Right on Time! (As Predicted): Latest Staged Paris ‘Terror Attack’ to Influence Presidential Election…

Police at the Arc de Triomph after Paris terror attack, April 21st 2017

After the St Petersburg attack a few weeks ago, I specifically predicted there would be a staged terror attack in France just prior to the presidential elections.

Here’s what I wrote at the time. ‘I want to go on record as predicting there may be a staged terror attack somewhere in France between now and the weekend: or, perhaps more likely, some time between now and the second round of the French Presidential Elections in May. I hope there isn’t: but I suspect there will be and, if so, it will probably be aimed at bolstering support for Marine Le Pen and the Front National.’

So I’ve very much been expecting one. As it happens, this ‘terrorist attack’ in Paris occurs just a couple of days before the start of the presidential election.

Now, it could be a ‘genuine’ ISIS/terror attack (although it might be considered odd that it only targeted police officers and not any of the many civilians in the area) or ‘lone wolf’ act. Or this could be another Mossad-linked operation designed specifically to aid Zionist ally Marine Le Pen just two days before the presidential election begins.

Given the established Mossad links to the Nice, Berlin, Munich attacks (among others), and given the blatant timing, I would put my money on the latter.

In fact, I am predicting (again) there will be another terror incident between now and May 7th, probably a bigger one – and it will be serving the same purpose: to push things further into the Front National’s favor.

This comes, bear in mind, at a time where analysts are suggesting the race may come down to the two ‘extreme’ candidates (the far-right Le Pen and the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon – the ‘French Jeremy Corbyn’) and at a time where the left-wing presidential candidate has been doing extremely well in the polls. The screenshot below is from just over a week ago and illustrates Le Pen’s slip in popularity and Mélenchon’s sudden surge in popularity.

The Canary reported, just over a week ago, that ‘Left-wing MEP Jean-Luc Mélenchon has leapt 19 points in one month to become the most popular candidate in the French Presidential race.’

 Marine Le Pen, Front National Conspiracy 

A perceived Islamist or migrant-related terror attack therefore directly aids the Front National at a key moment by restoring fear, insecurity and suspicion of migrants (along with the ‘race war’ meme) to the paradigm.

I only tracked the early hours of the various news reporting – given that I had already seen a timely terror attack coming, I didn’t feel much need to comb the reported details. However, some of the usual tell-tale elements are there – beginning, of course, with the fact that it was reported more or less immediately that the perpetrator was ‘known to the authorities’.

The authorities and the media were very, very quick to confirm both that fact and the fact that ‘this was a terrorist act’.

More interestingly, France’s L’Express says the named suspect, Karim Cheurfi (now being referred to as Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki), was already convicted of shooting at police officers way back in 2001. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail in 2003, but that term was reduced to 15 years in 2005, according to the newspaper.

This would indicate – and I don’t know if this will come out in the next few days or not – that he must’ve only just recently been released from prison.

There were also early reports that an armed robbery apparently took place at same time as shooting, which further confuses matters. I would wonder, in fact, if this might’ve been a simple case of a known, violent criminal opening fire on a police officer while trying to avoid arrest for a non-terrorism-related crime.

Other early reports say there were two attackers, with one still at large (at time of writing).

Even if this has nothing to do with Mossad, Israel or the Front National, it is still entirely likely it was a false-flag op, presumably involving intelligence/security operations and, again, presumably intended to influence the election one way or the other.


On the subject of Le Pen and the Front National’s Mossad/Zionist connections, I explored this in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ post quite recently (which I highly recommend reading in order to get the Israel/Europe/Far-Right/Islam paradigm in a much better context).

For one thing, Marion Maréchal Le Pen – a Front National member of the French parliament (and Marine Le Pen’s niece) – is the daughter of Roger Auque, who was a self-confessed agent of Mossad. Auque, a spy and journalist, openly revealed that he worked for Mossad in his book In the Secret Service. Which is no small connection.

In terms of any possible direct Mossad links to this latest incident, information may leak out in the next few days, just it did with Nice. Bear in mind, of course, that the Charlie Hebdo and Paris 2015 attacks (Bataclan and related) were also false-flag operations, so there’s really nothing new going on here.

The presence of Mossad agents in France is hardly a revelation either.

In March, a Jerusalem Online article referenced ‘An intelligence report that was revealed by the French newspaper Le Monde’ that ‘asserts that Mossad agents took advantage of their close relationship with French spies and tried to recruit them as double agents.’ It continues. ‘Mossad agents who were working in France under fake identities contacted a few French agents and asked for their help. According to the report, ten of the Mossad agents were in France illegally.’

As for the reason that Zionist actors might be trying to help Le Pen’s Front National, again, I covered this in great detail in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ post: but, in short, the extremist/right-wing government that has been in power in Israel since 2009 appears to be supporting a concerted revival of nationalist or Far-Right (and pro-Zionist) governments across the West – including the United States, Holland and France.

It has also adopted an anti EU position, due to the pressure that the EU is putting on Israel and its illegal annexations. In this respect, Le Pen is much more valuable than even Geert Wilders, because the Front National could very possibly take France out of the European Union, which could very possibly in turn spell the collapse of the European Union and lead to a whole bloc of pro-Zionist, anti-Muslim governments across the continent – allowing the Zionist/nationalist government in Israel to push ahead, unopposed, with both its final solution in Palestine and its ‘Greater Israel’ project in the Middle East.

Zionist collaborators have already succeeded in getting Donald Trump and Steven Bannon into power in the United States; Marine Le Pen and the Front National is the next big, important coup.

At any rate, ‘real’ terror attack or not, expect Marine Le Pen to do well out of this. And expect another ‘terror’ incident between now and May 7th.

See all ‘False-Flag Terror’ posts here.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. I totally agree with you that this looks like a last ditch response to the surge in support for Mélenchon as an attempt to bolster support for the flagging Le Pen but see the reason slightly differently. Clearly the election cannot be won outright this Sunday and will go to a run-off. I believe the preferance for TPTB is for a Le Pen versus Macron run-off. Macron – the French Blair – would win this hands down. Which suites the plutocrats perfectly. The fear is that Mélenchon might make the cut instead. In such a showdown against Le Pen, a genuinely anti-establichment leftist would almost certainly win too – and they are terrified of a victory by (as you rightly compare) ‘the French Corbyn’. Not only because he opposes the neoliberal orthodoxy but because, unlike Le Pen (and Trump), he is serious in his stated criticism of both the EU and Nato. These are very interesting times…

  2. Good article…

    “Now, it could be a ‘genuine’ ISIS/terror attack (although it might be considered odd that it only targeted police officers and not any of the many civilians in the area) or ‘lone wolf’ act. Or this could be another Mossad-linked operation designed specifically to aid Zionist ally Marine Le Pen just two days before the presidential election begins.” :

    most likely BOTH options…at the same time. Event is based on typical pattern for FF.
    Have you ever seen Ole Dammegard presentations on former attacks ? I bet you were.

    “Even if this has nothing to do with Mossad, Israel or the Front National, it is still entirely likely it was a false-flag op, presumably involving intelligence/security operations and, again, presumably intended to influence the election one way or the other.” :

    If it doesn’t have, deep state is a fairy tale etc : every false flag is messy in terms of contadicting news update etc. Poor cop was killed, year, and he was active in homosexual organisation inside of French Police ( Weird club, anyway ? 😉 Lgbt members of Police ).

    Of course sheeples voting for FN here in France are already affected by this event.

    And let us remember : tv is Orwellian tool mostly these days.
    Personally, living without telly for a long time, watching only occasionally while leaving town, visiting family, hotel stay etc.

    Most sheeppeople DO NOT question what is being spoon fed to them…

    You were not the only one who “predicted it” : me also, i expected it, sadly…

    Just hoping that your last sentence, in red, will come out as speculation.
    But, most likely, there will be smthing again, right.

    This whole drama and horror opera of FF is into new, looking like endless “Seasons”… sick.

    God knows…lets pray for peace instead. Ommm for peace ,

  3. Developing thinking is about; stop/start–smash/build and controlled demolition of social order. Boldly symbolic with and for, unseen moves and movers – while revealing through enough disclosure, often requiring hoax rather than f.flag. Counter-intuitively ‘suspect’ this not ‘for Le Pen’ and want some breaks on ‘their’(?) as a far-as, nationalist co-opt. For showing current-type regime, can be tough and reliable enough ones in given crisis. Backdrop though is economic quaking. Just about all-sold on Estulin’s second level, two-sides pull and pushing, trans-national cabals. A which-vision-for fighting exercise. Competing to demolish one way and thereby lead direction for their trans 2.0. Another element is read pop? Who/how much, active/passive, paying attention/dozing? Involves sufficient upping leaving clues, just enough to stretch credulity and test online exposure/reception. Internet as the problem/solution – and map, lack-of reaction. Back to Francs and draining stuff. US and $35 mill. an hour debt increasing and again, from Whitehead’s ‘Beware the Dogs of War:’ comes: ‘Having been co-opted by greedy defence contractors, corrupt politicians and incompetent government officials, America’s expanding military empire is bleeding the country dry at a rate of more than $57 million per hour.’ Threat-needed timing and waving in politicos faces. Plus, more elite to elites messaging, inc. d’esoteric. Islamic Terrorism for Big Govt. to conquer or – Christian Zionist version – The Islamic Antichrist. (Why do I mention that last one? Phew… dunno… dirty washing or what? Saw something last night, looking for church sense. How and now need these ‘incidents’ like this one, to wallow in their theories. Back to lamenting. Oh where the church of St. Somesense?)

    So who might have done this one and why? Inter-gloablist-elite battles? Or, all together for the trillionaires hands-on? And y’getting quite the predictor eh. Admirable Ole Dammegard been on this. Listened briefly to a snip of his “why do/what do” – last night. Was moved. Got to be F.F.’s where the corruption looms – or should say loons – up and flaunts with these terrorist attacks. (This and to repeat/as previously – child abuse/murder). Of course, if independent elements of any w.wide Islamic fight had motive? Be wild and superfluous, knowing behind-Western (and wider) HQ, will soon conduct own regular manoeuvres. Other words, “let’s stir up race/religion-based struggles, provoke violent jihad…” Already in typing this, can sense the weakness of line and being from and any with Koran-based motives. Who gains – or maybe who loses least? Would Le Pen if got-in, be any different to the emerging (?) Trump? All we know is, all elites know the-know. Therefore about; a) resist-ers and presumably more national/regional autonomy come lock-up/stop the top-rot, while keeping their fortresses/power lot; b) Drugged up on demons’ utopian ideology – and… drugs; c) Blackmailed/threatened to go along come nihilist/lost any care. And… drugs. There’s probably d), e)… reasons but – where do say, Le Pen’s sit? Bob Chapman (the late) who deeply respected said knowing the Le Pen’s, were up to caring – what happened or was he mistaken, surely not? Sense blabbing as I type. Brill and Bedlam News. Esp. as I don’t want to read too far or wide but ‘least know someone, out shouting some sane relief, in this crazy as coconut go-along with. Rant over. Me too long. W.done for being there and rapide.

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