The BARCELONA ATTACK – Catalonian Independence, Mossad & the Case for a False-Flag…

Barcelona terrorist attack, 2017

I hadn’t initially given much thought to the vehicle/terror attack/massacre in Barcelona; aside from it basically feeling like ‘business as usual’ for Europe in this terror-dominated spell of the twenty-first century.

And also aside from thinking that the attack in Barcelona happened at the right time to try to divert some of the attention from what happened in Charlottesville (and take attention away from Nazi flag-wavers and back onto the Islamist problem).

Admittedly, that’s probably just over-thinking on my part.

However, it was someone from Barcelona who prompted me to pay more notice. He sent me a message to remind me that Spain is poised for an ‘existential crisis’ right now, with the Catalonia Independence Referendum due in October.

His theory (as told to me) is that the government (with its friends in NATO) is looking for a reason to militarise its presence in Catalonia in anticipation for that referendum and any possible fall-out.

He wrote, ‘I strongly believe Barcelona attacks were a false flag operation orchestrated by the Spanish government to avoid Catalonia independence through intimidation of public opinion. What do you think?’

In which case (if his theory is valid), this may have been another case of the multi-purpose ISIS (or general Islamist terrorism) monster being utilised by different governments at different times for their own purposes, with Spain being the latest.

While ‘real’ ‘ISIS’-inspired attacks no doubt do occur (either full Islamist/lone-wolf or more state-enabled), there’s also little doubt that different governments have utilised the continuing Gladio strategy to service their own agendas at any given time (France did it here, for example, and the UK here) while often using the easy/cliched scapegoat of the disenfranchised or unassimilated Muslim youth as the cover story.

That being said, I don’t have a hard time believing there are radicalised, extremist (Islamist) individuals willing to carry out barbaric attacks of this type. And the named suspects may well have been the attackers/murderers in this instance (though, I’m not entirely convinced that these Moroccan youths fit the profile); regardless, however, the timing is interesting, given the imminent and very significant referendum (which, arguably, is even more important to Spain than ‘Brexit’ was to the UK).

 Catalonia Independence 

If the Spannish government is worried about the impending referendum in Catalonia (of which Barcelona is the most famous part), this attack – whoever carried it out – was very timely and convenient.

What was suggested to me is that this wouldn’t have just been for the sake of sending armed/militarised police or troops into Catalonia (which is now happening because of the attack), but also may have been a violent ‘threat’ or ‘warning’ to Catalonians to not vote the ‘wrong way’ in October (i.e: to not vote for independence).


In all honesty, I didn’t even bother looking much at the information on the Barcelona attack; but even a cursory glance revealed some of the common false-flag traits, such as the passport being found at the scene – which I’ll come back to in a moment.

In addition to the horrific Las Ramblas van attack, about eight hours later, an Audi A3 car ploughed into pedestrians in the seaside resort town of Cambrils (68 miles south-west of Barcelona). According to the BBC’s report, ‘The attackers’ vehicle overturned and five people who got out, some of whom were wearing fake suicide belts, were then shot by police. Four died at the scene and one later died of his injuries.’

Note the *fake* suicide belts, as specified by official reports (this is identical to the London Bridge attackers, who were also wearing *fake* suicide vests).

However, Spanish police are still searching for Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, who they suspect may be the driver who escaped the scene (Las Ramblas) on foot. The Spannish Interior Minister has said that the ‘terror cell’ responsible for the attacks has been dismantled now and that it had consisted of 12 men; the latest I heard was the arrest of an extremist ‘imam’ or cleric who is thought to have been the person who radiclised the young men and ordered the attack.

There was confusion or misreporting early on, when Driss Oukabir – whose passport was allegedly found in the white van – was named (by media) as the main suspect; however, it later emerged that he had handed himself in to the police and had, in fact, reported his passport having been stolen a week earlier.

This cliche (as it now is) of the terrorist passport is worth pondering further.

This frequent business of passports being found at terror scenes (9/11, 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, etc) is regarded by some as a Mossad calling card, particularly since a former Mossad agent revealed the Israeli spy agency has its own “passport factory” to create or doctor passports for use in intelligence operations.

This business of fake passports even caused a brief rift between Israel and Australia in recent years. Among other incidents, a Mossad agent was also previously caught operating in Algeria with a fake Spannish passport.

This business of Israeli agencies and fraudulent passports has in fact been so bad that David Miliband and the British government in 2010 was warning (see here) British citizens (who travel to Israel) to understand that their passport details could be captured for “improper uses” by Israeli agencies (which was almost certainly referring to Mossad).

By “improper uses”, we have to use our imagination somewhat.

Interestingly, a Mossad angle isn’t necessarily contradicting the theory of the Spannish government having a clear motive. Mossad is generally believed to have a strong presence in Spain, even according to Spannish media, (and just as in France), and shared interests might’ve presented themselves.

 Barcelona terror attack, 2017 

Also – although my knowledge of the situation in Spain isn’t comprehensive – I have been told that Catalonians are generally much more sympathetic to Palestinians than the rest of Spain tends to be. It could be that there are also concerns about an independent Catalonia becoming a pro-Palestinian state in Europe – which would, in theory, give Mossad a motive that might’ve coalesed with the Spannish government’s own motives (the Catalonian issue).

There was even controversy in recent years over claims that ‘Jewish Lobbies’ in Spain were working with Mossad to undermine Barcelona football club. The claims came from a Catalonian sports journalist; this even included claims of armed Mossad agents being in the stands during European fixtures.


I will admit, however, that there’s no clear evidence that Mossad was involved in this attack – the suspicion is primarly based on other incidents, such as the Nice (Bastille Day) attack and some logical reasoning (as explained above).

There’s also the fact that one of the witnesses in Barcelona was Chris Pawley, who had also been at the Manchester Arena for the attack at the Arianna Grande concert (where a British-sponsored anti-Gaddafi Libyan ‘rebel’ allegedly detonated a bomb).

The media reports this as if it’s some tragic human interest story or angle – but actually the number of times this theme gets played out after a terror attack remains suspicious (it seems there’s always someone who also happened to be at a previous terror incident too – no matter which part of the world it was in). It’s almost as if this recurring theme – of the same witness being at multiple terrorist attacks – is a thing that gets inserted in to *tell us* there’s something fishy going on.

All of this being said, the official version of the story may be true – but I’m not entirely convinced it’s the whole truth.

Also – in keeping with my opening point about the Barcelona attack serving to move the news agenda away from Charlottesville, Nazis and Trump – this latest ‘ISIS’ attack actually revitalised the Far-Right in Spain and played further into the divide-and-conquer paradigm. The Spanish far-right group La Falange, were planning to assemble close to the city center, just 500 meters from where the van was driven into scores of pedestrians. The highly anti-Islamic La Falange has blamed the “policies of multiculturalism” and immigration for the attack in Barcelona.

Which just demonstratres again how naturally, how easily and how instantaneously these attacks play into – and serve – the divide-and-conquer, ‘strategy of tension’ psy-op that I’ve been talking about a lot here.

Coming back to the Mossad point, it wouldn’t be beyond Mossad’s interests to also help take some of the focus away from Charlottesville for the sake of its friend Donald Trump and to try to fix the focus back onto Muslims.

The reasons for that are covered extensively here in the ‘Seeds of Fascism‘ article (which really should be treated as a kind of umbrella article for everything else here on Islamist terror in Europe and the rise of the Far-Right); and, as I also noted after the Berlin Christmas Market attack, that (similar) attack happened a few hours after the head of Mossad had ‘a secret meeting’ with the Trump administration (see here).

 Operation Gladio 

It could in fact be that this attack involved a mixture of all these agencies or motives: in other words, it could’ve been both a state-enabled operation relating to supressing Catalonian independence and a Mossad operation to continue the divide-and-conquer programme, while also involving Spannish state raids against a genuine extremist/Islamist ‘terror cell’ that they knew was there anyway (if ‘Gladio’ strategy is in effect all over Europe – which I believe it is – then there are ‘terror cells’ all over the place and the security/intelligence agencies presumably know where they all are before anything even happens).

Sometimes it is a mistake to look for only one motive or group, when there might in fact be multiple things being played out all at once.

Either way, as ambivalent as I was at first, I’m now rather convinced this Barcelona attack wasn’t what it appeared to be.


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