Trying to Decode the Curious Case of the ‘MAGA Bomber’…

The MAGA Bomber

The latest episode of the Reality TV show that is presently the United States of America appeared to make very little sense: though it was a high-quality drama that helped fill media space for a few days and keep everyone occupied.

In fact, the whole thing did come across like an entirely stage-managed media production or event: complete with dramatic scenes of CNN presenters having to broadcast from the street, as their studios were apparently in lockdown from the bomb threat.

The villain of the piece – Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr (although the real villain of the story was meant to be Trump himself) – even came complete with his own media super-villain name, the ‘MAGA Bomber’. That hashtag got trending pretty quickly.

The alleged perpetrator was apparently a big-time Trump supporter, who had previously been filmed at Trump rallies wearing the dumb MAGA cap. The crude ‘pipe bombs’ were mailed to various targets, including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State and Sith Lord Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, billionaire George Soros, actor Robert De Niro, and several others, including the CNN studio itself.

I have yet to speak to anyone who was convinced by this story even a little bit.

I’m no fan of the Trump presidency or the MAGA cult: but did CNN really think anyone was buying their emergency broadcasting outside the studios? Why go to all that trouble just to make yourselves look silly?

I posted a long article here last week on how America in the Trump era has literally rebooted as a Reality TV show – and this ‘MAGA Bomber’ episode seems to play entirely into that paradigm. It’s like an episode they produce when viewing figures have been falling.

I couldn’t be all that bothered to go to much effort to debunk something that already seemed to be actively debunking itself.

But, for one thing, his van – covered in ‘stickers’ or images of Trump support, as well as cross-hair targets on the faces of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and some other high-profile ‘liberals’ – is just so stupid. The first thing it reminded me of was the Mossad-front van (the ‘Urban Systems Removals’ van) that was found on 9/11 decorated with a mural depicting a plane hitting the Twin Towers (see here). I can’t figure out why someone like Sayoc would be paying tribute to that.

 The MAGA bomber's van 

Why would someone trying to target high-profile individuals (including an ex-President) with an explosive DECORATE HIS VAN with images displaying his intentions? Worse, the perpetrator was IN HIS VAN when the authorities found him – that’s literally where he was ‘hiding’.

You would have to conclude that he was trying to be caught. Maybe he was – maybe he wanted to be famous.

Or he’s just really, really stupid. I guess they’re saying he’s mentally ill (probably). I suppose that could work. It also wouldn’t be a new thing if the FBI found some suitably unstable or willing individual to goad into taking part in a scripted drama.

Or maybe the conclusion we’re meant to draw is that Conspiracy Theories Are Dangerous and this guy was just off his nut: which, in most respects, would fit the ‘facts’ we’ve been given and would account for all the lapses in logic.

This also seems like a half-baked homage to the 2001 ‘Anthrax Letters‘, which virtually everyone now admits was a false-flag (twinned to 9/11 and intended to provide further justification for an invasion of Iraq).

None of his pipe-bombs did any harm to any of the targets. Oddly, the CNN coverage even acknowledges that the bombs didn’t have any triggering mechanism – meaning, presumably, that they were useless – and that the FBI had referred to them as only “potentially destructive” items. That kind of made me think of both the London Bridge terrorists and the Barcelona terrorists, who both had “fake” suicide-belts.

Was this guy supposed to have been acting alone? If so, how did he know all of the addresses? And what made him think, for example, that George Soros or Barack Obama would open their own mail?

What would’ve made sense to me would’ve been if Sayoc had been trying to spook these individuals rather than actually harming them – in other words, that this was a ‘hoax’ bomb-threat campaign intended to ‘send a message’, so to speak.

That would’ve made more sense: but that doesn’t seem to be the idea. Instead, it seems – according to the prevailing narrative – to be that these devices were actually intended to go off and do harm (without a triggering mechanism).

I suppose the most prominent and obvious conspiracy theory (that it was designed to further vilify Trump) is the one that makes the most sense. Although even this doesn’t entirely work.

Because there’s another odd detail: that the packages were labeled with the return address of the office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (former chair of the DNC and accused of helping rig the Democratic primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton and at the expense of Bernie Sanders) in Sunrise, Florida.

Why? That almost suggests the idea was to have the pipe-bombs reach their targets (not explode, because there was no triggering option), but then have it look like it was an inside-job/hoax by the Democrats in order to discredit Trump and the ‘MAGA’ cult.

This is the problem with the alt-right’s ‘It was a Democrats Inside Job’ theory: why on earth would they be so stupid as to have a return address lead to Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

But what’s the alternative? That it was a false false-flag? That is to say, a false-flag of a false-flag?

I suppose you’d have to just put it down to sheer incompetence or sloppiness? Which isn’t new either – as I said about the recent Westminster attack.

Clearly, one would have to conclude that – if this was an outright false-flag – then it was simply designed to further vilify Trump and his supporters and to try to undermine the president a little more ahead of the November elections. But, if so, it’s so badly executed and so obvious that I’m not sure why anyone would’ve thought this would accomplish anything.

Most Trump supporters think it’s a false-flag anyway, so what difference does it make? And, again, why then try to implicate Debbie Wasserman Schultz: as if you’re actually trying to create the impression of the Democrat establishment conducting a false-flag to blame on Trump fanatics?

Why would a genuine false-flag (arranged, say, by the Deep State or by one of the intelligence agencies) be so ridiculously sloppy and so obviously unconvincing?

Unless it’s all pure psychological warfare that isn’t meant to be convincing or make sense: but is purely designed to exacerbate tension, polarisation and mistrust. I was thinking the same thing about what happened in Salisbury: where it felt as if NO version of the story, and no theory, actually made sense of whatever it was that happened.

You actually end up having to wonder whether there are simply agents of chaos out there, who’s aim is simply to spread confusion, anxiety and paranoia for its own sake – as a destabilisation strategy: or to push everyone even further into their polarised camps.

Because all that’s happened here is that the people who hate Trump and the MAGA cult now hate them a little bit more: and the MAGA crowd itself now hates and suspects the Democrats even more. In a ‘post-truth’ world, that’s all that can happen.

I remember having a conversation with another blogger/researcher a few years ago and we were talking about false-flag terror attacks: and trying to work out why the orchestrators of such operations continued to carry them out even when so many people by that time were debunking or disbelieving the narratives. His suggestion was that “they just don’t care”: his opinion was that They know that We know – and They don’t care that We know (and that, if anything, it makes it more ‘fun’ for Them).

I don’t know whether I agree with that view or not. But I have to sometimes wonder if they’re just trolling everyone.


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  1. Another great post. It’s almost as if Trump and the Democrats were on the same side… Oh, wait a moment…

  2. This reminds me of another long ago story that ends thus: We have not succeeded in solving any of your problems. In fact, we are now more confused than ever, however we believe we are confused on a higher level, and about more important things.

    Yes, that about sums it up for me.

  3. Hi, been reading your blog for a bit. Great piece here. And you aren’t alone in trying to understand WTF is going on with all the apparent false-flags. To that end, I came across something worth reading that at least gives a coherent argument as to what the goal may be:


    That was written in 2015, right after the Charile Hebdo attacks in France. I’ve gotta say, he was onto something. According to him, the whole thing is a Hegelian Dialectic meant to wake people up to the “evil west/good east” paradigm, and to get people ready to accept the planned one world currency after the west is brought down.

    At the top of his site, in the header, are two well-reasoned articles that flesh out his thoughts pretty well, using the elite’s own words – one on the Rockefeller plan for the BRICS, and another on the NWO schedule of implementation. (After that the rest of what he writes is totally hit-and-miss, but I always appreciate the links he comes up with).

    OH and BTW: I don’t know if you know David Nova, but his “Deus Nexus” website just got zotted from the ‘net. He was on Word Press and was just a compiler of articles much like what you write here. So you are right to be concerned…

    • Thanks Anthony. Just read that article and it’s excellent. I think he’s spot on. I’ve covered false flags here for a few years now: and there’s been a definite drop in quality, as if ‘they’ aren’t even trying to fool anyone anymore. Considering he wrote that in 2015, he was definitely seeing ahead pretty clearly. I’ve also thought for a while now that the US is – via the Trump show – in a kind of controlled transfer of power to China and that the key instruments of the ”NWO” are all being finished in China. The West appears to be in a controlled collapse. My fear is that a fascist Western order is coming, with all these Populist movements and angry mobs being manipulated into supporting it.

      • I think you are right about the China angle, but it will also involve the other BRICS countries. India, for example, has been used as a guinea pig for both the removal of cash and the imposition of biometric ID’s. China now has a fully functioning “social credit” computerized system to keep their population in line. And I’ve been to Russia; most of their citizens are still dirt poor. No need to mention what’s going on in South Africa presently…yet these countries will be sold as the “good” alternative to the west, and it will be believed after all the crap going on in the world is laid on the USA/Israel/etc. instead of the banksters that planned it all.

        So, yes, if the BRICS are the model, then we will be assimilated into the fascist model like those countries have been – it will be accepted with open arms because of the media spin to the populace…

        …IF enough people believe it. But I think there are enough people waking up to make it difficult. I think that really is happening now.

        Have you ever read the work of Brandon Smith, of Alt-Market.com? His articles are often published on Zero Hedge. Here’s one of his better, more recent ones:


        He’s an Oathkeeper, and he has had his eye on all of this for many years now. If you like that article you might like to go through his archives, as almost everything he predicted would happen, HAS happened, with regard to the economy – and he is open to writing about the root causes, too, such as psychopathy.

        Anyway, just wanted to chime in because I’ve read enough of your articles that you seem to be very open-minded to ideas and are willing to share knowledge to get to the TRUTH. And God help us all, we need to get to – and share it – SOON.

        • Thanks Anthony. On the subject of China, India, etc, and people waking up to it, I don’t feel people are awake to that angle at all. Most people are stuck firmly in anti American or anti Western territory when it comes to conspiracy theories or research. Unfortunately, people like me get trapped in that too, as I only have a limited amount of time per week or month to write or research – and there’s always stuff going on in the West to react to, so that I hardly ever get to focus on China, India, Russia, etc. When I do say anything negative about Russia, for example, I often find an impenetrable wall of pro Russia opinion that only ever sees Russia as the Good Guy and the West as the villain. Most people in this arena don’t seem ready to look beyond those paradigms.

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