An Age of Universal Deceit, Part I: What is Happening in SWEDEN…?

Sweden car fires, 2018

I’ve been talking here for some time about a manufactured ‘race war’ or ‘civil wars’ psy-op, utilising age-old divide-and-conquer strategies and propaganda and being run at various levels of media and society.

It has been unfolding in pretty much every country: and in the last three years, it has been pushed into overdrive.

I laid out here what it’s about and what it’s for. I laid out here, here and here, the kind of figureheads or front-man propagandists who are pushing it to the masses. And I laid out here why a substantial part of it is linked to ethno-nationalists in a certain country, where even a former Prime Minister was warning about the growing “seeds of fascism”.

In each instance, I demonstrated why I say an orchestrated societal breakdown is being played out (aimed at a radical reconfiguration of Western society) – with large masses of people being caught up in the hype: many of them willingly, many of them unknowingly.

The predictions or fears of ‘race wars’ or mass societal breakdown have been appearing for some time. And most of the commentary on this in the last few years has been firmly the domain of the psy-op facillitators who are playing their part to help bring that state of affairs into reality.

There are groups, ideologies and parties right now that want to push all of civilisation into a civil war scenario – a sectarian-based societal breakdown in Europe and the West to mirror the one that has already been inflicted on the Middle East.

In that context, I want to focus now on two particular recent stories: the big protests and unrest in Germany and the mass car burnings in Sweden.

Because the two sets of events are, in cultural and socio-political terms, related: and because I find myself – not for the first time – disturbed by how poor a job most ‘alternative media’ seems to be doing in asking any real questions about these events.

Instead, it seems that most smaller blogs, websites or channels are ignoring the subject, while the mainstream media is flailing around in helplessness, trying to make sense of things – leaving it thus to all the usual high-profile and suspect voices in the more dubious section of alt media to entirely corner the market with their carefully nurtured divide-and-conquer psy-op.

But, as I’ve argued recently, much or most of the ‘alt-right’ is itself a *player* in the games that it cunningly claims to be merely *observing* or commenting on. Hence, unsurprisingly, ‘alt’ coverage of the crisis in Sweden or the unrest in Germany is dominated by all the usual characters, who all gleefully absorb the events in Germany and Sweden into the pre-existing, long-running narratives that are themselves a key part of a manufactured psychological warfare operation.

What’s bizarre is that, in these specific instances, it’s no longer the mainstream media that I accuse of duplicity, but huge sections of so-called alternative media and social media.

The MSM, by comparison, seems to be lost, constantly appearing baffled and dismayed by events – because they lost control of the narrative so long ago that they can’t even find their feet anymore.

In regard to these events in Sweden and Germany, I am not categorically stating that those events are not what they appear to be.

I am simply providing some important alternative perspective – backed up by information that is otherwise being criminally neglected.

Let’s start with Sweden: and then we’ll get to Germany.

In Sweden, large number of cars (the number varies according to the source, but estimates of the burnt cars are as high as 100 in some reports) were set alight on August 13th in dramatic and unsettling displays of wanton violence and vandalism. Masked characters dressed in black were seen carrying out the dramatic crimes – and some were later shown throwing rocks at police and firefighters to prevent them reacting to the problem.

The car fires were reported in Malmö, Gothenburg and Helsingborg and elsewhere. The scenes evoked a genuine sense of anarchy and of a society slipping into chaos.

This image of a society slipping into chaos conforms very much to longstanding and widespread perceptions and stories outside of Sweden that the country has been wrecked by immigrants, multi-culturalism and liberalism: stories that – regardless of how true they are or are not (the ‘truth’ probably sits somewhere in the middle) – have been repeatedly seized on and amplified by all of the international alt-right figureheads and platforms for several years now, who have hijacked the narrative away from domestic Swedish politics and society and turned it into an international propaganda game.

Some additional context to the apparent situation in Sweden is helpful. The country has reportedly been having massive problems with crime and with gangs linked to migrant communities (or, more accurately, second generation immigrants) for some time. High crime rates, low employment rates among certain communities, and reported ghetto or ‘no-go’ areas, are all a big issue in Sweden.

Related to this, the rise of the Far Right and ethno-nationalists has also become a fast-growing problem in Sweden – just as it now is all over Europe.

I don’t know how much of the claim/counter-claim dynamic in regard to Sweden is true, how much is fake, how much is exaggerated. But I assume some parts of Sweden, like some parts of France, genuinely have problems with ghettoisation and integration, crime, and all the rest of it.

At the very least, all accounts are that violent crime has soared dramatically.

In this latest outrage, in just Gothenburg, it was reported that more than 100 cars were set alight when youths moved through the areas randomly torching people’s vehicles. Most people were blaming migrant communities or the criminal gangs made up mostly of foreign-origin youth.

Given the scope of these acts of vandalism, it clearly wasn’t random criminality or random feral behaviour – but something organised and coordinated.

“They were organized and prepared,” a police spokesperson told Reuters.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Swedish radio that the crimes appeared to be “very organized, almost like a military operation.”

That element of organisation doesn’t rule out low-level gang or criminal behaviour involving migrants – particularly if, as is widely suggested, they coordinated everything via social media.

It’s worth pointing out, for perspective, that this business of torching cars has been going on for a while (‘ethnic youth’ have previously attacked or vandalised police vehicles and the like) – so, regardless of the reality of the latest incidents, prior instances of this criminal behaviour probably/presumably were the work of feral gangs and vandals. And this recent disgrace might’ve been too.

Extreme criminal behaviour has risen dramatically. It is reported that more than 40 people were shot and killed in Sweden last year, and the Swedish PM had said in January that he was not ruling out a military response to gang activity.

That the gangs, mostly linked to second-generation immigrants (according to most sources), have gotten incredibly out-of-hand is not something I’m disputing.

Although, even with all of that being acknowledged, the only major ‘terrorist attack’ that Sweden has suffered since the current European ‘terror wave’ began – specifically, the truck attack rampage in Stockholm – was a staged event that just happened to coincide with a planned terror drill (see here).

However, concerning this latest unrest in Sweden, there is a very obvious reason to be suspicious.

The reason to be suspicious is because the Swedish elections are days away.

I’m always suspicious when divisive events like this unfold just shortly before an election.

The election is scheduled for September 9th, by the way, and all the coverage leading into that election is telling us how dangerous a moment this is politically for Sweden. One newspaper headline tells us this is “The Most Important Election in Swedish History”. Bloomberg is warning about ‘the most uncertain Swedish election yet’.

The main reason is because – like seemingly every election in Europe now – the danger of the Far Right gaining power is more palpable than it has been in generations.

 Swedish Neo Nazis 

The idea of the Far Right gaining power in what has been one of the most liberal, modern countries in the world (in fact, for many, the very model of a thriving liberal democracy) would’ve seemed ludicrous not very long ago – but so too would be the idea of Nazi salutes in German rallies, yet this is sadly the climate we’re now in.

Every election everywhere seems to now be a battle between the forces of ethno-nationalism and the forces of liberalism. Every election now seems to be part of an international battlefield: and it seems as if every election is now an international event in which international players or parties are involving themselves – at the propaganda level, at the very least (and often more) – in order to control or influence the political direction of various countries, either by direct manipulation of political figures or by manipulation of the voting public and hijacking of the information war.

And Sweden?

According to various polls, the ‘Sweden Democrats’ – the premier Far-Right/nationalist party in Sweden, called by various opposition politicians “the Nazi Party” – could become the largest party in Sweden after this weekend’s vote.

It is clearly they who stand to benefit most from this controversy with the cars being set on fire.

What else is there to note about the Sweden Democrats, other than their opposition to migrants and foreigners and their ethno-nationalist idealogy?

From a Jerusalem Post article in 2014, we are told ‘The Sweden Democrats are known to be pro-Israeli. They have participated in many demonstrations for Israel, though have sometimes paid the political price for such support.

The same article reminds us that the current Swedish PM, the liberal Stefan Lofven (who is among those who has called the Sweden Democrats the “Nazi Party”), ‘declared in his very first speech that Sweden would be the first EU country to recognize the “Palestinian state”

Uh-huh. Interesting.

The same Jerusalem Post piece concludes its report on the Sweden Democrats (a party, remember, openly founded by Neo-Nazis); ‘Despite all of the claims against it, the party is certainly not anti-Semitic. While Israel has to deal with the extreme left-wing government in Sweden, we cannot afford to lose the support of the Sweden Democrats


In fact, Lovfen and Sweden did go on to become the first European nation to officially support Palestinian statehood. Which caused a big rift between the current Swedish government and the Israeli government.

More interesting, just this year (in May), the Swedish Democrats (again, just to be clear: founded by Neo-Nazis) expressed its support for the embassy move to Jerusalem – the Sweden Democrats are therefore part of the same ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ that has elsewhere been championed by the Austrian Far-Right FPO, the Dutch Far-Right Geert Wilders, and team Trump/Kushner in the US.

What everyone needs to understand is that we are currently in a situation where the danger of a ‘Far Right Europe’, “a return to the 1930s” or even a fascist world order, could soon become palpable: and, from all appearances, it would absolutely suit the nationalist right-wing movement in Israel to see that happen. If you think I might be exaggerating, then take it from the Jerusalem Post, which published this article in 2015 with the headline ‘A FAR-RIGHT, PRO-ISRAEL FRANCE? EXPERT SAYS THIS IS WHERE ALL OF EUROPE IS HEADING…’

So, what’s going on in Sweden, as the election approaches?

When you look then at something like the mass car-torching incident, you have to ask who would benefit from such an event at this time.

Even though it could easily have been a feral act of gang vandalism or ‘migrant’ criminality, one should nevertheless ask whether criminals or gangs linked to immigrant communities would think it a good idea to piss everyone off so much just weeks before an election in which the possibility of Far Right or ethno-nationalist sentiment might win the day.

If we are to entertain the possibility of a staged false-flag event, there are two likely explanations.

The first is that we know that Mossad has a strong presence in countries like Sweden and Norway, as well as countries like France and Spain. This presence isn’t just historical (like the Lillehammer Affair), but entirely contemporary.

Note that, precisely a year ago, Mossad assassinated a Palestinian (with ties to Hamas) in the Swedish town of Limmared. The Palestinian, who had lived in Sweden for a decade, was shot in the head by unidentified gunmen in masks, later acknowledged to have been Mossad.

Swedish police released a statement about the incident in the small Swedish town, reporting that ‘several people wearing masks entered the apartment through a balcony and shot the man inside. They disappeared after the shooting as quickly as they arrived…’

As last year’s assassination or even the Lillehammer Affair demonstrate, Swedish authorities would have no idea what was going on until after the fact – that’s how Mossad operates. And this was only a year ago.

Note that reports in Sweden still haven’t made it entirely clear who these masked figures were in these incidents of the cars being set alight in August.

 Sweden car fires, 2018 

The reaction of the Swedish PM (the pro-Palestinian Stefan Lofven, who’s days in power may now be numbered) sounded, to me, like someone who just might have been suspicious about possible external actors manipulating the situation in Sweden. Here’s some of what he said: “I get pissed off for real… what the hell are you doing? It looks very coordinated, almost like a military operation…’

Given that there has already been a scattered recent history in Sweden of car-burnings and other acts of feral criminality by gangs and low-lifes, Mr Lovfen’s reaction to the August 13th incidents seems odd – as though he was seeing it as something other than simple crime by the usual suspects.

There’a also another possibility, however – which is that Far-Right or Neo-Nazi networks themselves could be engaged in playing out false-flag events that can be attributed to migrant actors or even Islamists in order to sway enough voters in a particular direction.

That possibility definitely warrants exploration – for a very specific reason that will become clearer when I move on to the current events in Germany (which, as will be demonstrated, was probably based on a staged trigger).

After some checking, I found that a Swedish MP for the Left Party, Daniel Riazat, in fact wrote on Twitter after the attacks: “I would not be surprised if far-right extremists were involved in some way.” That’s not reliable enough to count on: and I’m not going to cite only comments by select MPs as support for the argument, but I thought it was worth noting that this theory is out there in the discourse in Sweden.

Like I said, when we get to Germany, we’ll see what the justification is for this theory.

Some additional additional context worth noting is that refugee centers and migrant locations have also been set on fire previously by Neo-Nazis and other anti-refugee thugs. This included incidents earlier this year, but also go back to 2015, like here, with asylum seekers having faced arson attacks.

It was reported in May that some 300 refugees had to be evacuated after another arson attack on a refugee center.

Wikipedia in fact has a page on ‘Arson Attacks on Asylum Centers’ in Sweden just in the last couple of years.

So it is established that some groups of Far-Right extremists in Sweden have a fondness for fire – even if the ‘ethnic’ gangs and criminals also have an obvious predilection for vandalism and violence.

Also, I started writing this article a few weeks ago – but I just checked and it appears some more incidents of the cars being set alight have occured in the last couple of days too. Again, they’re a few days away now from the big election in Sweden – so it looks like someone is making sure the toxic atmosphere is fresh as Swedes go into the election.

So, where does that leave things now, with days to go until the most intense, ‘dangerous’ Swedish election in living memory?

There are Leftists in Sweden accusing the Far Right of staging the car-torching incident: and right-wingers accusing Leftists of being mad conspiracy theorists. Like most of the rest of Western civilisation, Sweden is floundering in the information wars, with constant theories and counter-theories, accusations, cries of ‘fake news’ and conflicting agendas.

It’s now, unfortunately for the people of Sweden, the same problem in pretty much every election in every country in the Western world – an un-navigable sea of bullshit and counter-bullshit, conspiracies and counter-conspiracies, deception and propaganda, toxicity and extreme polarisation.

In that scenario, who the fuck can even figure out what’s going on, let alone who to vote for or where the real danger is?

It’s no wonder – in those conditions – that large numbers of people can be deceived, one way or the other. Everything is being geared towards mass polarisation and radicalisation.

Certainly, the acts of vandalism were meant to look like feral, migrant youth – and that’s what they did look like. Possibly because that’s precisely what it was. I’m not saying with any certainty that it was anything other than this: for example, the outbreak of violence, mass vandalism and criminality that occured in London and other UK cities in 2011 was certainly nothing more than feral youth going on a rampage and coordinating their behaviour via social media.

It’s definitely something that happens.

But, as I said, when a very contentious election is just days or weeks away, one should be very circumspect about the timing of incidents that are obviously meant to heavily influence the outcome.

This isn’t new, of course. I said last year – weeks prior to the vote controversy in Catalan – that it was obvious that the Barcelona terrorist attack (blamed on Morroccan Islamists) was a false-flag op designed to give Spannish military police the justification for going into Catalonia ahead of the Catalonian Independence Referendum. I also noted then that the Catalonians were openly pro-Palestinian and there had been strong indications that an independent Catalonian state would’ve – like the current Swedish government – acted from a pro-Palestinian position.

Likewise, the terror attack in Paris just days before the French presidential election was clearly designed to help swing the vote in the favor of the Front National. As I wrote then, the presence of Mossad agents in Paris was already openly acknowledged in French media long before – and, as noted in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ article, Marine Le Pen’s niece (and Front National member) is the daughter of a former Mossad agent who actually wrote a book on his time in Mossad.

I said at the beginning of this article that the more dubious sections of the ‘alt media’ have hijacked the situation in Sweden as a key part of the ‘race war’ psy-op.

You will find Sweden coming up over and over again on those platforms: regardless of what country they’re based in (though it’s usually the US or the UK).

An example pictured here is from Bullshit Maestro Paul Joseph Watson at Info Wars. This hugely popular and viral ‘meme’ of white women (especially in Sweden) being raped by brown migrants is in fact the life-blood of ‘alt-right’ and Far-Right platforms and social-media networks as a powerful way to stir up outrage.

 Alt-right fake stories about Sweden 

But most of them (not all, but most) are fake.

An example is this montage image of supposed women raped by migrants in Sweden or Germany since the Migrant Crisis – which has repeatedly gone viral across social media. The Austrian fact-checking website Mimikama, tracked down the original sources of the photos and found that most of the images ‘came from the United Kingdom or the United States. The women shown were victims of domestic violence, police violence or random attacks. A couple of the photos do not show victims of attacks at all, but women who are wearing stage or costume make-up. The photo on the far-right of the third line actually shows a British man who was attacked in his home in 2014…’

Nevertheless that image, like countless others, has been shared many thousands of times across different countries as part of the ‘race war’ psy-op or justification for the neo-fascist backlash. I’ve talked about this business of fake or doctored images/stories before in regard to anti-refugee propaganda: and specifically how a simple tool like ‘Reverse Image Searching’ on Google can help you ascertain where an image has come from.

I also wrote earlier on that ‘every election everywhere is now an international battlefield’ involving international and external players inserting themselves into the process and trying to manipulate outcomes.

You can see this clearly in, say, Steve Bannon (an American, ex Goldman-Sachs, ex Breitbart), moving from playing a major role in the US election to now openly trying to play a major role in bringing about a right-wing nationalist takeover of Europe. That’s not me indulging in conspiracy theory – that’s Bannon’s own stated objective with ‘The Movement’. You can see also it in Dutch ‘Populist’ Far-Right leader Geert Wilders being an obvious Israeli agent (see here), for another example.

Those are two out-in-the-open, overt examples, where we know who the individuals are and what they’re about: but most of this interference or manipulation involves non-public figures and shady networks that we never really identify.

This is to highlight that there is virtually no Western country anymore that can have its own democratic processes unfold without foreign interference or manipulation, whether that’s from a certain country (Israel, the US or Russia, for example), from non-state actors (George Soros, Steve Bannon, for example), or from shady, unidentified groups or networks that are never publicly exposed.

Sweden is not an exception. Neither is Germany.

There are at least two different (though admittedly blurred) contexts through which to view all such battles now occuring for the political souls of various countries:

Context 1 – The first is the basic, surface level: Far Right or ultra-nationalist networks see now as their golden opportunity to seize power by capitalising on people’s fears or anxieties over immigration and particularly Muslims, while larger numbers of ordinary people genuinely feel unsettled by the levels of immigration, fears of demographic changes, and reported levels of crime and bad behaviour linked to some sections of migrant communities.

Context 2 – International networks, which are invested in the upsurge of right-wing populism across the board, are manipulating events in order to maximise the consequences. Among these actors, I include the wealthy network already alluded to in the articles about Tommy Robinson, but also the Steve Bannon network (‘The Movement’), as well as other more traditional networks of closet fascists.

Crucial in this list too are the Israel-linked Zionist influences. Indeed, everything in this article should be read in the broader context of the extensive ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ article I published here last year, in which the clear, demonstrable Zionist link to various Far Right or ‘Populist’ movements and actors were laid out. In that article, for example, the links were irrefutably established between Israeli nationalists and figures like Geert Wilders, Steve Bannon, the Front National in France and the FPO in Austria (perversely a pro-Zionist party founded by Nazi officers after World War II).

In all of these subsequent scenarios – such as elections in Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, the deteriorating situation in Germany – that element needs to kept in mind as a significant factor in the equation.

Now, as to how much any of these given situations is being driven by Context 1 and how much by Context 2, it is difficult to ascertain.

In most cases, it is probably a mixture of both.

For example, in the Netherlands there is no doubt that popular backlash against mass immigration, lack of integration, etc, is genuine and real – however, it is also entirely clear that the figurehead of this legimitate backlash (Geert “What We Need is Zionism for Europe” Wilders) is a paid Israeli agent, which was confirmed by Dutch investigators and which was blatantly obvious anyway from Wilders’ connections, statements and actions.

In the case of Austria’s recent political changes, it must be borne in mind that the right-wingers in Austria – as I already pointed out in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ (and here earlier) – have links to the nationalists in Israel and were part of the same Jerusalem Declaration that Wilders and Donald Trump have subsequently supported.

We are firmly in an ‘age of universal deceit’ (to quote Orwell) – an age in which it has become virtually impossible for most people to be able to ascertain what’s true and what’s false.

And I’m also not dismissing or downplaying the genuine problems in parts of Sweden with gang culture, crime, poor integration or community cohesion, and all the rest of it. But those problems are being hijacked by all kinds of outside parties and idealogies (as well as just plain bullshit artists) in order to further sinister agendas – all of which are in fact serving to make those problems themselves even worse.

I was going to cover the events in Germany and Sweden both in this same article: but instead I’m going to publish the Germany piece separately as a ‘Part II’. There’s a very good reason to suspect that the incident in Chemnitz that triggered these dramatic rallies/protests in Germany might’ve been a staged event designed to act as a trigger.

If so, it is all servicing the same multi-faceted agenda that includes everything from the recent ‘Tommy Robinson’ scripted drama in the UK, the Geert Wilders cartoon contest scheduled for November, various false-flag terror events, etc.

And where it’s all designed to lead us is something I’ve already laid out here numerous times.

In an older article (‘Islamist Extremists, White Supremacists & the Coming ‘Race Wars’ and Societal Breakdown‘), I highlighted some of the commentary from reputable sources (as in *not* the alt-right) predicting the direction things were going in. For example, Patrick Calvar, chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security, told members of a French parliamentary commission that “We are on the brink of civil war.”

Calver was talking about what he feared was an inevitable confrontation between the Far Right and Muslims. Likewise, Professor Gilles Kepel told German newspaper Die Welt not long ago that the aim of the Islamic State group was to incite hatred towards Muslims from the rest of the society which would eventually radicalise others to the point that Europe could enter into full-blown civil war.

Kepel published a book last year in which he explained how Islamists and the Far Right were essentially working hand-in-hand to promote jihad in France.

I also quoted extensively from an academic study that investigated the Far-Right nationalists in Europe in the context of how Muslims are currently being talked about is an exact replication of the way European Jews were being talked about before the Holocaust. The professor in that study declared that “Armageddon will be fought on European soil.”

Those are all deeply troubling predictions. And, again, there appear to be groups, agencies and platforms doing everything they can to make sure those predictions come true.

Whether they do fully come true or not will depend on the general public – and how easy to manipulate we are.

Read PART II here:An Age of Universal Deceit: What is Happening in Germany…?


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  1. More false-flagging and more that-lot. Divides on political Zionism, and; pretenders, previous false-flag/hoax’s were “Real”. Their picture of the False-Flag — called inner-city race/religion war — missing your analysis. Political standpoint aside and suggesting better, but… have to lie, and act dumb? There’s value in ethnostate-ers assessment but.. ain’t me. We can talk our way into a lot, and ‘caught up in the hype’ abounds. Top piece.

  2. The blogger has read my mind. I might add that the swedish social democrats (=S)have recently sacked one of them for having had lies transmitted in arabic from one of the ME countries. Those lies will have as intended effects to push more immigrant voters to vote for S.
    The relative silence about the car burnings in alt-media is likely to be because they are desperate to see some political change.
    On a longer term what is happening is that the old S has been nearly crushed by the imperial stooges in Sweden. Both from within out of fear for Sweden being punished if they dont comply with all the nasty Bilderberger policies but also out of the stupidity inherent in every (however lightly) Marxism-based ideology.
    I see the ongoing process as a triumf for the former conservatives/liberals in Sweden, turned extremists in appearance only. The important thing for them is they see the grassroots being pushed away from S. The Swedendemocrats (SD) are sincere in my view but have little room for leverage and will only be allowed to basically run conservative/liberal economic policies and behind all of it like you point out, the Us is the real mover and shaker. The Alternative For Sweden (AFS) (consisting of former SD members who were thrown out for being more outspoken), in the eyes of the alt-media commenters is seen as more faithful to SDs original motivation. The leader is educated at the Handelshögskolan ie the most liberal capitalist node there is. Not saying this would subtract from his credibility (I do trust him and think his intentions are the best for protecting Sweden against the menace of globalism), but it is a sign of who is the most important authority to please.

  3. The fact that can no longer be ignored is that some ethnic Europeans are growing tired of white women being raped by recent immigrants and “refugees”. They are tiring of a growing problem with unskilled males who cannot assimilate committing violent crimes in their cities. Merkel and others wanted a social crisis back three years ago when they opened the flood gates to Europe. True, NATO and the US ought not have toppled Ghaddafi and made war on Syria (by proxy). But, the average White European citizen had no say in those ill guided actions. Soros and company want to destroy what is left of ethnic European culture and society, and not everyone is willing to accept this.

    • I respect your position on this, but am not entirely sure where I stand with it. There is a problem with mass migration, but you really can’t separate this from the decision to interfere in Libya and Syria, as you acknowledge: it is plain cause and effect.
      It is also complicated, because Merkel’s decision was based partly on forecasts about dwindling rates of reproduction among the native population, with the problem of an ageing population without enough ‘young blood’ to succeed the older generations effectively. You can’t force people to have more children or start more families, so the argument was that immigration was the only solution. The mistake was taking in a million Syrian refugees all at once – which was insane. But Merkel was responding to refugee crisis that was unfolding in real time – and other countries were not responding at all. The refugees were piling up in Greece and Italy – someone needed to alleviate the insane pressure on those two countries.

  4. I confess that I hadn’t thought very hard about the Swedish attacks, as hugely suspicious as they sounded. It’s hard to keep pace with what’s happening and so depressing too. Your account here is so alarming that it quite literally sent shivers through my spine reading some parts. But thank you for the tremendously in-depth analysis that is a hallmark of all your work. (And now I shall read part II.)

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