘chaos’ realm that precedes the new ‘order’ (that will presumably be presented as the solution).

I’m not saying with any certainly that this is what’s going to happen. I’m airing suspicions and speculating. But it won’t surprise me if if is the course things are being set in.

And 2019, at any rate, is probably going to suck.

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  1. Read Paul Johnson’s Modern Times, he credits Gasperi,Adenaur and deGaulle of sharing a Carolingian ideology in founding the EU. Yet Paul Johnson’s son Daniel and his website Standpoints support Brexit along with Norman Podhoretz and Frank Gaffney.

  2. Good post. I think you are right about what’s going on. It’s all a set-up; a massive world-wide Hegelian Dialectic to destroy all that is and replace it with a more centralized, totally controlled system – and it is being done in such a way as to make it seem that we, the people, are creating these changes in the spirit of revolution! But never forget the illuminati quote: “We lead all revolutions against ourselves.” They always control both sides of every conflict.

    Making it seem as if the people are the agents of change, and not the leaders, is a stroke of genius – or it would be, if it isn’t simply a re-hashing of the French revolution. Or the American revolution. Or WWI, WWII, the “Arab Spring” etc. But all of what is going on now was planned a very long time ago. The elite even told us what they were going to do. Ever read this book?

    Douglas Reed: “The Controversy of Zion” – World Revolution – thread discussion: https://cassiopaea.org/forum/threads/the-controversy-of-zion.3026/

    Best posts: #1, #12, #18, #19, #23, #26, #35, #38, and especially, #24 (start here before reading the others):

    “What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, beside ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers. . . The recognition of our despot. . . will come when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence. . . of their rulers, will clamour: ‘Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of discords, frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts, who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives’ “.

    That’s one of the most discussed – and repressed – books of all time, and carries with it an undercurrent of “anti-Semitism” just like the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”…but there is no other book ever written that so closely explains what is happening in this world at this very moment.

    But make no mistake: that book is not an exposition against the Jewish people, or religions in general – but it does describe how the world’s religions will be used to bring about the NWO. It’s pretty chilling to read something written so many decades ago that is so descriptive of today’s world.

    • I’ve read excerpts of Reed’s book before, but never the whole thing. I should probably read it now. Thanks for the angle and perspective. It seems time that mobs are incredibly easy to fool and manipulate, but individuals perhaps less so.

  3. So what you are saying, Burning Blogger, is that it is all a shell game and all smoke and mirrors.

    We shall have to wait and see. In May, the Europeans will vote for the EU Parliament, It will be interesting if there is a big victory for those espousing nationalism instead of globalism.

    As to Brasil, the people were fed up with the systemic corruption and the failure of Dilma Rouseff, Lula’s protege, who ran the economy into the ground in her six years in office. Thankfully, the former Marxist guerilla was removed from office in 2016. Bolsonaro, who takes office in a few days, worries me not because of his nationalist and populist themes, but because he is already giving it away that he will serve Israeli interests first and foremost. Like Trump, he panders to Israel. Have you noticed how he recently met with that Netanyahu?

    • Yes, and he pledged to move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem.

  4. Rightly or wrongly I don’t give the ‘elites’ as much credit as that. Although they certainly do try to drive the agenda and as far as possible to control both sides of every debate – and the rebranding of far right/fascism as Alt-Right has been another clever move in their pernennial game of divide and conquer – the ‘elite’ badly stuff things up too. For instance, they have been trying to undo Corbyn since before he was elected but only made him stronger at every turn. (Whatever happened to Owen Smith by the way?)

    So here’s my slightly alternative view: Trump was a minor cock-up purely because he’s such a loose cannon. Unlike cool charming Obama, he has ditched America’s clean-shaven image in favour of a sickly orange tan and an inconveniently relaxed position on Russian relations. Small wonder the ‘deep state’ have been out to hobble him from day one. Brexit I also see as the result of a different sequence of blunders. It is true that both sides of the Brexit debate have had ‘elite’ backing so perhaps the ‘elites’ are divided too?

    Sadly I also admit that your forecast, as dismal as it is, is realistic. A Trump impeachment and reversal of Brexit would indeed deepen these crises. If Trump goes we get Pence anyway. And if there’s a second vote we will have another fractious twelve (?) months of referendum campaigning and then what? A narrow vote to remain – my god, what a shot in the arm that will be for the a Nazified Ukip and the Robinson bullyboys. Then again, perhaps May will get a satisfactory last minute deal and Trump will not just survive but gradually wind down all the wars as he pledged to… just trying to be optimistic.

    • Thank you for the Optimism, WoC. I sometimes forget that part! Trump’s pullout from Syria is the interesting: at face value it looks good, though I think we need to see what happens in the next few weeks.

  5. QAnon is right up there with Flat Earth on the list of the most obvious military intelligence covert psychological operations in recent years. It’s astounding the number of seemingly rational and intelligent individuals who have swallowed the QAnon riddle-brained bullshit hook, line and sinker.

    • Qanon as a psy-op is so obvious that I’m baffled how anyone – let alone so many people – have bought it. I never thought of flat earth being a psy-op, just people’s silliness: but maybe you’re right there.

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