Is ‘TOMMY ROBINSON’ the New Face of BREXIT…?

Aaaand so the Tommy Robinson shit-show just goes on. And on. And on and on.

I give credit to Nigel Farage for jumping ship before the Shit Show really gets going. He writes: “The very idea of Tommy Robinson being at the centre of the Brexit debate is too awful to contemplate…”

Actually the very idea of ‘Tommy Robinson’ is almost too awful to contemplate.

I suspect Farage thinks ‘Tommy’ is being inserted into the Brexit game to deliberately tarnish or undermine the Brexit momentum further. And he is probably right. Speaking even as someone who never cared about Brexit anyway (but who nevertheless sympathises with it), ‘Tommy’ is going to help sink that ship – at precisely the same time as a serious likelihood is now being discussed in political circles of a second Referendum to try to resolve the Brexit problem (and won’t that be fun?).

So, I’ve covered ‘Tommy’ here a bunch of times already: see here, here and here. The last time being upon his ‘release’ from jail earlier this year (reality check: ‘Tommy’ was probably never in jail) and the #FreeTommy psy-op that thousands of useful idiots took part in.

The Useful Idiot demographic is really spiralling – and ‘Tommy’ and his sponsors must be very happy.

It’s as if his PR team (you know, like Neo-Con Daniel Pipes’ ‘Middle East Forum’ and Zionist tech billionaire Robert Shillman) just won’t let him take a break.

So now ‘Tommy’ is being set up as the new popular Face of Brexit. The result of which is going to be that even moderate Brexiters who aren’t raving racist xenophobes or anything like that are going to feel more and more tarnished by association.

I can’t figure out what UKIP is trying to acheive: other than to harness the great psy-op power that ‘Tommy’ has already tapped into in the hopes that it might give more ‘people power’ to the Brexit initiative.

But I can only see this backfiring.

‘Tommy’s’ career plans don’t stop there either.

Get this: apparently ‘Tommy’ plans to use all the money ‘donated’ to him by the useful idiots to ‘launch a European version of the rightwing conspiracy website Infowars.

Brilliant. The psy-op merchant with four passports and a hard-on for Mossad is going to create a version of a platform that is itself a psy-op run by another psy-op merchant.


White supremacists Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson 

So we’ve got that to look forward to. As if the ‘performance artist‘ Alex Jones wasn’t enough, we’re now going to get even more ‘Tommy’: so brace yourselves. And again – don’t forget to purchase your Tommy t-shirts, fridge magnets and mugs!

Meanwhile, a recent article in The Guardian seems to mostly be catching up with things I was already saying here five months ago: specifically, that ‘Tommy’ (including all the ‘Free Tommy Protests’ as well as the legal fees for when he pretended to go to jail this year) has been funded by the Neo-Con/Zionist think-tank ‘Middle East Forum‘, that he also been financed by US tech billionaire and Zionist Robert Shillman, and that ‘Tommy’ is part of the same millionaire-funded network that includes all the other big players in the Hate industry, like Geert Wilders, Pamela Gellar, Robert Spencer, etc.

The Guardian piece re-affirms most of what I was saying earlier in the year. The Middle East Forum is a Neo-Con/Zionist think-tank founded by Daniel Pipes, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who actually wrote a book on how conspiracy theories and viral falsehoods can influence people. That’s who was picking up ‘Tommy’s’ tab: and paying for all the propaganda for those ‘Free Tommy’ sheeple marches – which now, thanks to UKIP, are going to be conflated forevermore with any future Brexit marches or events.

And Robert Shillman (a billionaire who sits on the board of the Israeli Defense Forces) was paying ‘Tommy’s’ salary at the psy-op media outlet ‘Rebel Media’. Most of the online content encouraging the Useful Idiots to support ‘Tommy’ was the work of the Gatestone Institute – which I covered at length here in this article about the Chemnitz false-flag killing and subsequent unrest in Germany.

The rest was being pumped out by an organisation I’ve also mentioned several times in previous articles – the David Horowitz Freedom Center (another Zio/Neo-Con group that funds various Far-Right activists and outlets, including Geert Wilders).

The piece informs us that the David Horowtiz Freedom Center has even been lobbying for ‘Tommy’ to be invited to address US politicians.

Maybe he won’t be arrested this time for entering the United States with a fake passport – which is what happened last time, when he tried to enter the US as a guest of Alt-Right/Zionist activist Pamela Gellar.

However, The Guardian was able to do something I never could: and this was to scrutinise the tax returns of these groups: showing that between 2014 – 2016, these groups received funds from several millionaire donors, including Nina Rosenwald (who I talked about here).

But it also highlights the donation of $250,000 from the Mercer Family Foundation, which is funded by Donald Trump’s top donor, Robert Mercer, and run by the billionaire’s daughter Rebekah.

I have talked about this millionaire network and its role in spreading the hate industry, inflaming the extreme right-wing and servicing an essentially Zionist agenda (here and here, for example): so none of this is actually surprising – it’s just confirmation.

Just to get a sense of the kind of millionaires we’re talking about, I’m going to recap a little on who Nina Rosenwald is. Described as “an ardent Zionist all her life”, Nina Rosenwald is an heiress to the Sears fortune. Sears (or the Sears and Robuck Company now) is a famous chain of department stores.

Max Blumenthal noted in a 2012 article that ‘Rosenwald maintains a reputation as a Manhattan socialite who travels in’ the ‘most elite financial and political circles.’ The expose highlights links with Henry Kissinger, Andrew Breitbart (founder of the Breitbart media platform), and Sheldon Adelson, among others.

As the article highlights, the heiress “used her millions to cement the alliance between the pro-Israel lobby and the Islamophobic fringe.” He also revealed that Rosenwald – a good friend of Geert Wilders – served on the board of AIPAC, adding ‘there is hardly a single major pro-Israel organization that does not provide Rosenwald with a seat on its board of directors…’

Rosenwald founded and funds the aforementioned Gatestone Institute, which has been flagged up on multiple occassions as a purveyor of fake news and viral falsehoods, primarily of a pro-Israel, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and pro-nationalist character. She also funds Daniel Pipes’s Middle East Forum (‘Tommy Robinson’s’ chief funders). And Pipes – again, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the author of a book on how conspiracy theories can be used to manipulate people – himself was idolised by the Norway mass-killer Anders Breivik (who even references Pipes several times in his manifesto).

These are the people we’re dealing with: the ‘elites’, plain and simple. Ever-present in the background, pulling the strings.

The entire ‘Alt Right’ is a scam from the ground up: but it has effectively indoctrinated or radicalised such huge swathes of people at this point that there’s probably no turning back.

And so of course ‘Tommy’ is going to front a new version of ‘Info Wars’: it’s a psy-op based on a psy-op. But then most of the ‘alt-right’ system seems to be based on the same ‘Mind War‘ psychological operations model that Info Wars is based on (‘mind architecture’ models based apparently on the work of an admitted Satanist from US Military Intelligence).

I’m going to link here also to InfoHub, which was good enough to quote a number of my articles. So I’m quoting his piece (titled ‘Tommy Robinson, the Alt-Lite, Cambridge Analytica, Staged Terror & the Clash of Civilisations’) in return. In his take, ‘The rise to prominence of… what is often labelled the New-Right or Alt-Right, was essentially the work of former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon (Zionist) and financier Robert Mercer (Zionist), and aided by the British Intelligence connected data mining firm Cambridge Analytica. This organisation evolved from UK Military Psy-ops firm SCL and was utilised to help get Donald Trump elected in 2016...’

But don’t think ‘MAGA’ was the be all and end all: you can see the same network and methodology at work in Germany, Sweden, France, the UK, and anywhere you care to look.

It looks like everyone in almost every country is being punked: or psy-opped. Big time.

And ‘Tommy’ is clearly being established as a major figurehead of that. That’s what the whole fake jail time and dumb ‘Free Tommy’ shit-show was about: and that’s why it is now being inserted into the Brexit situation, so that everything can be conflated into one blur of nonsense.

It’s possible that ‘Brexit’ won’t survive ‘Tommy Robinson’. But maybe the idea is for Brexit not to happen anyway: and for ‘Tommy’ to be front and center when the inevitable backlash against politicians, immigrants, Muslims and liberals occurs – who better than ‘Tommy’ to be there, doing what he can to maximise outrage and unrest?

I also only found out a day or two ago that Tommy’s former soul-mate Anjem Choudary also got released from jail. I’m not sure how I missed that: because apparently it happened two months ago. I would like to think Anjem and Tommy were reunited, maybe over a nice candle-lit dinner, where they reminisced on the good times… and discussed their shared hopes and dreams for the future.

Hopes for the ‘Tommy and Anjem’ 2019 Reunion Tour might be premature, as Choudary is apparently to remain under house arrest.

However, given that so much of this seems to be psy-opera and staged theatre, let’s not rule out anything.


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  1. “[M]aybe the idea is for Brexit not to happen anyway: and for ‘Tommy’ to be front and center when the inevitable backlash against politicians, immigrants, Muslims and liberals occurs” That perfectly sums up my own thoughts too. The powers-that-be are getting their ducks in a line ready to subvert Britain’s version of the Gilets Jaunes. A second referendum might just be the trigger to release such a “populist” backlash (not that there is anything wrong with populism per se).

    Another terrific piece. And I can only marvel at how you find the energy to keep up the fight with article after article hammering home the truth.

    • Thanks WoC. I have spurts: lazy spurts where I write very little and active spurts where I’m like the Duracell Bunny. I feel like your blog is kind of the same, in that respect 🙂

      • Yep, but having a bit of an extended dry spell to tell the truth. I find it gets harder and harder because i) the general situation seems to become increasingly complex (either that or I’m just getting a clearer sense of my own ignorance), and ii) it’s frustrating when you feel you’re just saying more or less the same thing all over again. A friend told me that I need to look for new ways to say it – interesting advice. Anyway, seasons greetings and a happy new year!

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