The ‘YELLOW VESTS’ Protest – And How It is Being Misrepresented…

Yellow Vest protests

I’ve been a little late focusing on the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests or strikes in France.

But it seems to me, given a cursory reading of various sources, like a legitimate, mass expression of dissatisfaction with the French establishment politicians. A lot of people in France are fed up and have decided to group together to make their discontent heard.

There have been conspiracy theories flying all over the place (aren’t there always?): ranging from the protests being led by Le Pen supporting fascists to a theory that it’s a Color Revolution being orchestrated by Trump and the US to unseat Macron or a Russian-influenced movement to further destabilise the West.

None of the ‘theories’ or unnecessary add-ons to the narrative that I’ve seen are convincing.

And there’s one particular strand of Deliberate Misinformation that is particularly sinister – which I’ll focus on shortly.

Because, as much as this is an article about the Yellow Vest protests, it is also an article about the sinister information war – which weaves through all of the idealogical divide, ‘culture war’ and socio-political crisis occuring in Western nations.

My purpose here is not to question the French protesters, but to debunk the lies of the people who are deliberately misrepresenting the protests.

From what I can tell, it looks like the Yellow Vest protests are just people in France being genuinely fed up. There are probably elements in there who inserted themselves into the situation just to cause trouble or create violence – but that’s always what happens. In reality, it seems simply that a lot of ordinary, dissatisfied people in France have had enough of taking the hit for elite 1% interests: and that a protest like this has been building for a long time.

So, to be clear, nothing in this article is calling into question the motives or intentions of the actual French protesters themselves – who seem to be in solidarity with each other and against the corrupt, elite interests dominating France.

However (and unfortunately, perhaps), ever since the ‘Arab Spring’, I do get suspicious of sudden eruptions of mass protests that come packaged with a symbol or slogan.

And, given that this Yellow Vest thing has already apparently spread into a couple of other countries, I wonder if the movement is in danger of being co-opted to service interests other than the interests the French protesters were originally motivated by.

And again, this is more-often-than-not what happens with these things.

I cited the Arab Spring because I’ve noticed a number of media outlets also refer to the Arab Spring in regard to the Yellow Vest protest. I don’t think the comparison necessarily has merit – and I’m suspicious of some media outlets citing the Arab Spring in this context. But, if we’re going to cite the Arab Spring, then we have to acknowledge that those protests were manipulated from the outside in order to service regime-change agendas.

But here’s the thing that people often miss: it has always seemed pretty clear that the *original* acts of the ‘Arab Spring’ – specifically, the mass protests in Tunisia, were entirely genuine. People were fed up and decided to take the extraordinarily brave step of making a stand against their dictatorship and the corruption. What then happened, however, was foreign intelligence agencies and covert-ops deciding to use the situation in Tunisia and Egypt as a springboard for weaponising the ‘Arab Spring’ and using it to attack Libya and Syria and to try to force a change in government.

Keeping that comparison in mind, it seems to me that the Yellow Vest thing (which has become a potent symbol and meme very quickly) could be co-opted and weaponised by devious agencies or actors – even though the protests in France themselves were entirely genuine and conducted by sincere French people with honest complaints against the government and against elite interests.

I’ve even seen ‘Alt Right’ Bullshit Merchants referring to France as the “start of the European Spring”. Which seems deliberately designed to create a certain, misleading impression of what’s going on: perhaps for future purposes.

And I’ll circle back to that at the end.

But I’m not sure how true it is that the Yellow Vest protests have been spreading to other countries. Dutch sources, for example, seem to be denying that any such protests have happened in the Netherlands – even though such is being reported online. And I’ve seen reports that supposed Yellow Vest protesters have appeared as far as Iraq and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Which, if true, is astonishing.

I don’t doubt that the French protesters are totally sincere and totally open about their motivations: but these things get co-opted or corrupted very quickly – both by external agencies with veiled interests and by the Professional Bullshit Artists that lurk on the Internet, waiting for anything and everything they can hijack to their international propaganda cause.

Unfortunately, we are now in an age where ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ take a back seat to propaganda and misinformation. Nothing – NOTHING – happens anymore without third-rate conspiracy theorists, misinformation campaigns, viral falsehoods and Shit Stirrers IMMEDIATELY jumping onto the narrative, skewing perspective and re-framing the real-life situation to fit with a pre-existing narrative or bias.

I feel sorry for French protesters whose cause is being so cynically hijacked or misrepresented – especially by the Professional Bullshit Artists, who I will come to in a moment.

And also, the viral images or claims of French police snipers picking off protesters from rooftops are fake. A lot of the viral shares are probably fake – though it’s difficult to tell anymore which bits are real and which aren’t. And that is actually a perfect illustration of what the ‘post-truth’ world is.

But I find it very unlikely French police would openly – in plain sight – be shooting protesters. This is clearly more of that deliberate viral falsehood designed to create certain impressions. As for why there are rifle-wielding police on rooftops at all – it’s because the ‘state of emergency‘ that France declared after the 2015 terror attacks are still in effect: there are always armed forces around.

But it has to be said that the way this Yellow Vest thing is being spun is very illustrative. Much of the mainstream news coverage has been muted: as if most MSM doesn’t know how to cover it. Some of the impression you get from watching MSM is of protests running amok and turning violent (which was true in some instances: although protesters in France claimed that outsiders had come in to cause violence and damage).

They also keep talking about the fuel tax issue as if it’s the only issue or the central issue – but this is largely so they can avoid talking about the anti establishment dimension to this and the resentment of the elites.

But far worse – and more insidious – than what the MSM is saying is what the Professional Bullshit Artists are saying.

And who are the Professional Bullshit Artists I’m talking about? Why, it’s those fully paid-up misinformation peddlers of the ‘Alt Right’ of course.

The swathes of professional Shit Stirrers who are usually on the payroll of millionaire networks working day and night to spread their indoctrination tentacles into the minds of all the docile souls they’ve been mass grooming for the last several years.

Paul Joseph Watson, Disinformation Agent

I can illustrate this quite easily here.

I browsed YouTube last night to see what people were saying about the Yellow Vest protests. Aside from mainstream news channels, almost everything else I found were ‘Alt Right’ videos or channels who were all spinning the situation in France in the precise same way.

It goes something like this: the protesters in France are all white nationalists or white working class and ‘patriots’ standing up to the ‘Globalists’ and ‘taking their country back’ from brown people, immigrants, Jews, etc. It’s the fight for the ‘white race’, folks, and it’s all kicking off! The ‘Race War’ is beginning!

Or at least that’s the memo being sent out to all the race-war nutjobs frothing at the mouth for chaos and blood.

Other variations of this theme could be found: some were claiming that French protesters were chanting “We Want Trump!” They also tried to make out the Yellow Vests were holding up signs saying ‘Make France Great Again’.

And something has to be said about the cognitive dissonance of Trump cultists revelling in the anti Macron situation in France and demonisng Macron as a “Rothschild puppet” (which I’m not disputing)… but conveniently failing to note Trump’s and Kushner’s Rothschild/Rockerfeller connections and elite credentials.

Yellow Vest protesters in Paris


For the record, NO ONE in France chanted “We Want Trump!”

Others were claiming the ‘patriots’ were rising up against the Paris Climate Agreement: no, not really – half of the protesters were leftists and greens. The reality, according to most French sources, is that these protests are a mix of people on the right and on the left: and that essentially it has nothing to do with race or immigration, but is solely and entirely about perceived injustice stemming from the activities of the elites and the big-money interests and for which the ordinary people are being made to suffer.

French people seem to be better at protest than most of the rest of us: and mass protests in France are not uncommon (though usually not on this scale). Which is why I’m suspicious when people – including some mainstream sources – start citing the Arab Spring. Why are they trying to plant that connection in our minds?

I also did notice a few mainstream media sources imply that the protests were largely ‘white’: which, on one hand, could be just a basic observation – but, on the other hand, it could be their way of trying to discredit or downplay the legitimate grievences of these protesters.

It’s almost as if the MSM and the Alt-Right Bullshit Artists both have an interest in suggesting these protests are a ‘white’ thing: the MSM because it’s a way to tarnish or discredit the protesters by implying a racial dimension, and the Alt Right Bullshit Artists… well, because they’re Alt-Right Bullshit Artists (and being used by the millionaire elites to manipulate the Pandemic of Worldwide Stupid).

But the extraordinary thing I found while perusing these Bullshit Video Masterclasses was this: all of the people agreeing with the videos and expressing support for the ‘white nationalist’ Yellow Vests were either American, British or from somewhere other than France.

Every single French person I saw come on to leave a comment on any of these videos was condemning the videos’ misinformation and Bullshit or complaining about Americans and foreigners deliberately misrepresenting the nature of the protests. And then, invariably, an American or a Brit or some other European would attack that French person and call them ‘brainwashed’ or a ‘traitor’ or something even less kind.

Just process this for a moment. The Yellow Vest protests are in France. The Professional Bullshit ‘Alt Right’ videos are being made by Americans and random others – people not in France. People in Franceincluding people who were INVOLVED in the Yellow Vest protests – come on to debunk the fake claims being made in the videos. And then the French people – including actual Yellow Vest protesters – are attacked by the non-French people and told to go away (!)

And this being in the comment-sections of videos with Professional Bullshit titles like ‘The TRUTH About the Yellow Vest Protests’ and ‘What’s REALLY Going in Paris’, etc.

I honestly don’t whether to laugh or cry anymore: I’ve invented a new word – ‘craughter’. I craughed my ass off. Or I craughed my eyes out. Whichever.

Anyway, I don’t trawl YouTube very often: not for ‘news’ anyway, as it’s usually dominated by these aforementioned Professional Bullshit Artists (whose channels, curiously, seem to be promoted and recommended much more than those of more honest, even-handed commentators or genuine researchers).

However, I found this spectacle (of French commenters being belittled or abused for trying to correct the misinformation) rather fascinating: so I’m going to copy-and-paste a bunch of comments here, because I really think it illustrates a lot about how YouTube is being weaponised, how the ‘Alt Right’ information war is operating, and also how the Yellow Vest protests are being hijacked and misrepresented outside of France for reasons that have nothing to do with what’s actually going on in France.

To keep it simple, I’ve selected one of these videos randomly: and all the comments are picked out from this one video. I did look through the comments on Zionist troll Paul Joseph Watson’s Yellow Vests video – but there were no comments from anyone in France there (I guess French people are too intelligent to watch a Paul Joseph Watson video).



So, the video I’ve picked out here is titled ‘The White Working Class are Rising Up to Revolt in Europe‘. There were over seven-thousand comments, so this took me a while.

Now, you can pretty much guess what most of the comments consisted of: lots of stuff about the ‘white genocide’, stuff about the white race beginning their ‘fight back’, stuff about how this is the beginning of the ‘white uprising’ across Western nations, stuff about this being the start of civil war, calls for violence, calls for Macron and Merkel to be ‘hanged’ in a public square, and lots of clueless Trump supporters trying to make out that the Yellow Vests in France are all ‘MAGA’ fans following Trump’s inspirational lead... you know, all the usual comedy gold.

99% of the commenters were not French: below is what the people who identified as French YouTube users said.

‘It’s not just the white working class, it’s all working class! (I’m French and a yellow jacket).’

‘Fake News!!!! I was There and its about the working class not the ”white ”working class. Why do you need to put race or political side in to this story? You just lose credibilty when you start to inform people like CNN… shame on you, fake news. I’m French and was inside the strike – you are only doing it for views…’

‘Man you should get better sources of informations. I live near to france I can tell you that the people who took part to the protests is too heterogeneous to be define as WHITE RURAL WORKING CLASS please be serious. The groups of people could be considered as middle working class, ecologists, left supporters, right supporters, elders, and those groups coming from various social contexts and ethnicities. You aremisinforming.’

‘American people are so stupid. This is not only white people. In the reality every color are against this government and big migration, we are french people first. Stop saying it’s only white people workers please. this is not true.’

‘I’m so tired seeing this nonsense vids popping all around the net from the U.S. 1st what happens in France has nothing to do with skin color.’

‘It happens because of misgovernment, corruption and lack of a proper redistribution of wealth. Stop trying to put a stamp on OUR revolt that fits your biasses and ideas. You try so hard to transfer your own issues on what’s happening here.’

‘I’m French and let me tell you: we hate Trump as much as we hate Macron. What you guys don’t seem to understand is that we are not right-wing idiots. We want people to be able to live in diginity from their salary, not “get dem muslims out”. Idiots.’

‘Nothing to do with white people, it’s the whole French population who has enough to give all they’re working hard for to stuff the wallet of the richer. That’s it! stop to make it about a specific ethnic group, you clearly didn’t get properly what’s going on in France and are obviously not there! Everyone is fighting together against this corrupt politics and that system that doesn’t serve the population.’

‘I am French and this not about white, this is about all the people. Anglo Saxons are trying to turn this protest into an ethnic confrontation, when it is not.’

‘I am from France and this is absolutely not about “white working class” or any skin colour. What you are doing is dividing people and spreading misinformation.’

‘The way you spin things in America… you guys have no concept of reality. “white?” I saw peope of all colours in those vests demonstrating.’

‘It’s not about race, it’s about the working class objecting to a corrupt political/corporate power – the elite.’

‘Someone has to tell the truth of what’s going in France and what we are fighting for. It’s not the “white workers fight”, it’s an apolitical (we would say “anti system”) movement. A movement from people who can barely make ends meet because of an elite political class which doesn’t know what the word “work” means. A class which is taking our money to live in luxury and privelege but which is never spend it on social justice or equality. We’re not fighting against immigration and we know we have to pay some taxes. We want another kind of democracy, a popular democracy, direct and fair. That’s not nationalist, it has nothig to do with Le Pen – and please stop with your “make France great again” guys. I’m sorry for my English, i’ve done my best. A French yellow vest.’

‘What are you talking about? This is the working class demonstrating against high taxes in France! This has absolutely nothing to do with racism! By the way, the statements that those yellow jackets only consists of white people is completely false. If you google this demonstration then you will find pictures that are showing there are many people with foreign background among the yellow jackets.’

‘Ha ha! This has nothing to do with the white working class! And i live here in France!’

There were more, but I got tired of scrolling: and you get the picture anyway.

Anyone who is commenting from France is painting a consistent picture of the situation and the motivation – and it doesn’t at all match what the Professional Bullshit Artists are spouting all over the Internet. They’re just flat-out lying.

Case closed, pretty much.

But it’s interesting that all the Alt-Right videos and websites don’t want to hear from actual French people or actual Yellow Vests: because it gets in the way of the manipulation programme they’re running.

Again, it’s actually sad that all these French people are coming together to protest against inequality and injustice – and all these Professional Bullshit Artists outside of France are trying to portray it as ‘white power’ or ‘white-lash’.

If there is anything devious or conspiratorial going on here, it isn’t coming from the French protesters: those protesters cut across all demographics – politically, socially and culturally.

But the misappropriation strategy is the same Shit Show that’s being played all the time, of course. Just like, as previously explored, how all the Alt-Right manipulators constantly spread fake stories about what’s going in Sweden. Or how a network like the Gatestone Institute – funded by a corporate millionaire heiress and chaired by Neo-Con John Bolton – has spent so much time pumping bullshit into Germany to stir up the crisis there.

Now the main personalities who lead the way in these things are the fully paid-up, high-profile mouthpieces: Paul Joseph Watson, Katie Hopkins, Stefan Molnyeux, Ben Shapiro, and so on. Those guys I can understand – they’re being paid to troll Western civilisation, after all. But what I find so tragic is all the other people, channels, bloggers, etc, who clearly aren’t being paid by elite masters – and are therefore simply spreading the bullshit entirely voluntarily and with no reward: either because they’re stupid or because this is all just fun and games to them.

And worse than that is all the general viewers and commenters who have clearly been brainwashed to the point of no return.

What all this seems to confirm though is that – as explored previously – all of these Far-Right enthusiasts across different countries are absolutely gagging for a ‘race war‘: I mean they announce it openly all the time.

It’s a pity for them that the Yellow Vests in France had nothing to do with that ideaology or agenda – and that they had to just pretend otherwise so that they could keep brainwashing their flocks.

The problem, however, is whether this Yellow Vest protest is being – or is going to be – co-opted and redirected to service other agendas.

You can already see it on one level, as I just highlighted with all the Alt-Right propagandists. But here’s what to consider: the protesters in France seem to all say that they’re protesting not just Macron, but the corrupt elites and the whole unfair system. And most of the Alt-Right propagandists and bullshit-merchants are funded by a network of wealthy patrons linked either to the Western elites or to Zionist interests.

There would seem then to be a danger that the elites would want to hijack the protest and turn it into something servicing their own agenda – and the opposite of what the actual original protesters were trying to stand up for.

Now that they’ve got a catchphrase, image or meme (‘Yellow Vests’), the Bullshitters can build momentum and try to turn this into a ‘movement’ and spread it to other countries. The French protesters who started off protesting the establishment elites would lose control of their own protest – and the fakes would re-purpose the ‘Yellow Vest’ image to start up unrest wherever they wish to.

As innocent as it may have been to begin with, ‘Yellow Vests’ feels a lot like clever branding – kind of like ‘White Helmets’.

And that’s the ‘Arab Spring’ model – and that’s how they did that: taking the genuine Tunisian protest and transfering the ‘meme’ to Libya or Syria. Which is why I said I’m suspicious when people start likening the Yellow Vests to the Arab Spring.

In that scenario, the Alt-Right Bullshit Artists do all the propaganda/brainwashing work: a few thousand people in each country are indoctrinated via their phones or computer screens and… off they go.

That’s a worst-case scenario: it might not happen, because people in most countries are a lot lazier than the French.

But when you look at all these Alt-Right Bullshit Artists’ videos and scroll the comments like I did, you’ll find dozens and dozens of comments from people saying ‘we hope the Yellow Vests come to our country next’, ‘we need to start these protests here in our country’, ‘the time to take back our country is now – we are all Yellow Vests!’, etc. It sounds a lot like this thing is catching on – but with people who don’t actually understand what the people in France were protesting about or who want to make it something else.

A lot of those ‘we need Yellow Vests in our country now’ comments were accompanied by proposed genocide, forced deportations, and execution of public officials. Hey, I know YouTube comments sections are basically the arsehole of the Internet and I shouldn’t take them too seriously: but, again, when the main propaganda mouthpieces spreading these thoughts are elite-funded sheeple-manipulators, then it isn’t a stretch to consider that the kind of mentality being engendered in the general viewers or commenters is what was deliberately intended.

And if they’re deliberately conditioning significant numbers of people in multiple countries to think a certain way, then it must be because they’re intending to harness that negative energy for some purpose.

But, again, none of this is to take anything away from the protesters in France: I’m not for a moment doubting them. The problem is not them, but the well-organised propaganda network that is trying to steal their protest and turn it into something else.


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  1. Of course they want a race war; they want “regime change” so the elites can entrench themselves over deeper into the economy and drink the lifeblood of the nation.

  2. Very well put. Vive la revolution! And for so long as it remains revolutionary… But always with caution for all the reasons you say. Incidentally, did you read their charter? I’m not sure how a movement without leaders has a charter but apparently one has been written:


    There is a better translation here: https://nomadiceveryman.blogspot.com/2018/12/official-charter-of-yellow-vests-its.html

    I find the first item the oddest. A cap on personal taxation at 25%. It seems to clash with the calls to end austerity and for a huge rise in public spending.

    • Sorry your comment didnt automatically publish, WoC: not sure why it did that. Reading that charter, I have to say it’s pretty fantastic on first glance. But you’re right that it’s odd to have a charter without a formal author or committee or something. Still, it’s hard to argue with the points or demands in it.

  3. I think the fact that Macron relatively recently made a point about building a new European army and included the Us as a potential foe worried both the Us and Nato (who were involved in bringing Macron to power). The failure for the Us to make the EU comply with the Us demand of stopping Nordstream 2 and the abovementioned potentially hostile EU army are motive enough for the Us to support the genuine protesters. The obvious consequence is to weaken the French economy keeping France in debt-slavery. Since Macron intended to make significant alterations of the French social benefits as I understand it he must have believed that he was protected.
    Easier than usual for the angloamericans to destabilise the French. Something they have done many times before.

    • A good theory. I tend to wonder if the Anglo-American-Zionist triumvirate is simply no longer a fan of France, Germany or the European political establishment: and are even willing to let ‘allies’ collapse.

      • Quote:”I tend to wonder if the Anglo-American-Zionist triumvirate is simply no longer a fan of France, Germany or the European political establishment: and are even willing to let ‘allies’ collapse.”

        I don’t understand much of what moves power blocs but could this be another of those historically significant switches of allegiance when a bloc of allies turns and joins an enemy bloc and power positions are realigned?

        What “power bloc” could form behind the Anglo-American-Zionist to balance the scales here? The US is entering into a massive economic breakdown from which they may never recover. If they can’t “feed” their overstretched military in arms, technology and basic support for their scattered troops, they become a paper tiger. Military bases will have to be abandoned; battle ships and carriers will either have to sail for home ports, be left floating empty or be scuttled. British banksters must be really blind if they’re putting their bets on Wall Street. In a 100 to 1 bet, I wouldn’t put one month’s pension cheque on an American economic recovery within the next 10 years.

        My longish term view: the EU will form it’s own military bloc, ditch NATO and ally with Russia. Unless of course the people running the EU have lost all sense of perspective and believe they can go that route alone. Yeah, right.

        • It’s an interesting thought and a definite possibility. The EU has definitely been deviating from the Anglo-American-Zionist foreign policy in recent years, trying to sustain its own relationships and positions. You could be right about the trajectory: but then it’s an issue of whether they’ll be allowed to do that. My opinion is that Germany, Sweden and maybe some other countries are being stabbed in the back right now by the elites, who are subjecting those countries to manufactured crises and unrest to change the public mood in those places to create the collapse of those political establishments.

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