The End-Times Deception: Babylon, the Coming Messiah, the Masonic Temple & Forced Prophecy…

If you think you understand what’s going in the Middle East… think again. We need to talk: not just about Zionism and Christian Evangelicals and not just about the so-called ‘Islamic State’.

No, we need to talk about Jerusalem, the Third Temple, the Freemasons, the coming of the Jewish ‘Messiah’ and the Christian ‘End Times’ and ‘Rapture’ obsessions.

The marauding rampage of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ group in Iraq and Syria seems – at least on the surface – to have taken everyone by surprise.

And with their end-of-the-world fervour and medieval-style statements, it can’t have escaped everyone’s notice that these almost deliberately apocalyptic-styled scenarios are all occurring in the lands historically associated with the Biblical or Abrahamic (as in Judaeo-Christian/Islamic) myths and narratives – Babylon, Syria, Israel, etc – and the lands most associated with the apocalyptic lore of Christian, Jewish and Islamic belief systems.

You would almost think that prophetic scenarios were being deliberately evoked or perceptions and deep-rooted anxieties being toyed with.

Is there a massive psy-op going on, involving the three Abrahamic religions? Are the followers – and indeed the religions themselves – of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, being toyed with? Or are we simply looking at the ruthless, single-minded pursuit of forced prophecy fulfillment?

It’s worth noting that aside from the intense religious zealotry of an organisation like ISIS itself, there are also highly religious minds involved in key decision-making even in the more sophisticated arenas of ostensibly secular, Western governments; this is certainly the case in the US where evangelical/Zionist Christian groups exert great influence, but it may be the case elsewhere too, such as in, for example, the British/Masonic link to Zionism.

Religious Jewish Zionists (and I say ‘Zionists’, as opposed to ‘Jews’, as they are not one and the same: and many religious Jews do not subscribe to Zionism) view the Zionist project not just as the ancestral return to Israel/Palestine: at least not in a vacuum. The whole religious purpose of the orchestrated reclamation of the ‘Holy Land’ is the building of the Third Jewish Temple (on the site of the present Temple Mount, where the al-Aqsa mosque stands): and this is a longstanding obsession that occupies not just Jewish Zionists, but also international (and especially British) Masons, with the entire mythology of Freemasonry revolving around the original architect (Hiram Abiff) of the original Jewish Temple, specifically Solomon’s Temple, and the rebuilding of said temple in its original place at the Temple Mount.

  Third Jewish Temple 

And that’s not where the vision stops. For religious Jewish Zionists, this building of the Third Temple is to usher in the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

For Christian Zionists, this coming of the Jewish Messiah (in right-wing Christian thought, this would in fact correspond to the ‘Anti Christ’: as Christians maintain that Jesus was the true Messiah and was rejected by the Jewish people) is desired because it will – according to their beliefs – trigger the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

And… you know, the Biblical Armageddon, the ‘end-times’ and the Rapture.

What is extraordinarily stupid about this is that those two ideas or expectations – the coming of the Jewish Messiah and the Second Coming of Jesus – are fundamentally contradictory.

When we add in the Islamic prophetic element, it gets even worse: but we’ll come to that shortly.

Nonetheless, for a good understanding of the true nature of this Zionist/American agenda for the ‘Holy Land’, see Grace Halsell’s article here, or seek out his book Forcing God’s Hand, which exposes the strange alliance between millions of ‘born again’ American Christians who long for the ‘Rapture’ and ‘Armageddon’ and believe it all hinges on the land of Israel and the summoning of the ‘false’ Messiah or Anti-Christ archetype.

Victoria Clark’s 2007 book, Allies for Armageddon: The Rise of Christian Zionism, is also a good resource for understanding the apocalyptic/religious dynamics of the Zionist/US alliance in regard to the Holy Land.

This prophetic obsession – by various parties with shared interests – is no new thing, of course.

Arguably, it goes back to the very inception of both Zionism and of Freemasonry itself, and back to the Knights Templar and their exploration of the Temple Mount: and indeed was the foundation-myth of the barbaric medieval Crusades – which led to over a century of violence and bloodshed between Christian and Muslim armies in the Middle East.

 Knights Templar 

The whole point of the Crusades was – just like with both Zionism and Freemasonry – acquisition or reclamation of the ‘Holy Land’.

In the Messianic Age – to be triggered by the seizure of the Temple Mount and building of the Third Temple – Jerusalem itself is meant to be made the new Capital of the World.

That’s why they’re all so obsessed with Jerusalem. In England, the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ is considered the most popular ‘patriotic’ song and is a deeply embedded part of the culture. It is sung by thousands every year at the Proms, for example. While interpretations of its ultimate meaning differ, even the Wikipedia entry tells us ‘The poem’s theme is linked to the Book of Revelation (3:12 and 21:2) describing a Second Coming, wherein Jesus establishes a New Jerusalem...

Jerusalem will be the spiritual capital of the world and the Messiah will rule from Israel and the Third Temple (as per the prophecy of Ezekiel).

The only problem is that the Jewish faith doesn’t recognise the Christian ‘Messiah’: and vice-versa.

Why do Born-Again Christians and Christian Zionists want the Rapture? Because they believe they – as pure, ‘Born Again’ Christians – will survive the ‘rapture’ and be raised by Jesus, while the rest of the world burns.

It is deeply and psychologically embedded into the (sub)culture; a classic example is the extremely popular and successful ‘Left Behind’ novel series by Tim La Haye – a mass exercise in retarded and low-IQ propagandist brainwashing posing as legitimate fiction.

But what’s scary is how immensely popular those books are, especially among young American Christians who have been heavily influenced by its almost romantic glorification of Christian apocalyptic lore and End-Times expectations. So popular, in fact, that it has become an industry in itself, spawning other multi-media products, including (apparently) a major feature-film in the making.

The books are awful, by the way. And it’s scary how many even ordinary Christians are now outspokenly longing for the Rapture and the End Times.

 The Rapture, cartoon 

But they merely represent the plebeian level of this obsession/psy-op: while the actual agenda is being conducted by those agencies or groups scheming at the higher levels.

That agenda, in essence, could be best described as the manufactured fulfillment of prophecy.

That dynamic in itself could be viewed as either (1) a religious-based psy-op on a massive scale, or (2) an outright forcing of God’s hand by impatient zealots and madmen, unwilling to allow the religious prophecies to be fulfilled naturally or organically.

In other words, God’s ‘plan’ or God’s ‘will’ isn’t good enough – zealous groups of men must manufacture God’s ‘plan’ into fruition through covert plotting and scheming.

This dynamic is, in fact, one of the reasons why you see a lot of orthodox Jews expressing bitter opposition not just to Zionism, but even to the creation of the modern State of Israel itself: rightly or wrongly, they see it as hijacking or diverting God’s ‘plan’ by preempting it to suit the will of Man and of Man’s impure desires and impious schemes.

 Orthodox Jews against Zionism 

I’m sure, likewise, that most Christians feel the same way about End Times prophecies and the like: that if it is ‘God’s Plan’, then let God take care of it – whenever and however God sees fit.

Of course, it’s all a circular construct; if the fulfillment of a prophecy has to be ‘orchestrated’ by human manipulations then it’s hardly a divine prophecy, is it?

Then again, if a prophecy ends up being fulfilled – even if it’s by a deliberate scheme to make sure its particulars are met – then it does end up being ‘accurate’, I suppose.

The point, however, is that – from Masons and Crusaders and Zionists to evangelicals, Born-Again Christians and even scores of ordinary people – millions are obsessed with the manufacturing of the Biblical End of Days, the coming of the Messiah, and the Second Coming of Christ.

And the lengths they might go to bring it about – invasions, proxy wars, violations of international law, etc – are scary.

It’s a stage-play: being performed in the Middle East, but with real victims and consequences.

There are Christian Zionists who will flat-out tell you they are praying for “the final conflict” and the Second Coming – and it has to happen, because of the source material, in the Middle East, specifically involving historical areas such as Jerusalem, Israel, Babylon (Iraq), Damascus (in Syria) and Egypt.

These kinds of minds with these kinds of preoccupations may conceivably have been behind the push to invade Iraq in the first place; an invasion that made little strategic sense, it’s only conceivable goals being either oil-based profit (always the likeliest explanation), strategic destabilisation of the Middle East (for primarily Zionist or ‘Yinon Plan’ purposes) or, in keeping with the theme here, its symbolic value as an almost mythical battle with the old Biblical enemy of Babylon.

It is a fact that Saddam Hussein styled himself as the new “King of Babylon”, even suggesting that he was a reincarnation of Babylon’s most famous ancient king, the Biblical Nebuchednezzar. And he openly stated that it was his intention to “recreate” Babylon (one of his most enthusiastic projects was a plan to reconstruct the Hanging Gardens of Babylon).

 US troops in Iraq 

For Masons, Zionists and evangelicals, he and Iraq were a delicious ‘enemy’ target, positively brimming with symbolic value in the context of these mythologies. After all, Babylon holds massive symbolic value in the Jewish tradition, due to the Babylonian Exile (under the same King Nebuchednezzar that Saddam Hussein claimed to be a reincarnation of): as well as in the more esoteric mystical traditions that have been a part of Western secret societies (or at least, I’ve been told before that ‘Babylonian’ mysticism is a significant feature in Western occult traditions).

It’s curious too that ‘ISIS‘ – seen by some as being covertly backed by the likes of the United States, Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia and others – has been making medieval-style proclamations and carrying out medieval-style acts of brutality (almost in evocation of the Crusades) in Iraq; and they’ve also shown an interest in destroying holy sites or artifacts (both Islamic and Christian alike, but also the remnants of Babylonian or Mesopotamian culture).

That could be easily seen at a very simple, surface level: those thugs are Islamo-fascist in outlook and therefore intolerant of all other religious ideas or objects (even Islamic sites or artifacts that don’t fit into their ultra-puritanical outlook).

However, one also wonders if there’s a psy-op element to all of this.

 ISIS fighters destroy Iraqi historic sites 

You also have to wonder if there’s a psy-op element to all the talk of the ‘End of Christianity‘ in the Middle East: if perhaps all these attacks against Christian communities in Syria and Iraq (by Islamist militias largely backed by Western powers and the Gulf States) are partly designed to create certain apocalyptic perceptions or conditions.

Aside from the very real suffering and strife on the ground, there is clearly something very evocative and powerful about the idea of the oldest Christian communities in the world (including, in Maloula, a community that still speaks Aramaic, the language of Jesus) being attacked or cleansed from their traditional homes.

So, let’s talk more about the barbaric nightmare we now know as ‘ISIS’.

Where does the so-called Islamic State fit into the kind of prophetic/psy-op context outlined earlier? Well, the ideology behind ‘ISIS’ also believes in – and is driven by – prophecy: except from an Islamic perspective and not a Christian or Jewish one.

The creation of this “Caliphate”, as they call it, is a construct based not just in Islamic history but in Islamic prophetic tradition; and to those subscribing to that world-view its creation is every bit as ordained as the creation of the State of Israel is to Zionists.

When I first heard that a mysterious figure named ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ was being declared “the leader of all Muslims everywhere” by ‘Islamic State’ propagandists, it was one of the most disturbing things I had heard in a while. Firstly, Muslims are not supposed to have a ‘leader’: and anyone making that kind of claim would be doing something extraordinary. Secondly, there was only one figure in Islamic tradition that could even try to make that claim of themselves and this is a figure rooted in Islamic prophecy concerning the End of the World.

It was clearly intended to announce Baghdadi as ‘the Mahdi’ – the ‘Rightly Guided’ figure prophesied to lead the ‘Muslim world’ in a final, ‘Armageddon’-like battle against the forces of the ‘Dajjal’ or ‘Anti-Christ’.

It’s also telling that even the name ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ is designed to evoke the historic figure of Abu Bakr – the First Caliph of Islam.

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Mosul 

This is also one of the reasons why so many young people from various countries have been seduced by the ISIL/ISIS brand: because all the prophetic associations are there in the prevailing narrative – the ideas of the ‘final battle’ between ‘the righteous’ and the ‘evildoers’, the divinely-guided ‘Mahdi’ and ‘final caliph’, etc, are part of the ‘End Times’ mythology (though it comes from non-Koranic sources).

Now all of this language is of course nonsense to me, just like Biblical-based ‘End Times’ obsession is too; but the point is that the ISIS/ISIL propaganda (or psy-op, depending on what you think ‘ISIS’ is) plays to all of this deep-seated psychology and expectation, just as Zionist Israel plays to the Biblical/End-Times obsession of the most extremist Christians and Jews.

What many non-Muslims don’t realise is that the figure of Jesus Christ (and not the Prophet Muhammad) is absolutely central to Islam’s ‘end-times’ expectations, as in Islamic prophecy the ‘Second Coming’ of Jesus is meant to occur once the ‘Mahdi’ is leading Muslims in battle with the ‘Anti-Christ’ (the Muslim belief is that this returning Jesus will enter the conflict on the side of the Islamic ‘caliphate’).

And where is this miraculous return prophesied to occur? Yes, you may have guessed it: in the beautiful and historic city of Damascus, the ancient capital of Syria – a city that ISIS/ISIL is fighting to seize from the Assad government as we speak.

Certainly, the Baghdadi thing (and therefore the ISIS thing) is – at least in part – a psy-op being conducted in the Middle East. For one thing, it’s very possible that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi doesn’t actually even exist (see here). Even if we ignore the (probably false) claims that Baghdadi might be an Israeli Mossad agent, what’s obvious is that he isn’t really some great holy leader or figure of prophecy. He is just being sold/presented that way as part of a mass manipulation.

In effect, a religion-based psy-op being used to bewitch or confuse a lot of people.

But that prompts me to wonder if this is how either a Messianic Arrival or Second Coming of Christ would also be played out. Some guy just shows up one day and everyone talks about him: and he’s put forward as the Jewish Messiah or put forward as the returning Jesus; while in reality he’s just an actor or he doesn’t even exist and is just a psy-op construct being maintained for public consumption.

 Jesus in the clouds 

And that’s before you even consider the possibility of ‘Project Bluebeam‘-style manipulations involving induced hallucinations or mass visual deceptions. Consider, for example, the US plan to stage the Second Coming of Jesus as part of an anti-Castro operation, or the fact that the US is known to have developed sophisticated methods of ‘psycho-electronic’ manipulation, including the possibility of mass mind control or perception manipulation,

With the scores of frothing-at-the-mouth Christian Rapture enthusiasts or Jewish Messianic cults around, would it be relatively easy to psy-op or manipulate these people and their religious expectations?

Using the Baghdadi model, most Muslims haven’t fallen for the psy-op at all: and most Arabs don’t buy ‘Baghdadi’ even a little bit. They in fact mostly see the whole ‘Islamic State’ thing as a foreign-manipulated psy-op anyway: or, at the very least, as a bunch of terrorists or feral thugs. BUT… enough gullible people, especially young zealots, did fall for Baghdadi: enough of them to cause the amount of mayhem, destabilisation and horror that we’ve seen unfolding in Iraq and Syria.

And it’s scary.

And if we’re talking about future or imminent manipulation or psy-ops concerning Christians and Jews and Judaeo-Christian prophecy or expectations… then that’s scary too, in terms of the possibilities.

What is the point or conclusion here?

Simply that the prophecies concerning the End Times or Armageddon (Christian, Jewish and Islamic alike) are being manufactured into being. Zionists, Masons, evangelicals, government figures, intelligence agencies, they’re all likely at it.

And it’s been going on for a long time.

These people are, of course, psychopaths.

The Jewish Zionist zealots, for example, don’t seem to care that the coming of their ‘Messiah’ will be viewed by their right-wing Christian allies (and by Muslims) as the ‘Anti Christ’ or false Messiah. And the Christian fanatics don’t seem to care that Muslims are waiting for Jesus too: and that the ‘Second Coming’ of Christ, whatever form that takes, is therefore going to be a very confusing event.

Meanwhile, I doubt any of them care about the Christians in the Middle East, about Palestinians or about the ordinary people anywhere – especially all of those who’ll be ‘left behind’ in the Rapture.

Zealous Jewish groups invested in the Messiah’s coming are open about it (such as Chabad). So are the Christian Zionists and evangelicals. The real concern should be about other groups, interests and agencies that aren’t open about it or whose manipulations or motivations are less easy to properly discern – which brings us to the Masons.

God only knows what they’re hoping to gain from any of this stuff: but again, given the established Masonic obsession with the Temple of Solomon and its architect Hiram Abiff, and given the Templar involvement in the Temple Mount, it’s very difficult to believe there ISN’T some Masonic agenda or involvement in the Jerusalem-centered plans.

If you start digging, you find some interesting stuff. For example, I came upon this photo of a Masonic monument in Israel. The Jewish blogger, who lives in Jerusalem, writes (source): ‘Never have I seen such a thing established in the middle of a main road. There appears to be more and more evidence arising in these past few years that strongly shows us that Freemasonry has great power and control in Israel. In an article written in 2003 by Jerry Golden (a local believer here) we are shown the strong evidence of Freemason influence in the building of Israel’s Supreme Court in Jerusalem (currently a new home for the Prime Minister is being built with much the same symbolism). And their desire to establish their authority over Israel and more particularly Jerusalem…’


Masonic Altar in Israel
Masonic Altar in Israel (source: https://wordfromyerushalaim.wordpress.com/israel/freemason-altar-in-israel/)


He continues, ‘Following I have also included some clear evidence of Freemason goals and plans not only to soon control the Temple Mount but also establish a world government with Jerusalem being an international city. From which their grandmaster (false messiah) can rule from the Temple Mount. The following two photos come directly from Israels Freemason website. There is very little lift to the imagination as to where they are headed with their plans. According to some sources (but unverifiable) is that every Prime Minister of Israel so far have either been a high level Freemason or had high level connections to Freemasonry.’

He also talks about the Masonic hall remains excavated beneath the Temple Mount.

Though, as we’re talking about prophecy, it’s probably worth mentioning here the (in)famous ‘Pike Letter’ purported to ‘predict’ (or lay out the plan for) the three World Wars.

Albert Pike was a high-level Freemason, a Confederate leader in the Civil War, and a high-ranking leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

The letter attributed to him may have been a hoax or it may have been real (depending on who you listen to); but his ‘plan’ for a Third World War centered on Israel and Zionism and a conflict with the Muslim/Arab world.

If the Pike letter is a fake, then it is an irrelevance. If it isn’t a fake, then one would have to consider the possibility that Pike’s plan or vision may have some correlation to what the Freemasonic agenda in the Holy Land is (given that he clearly was a high-level Mason).

On the surface, that correlation doesn’t seem to work: the Masonic interest in the Temple Mount is based on a mythologizing of the architects of Solomon’s Temple, while the Templars obsession with the Temple Mount was based either on entirely Christian preoccupations or some more ‘occult’ interests (again, depending on what source you’re reading); whereas Albert Pike’s vision seems to be based in a form of Luciferianism: his alleged vision or plan for the Armageddon-style stage-play is the destruction of both the  Jewish and Islamic religions… and the destruction or degradation of Christianity.

 Albert Pike letter: Third World War 

In the alleged Pike vision of the third conflict, all of this is meant to topple the three Abrahamic faiths, paving the way for the Age of Lucifer.

I’ve always been on the fence as to whether the Pike letter is real or a hoax. It doesn’t read like something that could’ve been written in the 1800s, but more like something forged later and retroactively attributed to Pike.

But then that also raises the question: who forged it, why did they create it and why did they link it to Albert Pike?

It raises the question of whether there’s some faction or element in Freemasonry that is in concordance with the supposed Albert Pike vision: in which case they may merely have been using or manipulating Zionist Jews and evangelical Christians – and their respective end-times psychosis –  this whole time; ultimately to service an agenda that isn’t Christian OR Jewish.

That might almost explain why these conflicting or contradictory Zionist/Christian/Muslim agendas don’t make sense as a mutual enterprise. Because the end goal is actually not Christian or Jewish or Islamic – those are just pawns in a greater game.

That consideration is all the more interesting when you bear in mind the extent of Masonic presence in British imperial government at the time of the British Zionist/Balfour Declaration.

Indeed, this was around the same time the British and French were creating the borders and states that form the modern Middle East: you could almost place the British/French Sykes-Picot plan for the Arab world in the context of Albert Pike’s vision for World War III, since the former seems to have been formulated to help bring about the latter.

If the Pike letter is a fake – as in not authored by Albert Pike – you’d still have to say that whoever wrote it had a good sense of how things were being set up in the Middle East.

Admittedly, this is just speculation, as far as Pike and the Freemasons goes. Because all you can do is speculate when you’re starting at smoke and mirrors.

What isn’t mere speculation is the reality and existence of these groups and alliances invested in the forced fulfillment of these religious prophecies. And their psychopathic singlemindedness in pursuing those agendas.

Ah, religion and prophecy; don’t you just love it? No, me neither.

S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. ‘I’ve always been on the fence as to whether the Pike letter is real or a hoax. It doesn’t read like something that could’ve been written in the 1800s, but more like something forged later and retroactively attributed to Pike.’

    I thought the same as you

    ‘religion and prophecy; don’t you just love it? No, me neither.’

    They made their plans but they did not think of the Plan which is stronger than them and which enabled them to emerge on this earth.

    Tk y

    • Thanks Neilly. Thanks for reading. A lot of people think the Pike letter is real: I’m just not sure it is. But I still think it is relevant.

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