Islamist Extremism & White Supremacists: Understanding the Predicted ‘Race War’ & Societal Breakdown…

Race War meme, South Park

In regard to the Finsbury Park attack on Monday, a lot of talk has resurfaced regarding recurring fears of ‘civil war’ type scenarios in the not-distant future or a ‘race war’ type of situation: one that might not just threaten England, but occur elsewhere too, like in France or the United States.

I want to explore that subject here: and particularly how the key players on both sides of the extremist divide are being cleverly used to try to plunge our societies into sectarian turmoil.

In doing so, we need to look at, among other things, the funding for the highly influential ‘Islamophobia Network’, the overt hijacking of alternative media by very devious psy-op merchants, and the nature and danger of the Far-Right movement and its new, modern figureheads and techniques.

After most terror attacks or false-flag ops, I’ve talked about the divide-and-conquer programme or ‘strategy of tension’ designed to play off different parts of society against each other – and this is a big part of where that programme appears to be heading. 

In the title above, I put ‘coming civil wars’ in inverted commas because it’s become such a common meme (particularly in US online media) that it qualifies now as something of a cliche; I also often wonder, as mentioned once or twice before, whether the entire thing is itself a psy-op involving predictive programming or self-fulfilling prophecy (I previously suggested that Info Wars, Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson were playing this psy-op from one side, with COINTELPRO-style elements of things like the Black Lives Matter movement playing it from the other).

I still think there’s a strong possibility that the entire theme is a manufactured psy-op – the expectation being programmed into us so that it can be manipulated. However, I also know that there are various groups and platforms that *want* that scenario to unfold – and are, in fact, excited about it.

Concerning the events in London, however (particularly the London Bridge ‘ISIS’ attack and the Finsbury Park ‘revenge’ attack), I said yesterday that ‘what concerns me most is this: whether this was a sudden, random ‘revenge’ attack or whether it was something more orchestrated – the danger being that this entire, toxic paradigm is edging towards a ‘race war’ or, at least, massive civil unrest: something that begins with a series of tit-for-tat acts of violence or targeted attacks and then spirals into something else.’

And not just in England, but in multiple countries, particularly France and the United States.

In those two countries in particular, the fears or rhetoric around the ‘race war’ or ‘civil war’ meme have been building for some time. In France, this centers chiefly (and with some good justification) on the issues of radicalisation within parts of the (North African origin) Muslim community; in the US, a lot of the language does center (without any justification at all) on Muslims, but also more broadly involves more traditional race/culture dynamics and immigration.

The Donald Trump presidency almost seems designed to amplify all of that and bring it to a head at some point.

 Baltimore riots, 2017 

In England, the dynamics are closer to France’s problems: though it is always worth noting that the ‘Islamic extremism problem’ in the UK has always been tied either to British foreign policy (illegally invading Iraq, for example, or hosting a community of Libyan jihadists in Manchester) or to a minority of extremist preachers who often turn out to be involved with MI5 or British intelligence, with most of the ideological infrastructure coming from British allies like Saudi Arabia.

I’m not quite with former British Ambassador, Craig Murray, who says that the entire ‘Islamic extremism’ thing in the UK is ‘total bollocks‘ built up by MI5 – I do believe (and know) that there actually is a major problem with radicalised young Muslims and with an extremist ideology. However, Murray is right to highlight the MI5 connection to that problem.

Most informed people know that the majority of the Muslim radicalisation problem goes hand-in-hand with both foreign/Wahhabi money/influence and/or the fraudulent ‘War on Terror’ that began in 2001.

The Far-Right problem, however, goes back much further, and most anti-fascist campaigners explain that we really need to understand the following dynamics: that the emergence of liberal politics and political correctness in the last 30 years or so was a massive blow to white nationalists, Neo-Nazi groups and the Far-Right, who had previously been allowed to operate out in the open and not feel like a marginalised or ridiculed section of society.

What 9/11 and the ‘War on Terror‘ did was begin to provide those people with a legitimate path back into mainstream consciousness or ‘legitimacy’ – in other words, where simple, old-school racism or fascism was no longer being tolerated, they could instead narrow their focus just to ‘Muslims’ and re-frame the pre-existing Far-Right ideologies in the newer context of opposing ‘terrorism’ or ‘Islamisation’.

 English Neo Nazis 

9/11 was, of course, a false-flag and the ‘War on Terror’ was a fraud: but it didn’t matter – the whole emergence of the ‘Muslim problem’ meant that, given time, the Far-Right and Neo-Nazis could cleverly re-brand themselves as ‘patriots’ speaking out against a seemingly tangible threat to the country (even though most of the ‘terror attacks’ were false-flags).

Donald Trump was the consummate example of this – I am not classifying Donald Trump as Far-Right; merely citing his campaign as a very well played strategy of riding the Islamophobia wave and simultaneously playing to all of the old, pre-liberal sensibilities of the extreme right-wing.

What the actual extreme Far-Right does is to use all of this to legitimise itself and to seem like they’re part of a valid argument that has nothing to do with the old Far-Right or Neo-Nazism.

And it helps too that much of their new support base among the general public doesn’t actually remember or have any knowledge of the past – and a lot of them probably don’t even remember a pre-9/11 world in which no one was worried about Muslims and the Far-Right was generally seen as a joke.

The other dimension to this, which various researchers have found, is that a lot of radicalised Muslims are people who’d grown up in the 70s or 80s and had experienced a lot of racism, some of them with direct experience of Far-Right groups or the skinhead gangs of those times – and that this background, in many cases, contributes to their susceptibility to radical forms of Islam (I’m talking about the UK specifically here – I can’t speak for France or elsewhere).

So the whole thing can, in many ways, be seen as a vicious cycle.

None of this is making excuses for radical Islam, by any means – or for those who subscribe to it. But, given the sheer frequency, volume and breadth of coverage – both in mainstream media and in online or alternative media – of the ‘Muslim Problem’ and the comparative lack of coverage of Far-Right networks and Neo-Nazi radicalisation, there’s a good reason I’m focusing slightly more here on the latter and not the former.

But, getting back to the point: that all of this is in danger of descending into a ‘civil war’ type scenario. The term ‘civil war’ is probably an exaggeration, as it won’t really fit that mold in the classic sense. However, I’m using that term because it is the term others – mostly those who *want* it – had been pushing for some time.

The predictions or fears of ‘race wars’ or mass societal breakdown have been appearing for some time. And not just on alt-right psy-op platforms like InfoWars, but also in mainstream commentary. The Huffington Post, for example, warned last year that the UK was ‘headed for civil war with UK Muslims’. Their source, rather dubiously, was the ‘Britain First’ group – but Britain First is part of the international Islamophobia Network  too (a network I will get to in a moment).

Patrick Calvar, chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security, told members of a French parliamentary commission that “We are on the brink of civil war.” Calver was talking about what he feared was an inevitable confrontation between the Far Right and Muslims.

Professor Gilles Kepel told German newspaper Die Welt not long ago that the aim of the Islamic State group is to incite hatred towards Muslims from the rest of the society which would eventually radicalise others to the point that Europe could enter into full-blown civil war.

 Teenage ISIS terrorists in Iraq 

Kepel, a specialist on the Islamic and contemporary Arab world, argued that ISIS fanatics seek not just to harm Europe but to make life impossible for mainstream, non-extremist Muslims in the West.

Kepel published a book last year in which he explained how Islamists and the Far Right were essentially working hand-in-hand to promote jihad in France.

He explains how jihadists in France were jubilant about the National Front’s recent successes – because the party is so anti Muslim that its policies could force even moderate, well-integrated parts of the Muslim community to feel existentially threatened and therefore be more likely to drift over to the extremists in their own communities. “That way there will be pogroms, all Muslims will be able to group under their banner of jihadism, and civil war will begin,” he says.

In the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ article (which I would recommend reading as a companion to this article), I also quoted extensively from an academic study that investigated the Far-Right nationalists in the context of the widespread Islamophobia and how the way Muslims are currently being talked about is an exact replication of the way European Jews were being talked about before the Holocaust.

The professor in that study declared “Armageddon will be fought on European soil.” 

There’s no question that the tensions are so high now that we’re on a knife-edge. That was evident not just from these latest terror attacks, but from the brutal murder of Jo Cox a year ago. At the time of her murder, Jo Cox hadn’t just been campaigning to stay in the EU, but had been preparing a report on Far-Right nationalists and rise of Islamophobia.

We are told that the Labor MP was preparing to address Parliament on the rising dangers of aggressive nationalist radicals and Far Right extremism.

 British MP Jo Cox at a Palestine Solidarity event 

I noted last year, concerning the online reaction to Jo Cox’s murder, how dangerous and how widespread the Far Right ideologies had become and how ominous it was: because it seemed very much like this act – Tommy Mair going out and murdering an MP – caused a lot of excitement among people who were thrilled to see someone actually taking *action* rather than just Tweeting or spouting rhetoric (read ‘Jo Cox & the True Nature of the Far Right‘).


Again, after most terror attacks or false-flag ops, I’ve talked about the divide-and-conquer programme or ‘strategy of tension’ designed to play off different parts of society against each other.

Some of this may be natural, accumulated reaction to events (reaction, for example, to Islamist terror attacks or the ‘ISIS’ propaganda/psy-op, or Muslim reaction to things like the Iraq War) that builds up over time, creating division and strong feelings. Some of it is also just basic tribalism – which is arguably the root of all racism.

A lot of it, however, is manufactured and deliberately nurtured – which is something I’ve written about here before.

This occurs on multiple levels. Some of it plays out over many years in right-wing media and newspapers (a constant, daily flood of ‘Muslim’ stories and demonisation for the last fifteen years), some of it plays out over many years in more covert fashion (radicalisation, extremist Islamist preachers and brainwashing, etc), and a lot of it is created over time via carefully placed figures and ‘influencers’ who are able to incite hatred or sow division on a large scale.

On the one side, this incitement comes from the so-called ‘Islamic State’ group, which calls on Muslims to strike out against Western targets in the name of jihad or the ‘caliphate’ (however, it’s always worth remembering the highly questionable origins and nature of ‘ISIS’, along with such leaks as the fact that some ISIS social media accounts were previously traced to British government or Saudi sources: or the fact a US General said two years ago that ISIS ‘caliph’ or leader – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – doesn’t actually exist and was a fictional character invented by the US).

Predictably, ‘ISIS’ social media accounts have apparently called for revenge attacks in the UK after the Finsbury Park incident. It’s part of the script. Just as Britain First, Tommy Robinson, and various Far-Right figures are calling for ‘patriots’ to ‘rise up’ – they’re simply the other side of the same equation.

Far more dangerous than traditional right-wing media is the phenomenon of the ‘alt-right’ – a hugely popular, anti-Muslim, anti liberal, pro-Zionist network of platforms and individuals that have hijacked and infected what used to be proper ‘alternative media’.

Two very good examples of the latter are Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson. Paul Joseph Watson – who, I’ve been convinced for ages was imposed onto Alex Jones by Israeli agencies – gets an average of about half-a-million views per video (often more than that) and he posts an angry, anti-Muslim video or diatribe every time an incident occurs.

J.K Rowling was right to lash out about the Finsbury Park attackers’ ‘radicalisers’ – but she picked the wrong target: Nigel Farage isn’t the problem, the problem is people like Paul Joseph Watson, who is essentially a hugely influential hate-preacher who convinces his millions of viewers that this is some kind of life-and-death struggle for the white race and posts under hashtags like #StopIslam or #EndIslam.

In effect, Paul Joseph Watson and Anjem Choudary are simply two cheeks on the same arse. The only difference is that Anjem Choudary is in jail and Paul Joseph Watson is probably on his way to becoming a millionaire by now.

I could do a whole article on Paul Joseph Watson – but I’ll avoid that for now. The point is that he is part of a well-funded, well organised Islamophobia network that includes people like Tommy Robinson, Pamela Gellar, David Horowitz, etc.

Tommy Robinson – of the EDL, Pegida, BNP, etc – has collaborated with Watson a number of times; but, while Watson is very careful about hiding his own affiliations, Robinson is on record as a staunch, passionate Zionist with connections to Israel. His real name being ‘Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon’, like Geert Wilders, he appears to be a fully paid up Zionist agent.

 Tommy Robinson with the Israeli military on Syrian border 

Here he is (above) proudly pictured with a weapon, standing with an Israeli tank on the Syrian border (Golan Heights) – a proud Zionist in support of the Middle East agenda.

And, just as Watson speaks to half a million people every time an ‘Islam’-related incident occurs and immediately reinforces his regular calls for white populations to fight against ‘evil Islam’ (as well as, bizarrely, evil feminism, evil LGBT rights and evil liberalism), it has appeared increasingly as though Tommy Robinson (pictured below as a guest of Paul Joseph Watson)  is always on hand as soon as something happens.

I mean literally – he was somehow on the scene of the Westminster attack in March, with his full Israeli-funded ‘Rebel Media’ crew filming another call-to-arms and he was in Manchester as soon as the recent Ariana Grande concert incident happened – he seems to have a prophetic knack for being in the right place at the right time.

 White supremacists Paul Joseph Watson and Tommy Robinson 

‘New Order Agenda’ actually did a very funny (and revealing) take-down of Robinson, ‘Rebel Media’ and the whole gang after the Westminster attack (watch here).

I’ve talked about the Zio-funded fake ‘alt media’ (‘alt-right’) before and its incestuous nature. I also previously touched on the ‘Islamophobia Network’ in relation to Geert Wilders’ political campaign, but didn’t go into much detail.

But the literal existence of an ‘Islamophobia Network‘ has been properly documented by now, particularly in the report Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America, which exposes the “over $57 million that’s been contributed to this fear-mongering, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam organisations by eight very wealthy donors.”

CJ Werleman covers this subject, summarising that ‘Since 2001, a group of shadowy groups and individuals have spent millions to disseminate misinformation about Muslims into the mainstream media, body politic and public consciousness. The objective? Provide political cover for both the US’s war on terror and Israel’s war on Palestinians…’

I have covered this area before at great length (in the ‘Seeds of Fascism’ article here): and how a manufactured clash of civilisations and return to fascism are being manipulated for very dubious reasons.

In terms of the United States – unlike in the UK or France (where there is a genuine radicalisation problem among a number of young Muslims) – there is no Muslim problem.

There is literally no Islamist terrorist threat in the US and there never has been: the entire thing is a fake propaganda industry, funded by some very wealthy figures, pushed by alt-right/Zionist platforms like InfoWars and Breitbart, and aided by fake terror plots built up by the FBI (see here, or see the background to the Orlando nightclub shooting here or try this).

The real terrorist danger in America, as is well attested, comes from the extreme right-wing groups. In the UK, the situation is slightly different: we do have both extreme Far-Right groups and networks and an extreme Islamist network.

At the Islamist end of the ugly spectrum, we’ve had extremist Islamist preachers and recruiters in their shady networks, working to radicalise disenfranchised young Muslims into hatred of ‘the West’ for some years.

In terms of where the funding and covert support for this comes from, we’re all fairly sure we know what sources need to be looked at – but you’ll have to ask the current British government why it has refused to publish its own report on this matter (read about it).

It should also be noted that some of the main extremist preachers/radicalisers and (alleged) recruiters in the UK – particularly Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza – were, at one time or another, working for MI5 and British intelligence. Choudary, who is linked to alleged London Bridge attacker Khuram Butt and allegedly also to Lee Rigby’s killers and who apparently sent hundreds of radicalised youngsters to join the so-called Islamic State group in Syria, was openly exposed as having worked with MI5 by the police.

In response to the Finsbury Park incident, both Tommy Robinson and Britain First posted that “Finsbury Park Mosque was notorious as a haven for Islamist terrorists and extremists” as a justification for the attack – and of course cited the former extremist preacher, Abu Hamza, who once operated at the mosque.

However, Hamza has had nothing to do with Finsbury Park since 2004. And, as I’ve already pointed out before, Hamza too was working with MI5 at at least one point.

All of which should prompt us to question whether – if any kind of mass civil unrest or ‘race war’ does happen – will it be simply an accumulative reaction to events, or is it something that has been sought and orchestrated by powerful parties with vested interests in the divide-and-conquer strategy?


Often, the Far-Right groups like to paint themselves as relatively small, simple ‘patriotic’ clubs looking out for the interests of their community or country – as opposed to the more coordinated, insidious nature of international Islamist networks.

This isn’t true, however.

Far-Right groups and Neo-Nazis are an international movement – with shared ideologies, shared sources of funding, shared goals, and coordinated operations.

They are, in that sense, the same as the extremist Islamist groups. If they were the ‘simple, salt-of-the-earth patriotic folk’ engaged in purely local concerns, you’d have to explain what Tommy Robinson was doing with an Israeli military tank on the Syrian border.

You’d have to explain why Robinson, Geert Wilders, the Austrian FPO, and others have all been invited to Israel, and why Israeli flags kept appearing at EDL rallies. You’d have to explain why Robinson opened and led a British branch of a German organisation (PEGIDA). You’d have to explain why Far-Right and Neo-Nazi groups, followers and fans not just in England but all over Europe and America gloried in the murder of Jo Cox and saw it not as a British event but an international ‘victory’ of the Far-Right (see here).

You’d also have to explain why foreign Neo-Nazi activists were in recent years found to be training right-wing Brits for ‘a race war’ in ‘secret hate camps across the UK.’ Anti-terror police were reported to be monitoring the ‘Sigurd Legion mob’, fearing that they were using the camps to prepare a wave of attacks against Muslims and Jews.

The Far-Right/Neo-Nazi group ‘National Action’ was reported to have sent all of its members to those camps for training.

 National Action logo 

‘National Action’, which revelled in the murder of Jo Cox and called for the murder of Sadiq Khan, has been called the ‘British equivalent to Islamic State’ and has referred to itself as a ‘White Jihad’. In essence, white supremacist groups like National Action are the other side of the same coin. It has also been reported that British soldiers have been suspected of being members in some cases.

In fact, as some experts have argued, the jihadist/Islamist ideology and the white supremacist ideology feed off each other and need each other in order to thrive.

We also know that, for example, the Europe-wide, violent Fascist/Neo-Nazi movement called ‘Blood and Honour’ – a hold-over from Nazi Germany – is also an umbrella organisation for British racist groups such as the National Front and National Action; it is, in fact, known to have members and networks (I’m tempted to call them ‘cells’) in every country in the Western world.

One Hungarian-based Blood and Honour activist, Tompos Von Wewelsburg, called for all Syrian refugees to be massacred. ‘Blood and Honour’ activists in the Czech Republic have been charged with attempted murder following arson attacks on ethnic minorities.

Jo Cox’s killer, Thomas Mair, is (allegedly) pictured below giving a Nazi salute and wearing a ‘Blood and Honour’ shirt.

 Tommy Mair, Blood and Honor 

The warnings have been sounded over and over again in recent years. A Morning Star article from a couple of years ago, for example, warned about “The growth of a Euro-league in a time of economic crisis threatens to resurrect fascist street armies such as those that destroyed European democracies in the 1930s. The development of this network allows fascists and right-wing populists to share ideas, finance and experience in a way that should worry us all.”

In describing these networks in a post two years ago on the refugee crisis, I wrote; ‘They are the basis of our very own, European ‘ISIS’ some dark day in the future… or perhaps simply a rebirth of the kinds of forces and ideologies that shaped Nazi/Fascist Europe eighty years ago.’ I wrote that the Far-Right’s hijacking of the refugee crisis was sending us ‘towards an age of nasty sectarianism and polarisation that will soon make Europe as toxic as the Middle East’ and that ‘conscience and morality might be extremely warped or even lost entirely.’

The fact that this resurgence of Neo-Nazism can happen in Europe (and have nothing to do with Muslims) was demonstrated by the Nazi battalions in Ukraine.

All of Europe has these Nazi/Far-Right groups and violent gangs – they’re just generally very hidden from view and, unlike Muslim extremists, they aren’t given a lot of coverage except for when they kick off (usually at football events, like last year).

 Nazi militia in Ukraine 

The only reason the Nazi militias in Ukraine were able to act more openly and substantively is because the situation in that country went in a direction that enabled them to do so. Were suitable circumstances to emerge anywhere else – Poland, France, Russia, England, Slovakia, anywhere – the same sort of things could happen very easily.

The flourishing, likewise, of extremist/Islamist thugs in Iraq, Libya and Syria didn’t happen in a vacuum – foreign military invasions or interventions removed the existing governments, order and stability, leaving a vacuum into which extremist networks could step in and take control of vast areas.

That’s why we have the ‘Islamic State’ (and the current ‘terror wave’) in the first place – plain and simple.


There are groups, ideologies and parties right now that want to push all of civilisation into a civil war scenario – a sectarian-based societal breakdown in Europe and the West to mirror the one that has already been inflicted on the Middle East.

Groups like the Islamic State group, as well as Blood and Honour, National Action and all the Far-Right/Neo-Nazi groups, are all aiming for that scenario and trying to push us towards it.

But even more influential figures like certain alt-right demagogues are working hard to dupe as many people as possible into accepting the narratives and falling into the trap, while morally bankrupt international plotters are covertly supporting such activity and movements.

As I’ve said over and over again after various false-flag terror attacks, the only way to try to avoid this kind of catastrophic direction is for all of us to refuse to fall for the scam.

It’s worth noting too that any mass civil unrest or breakdown won’t necessarily be all about Radical Islam versus the Far Right. In the US, there are other sources of tension and division too (the old-fashioned race divide and the police issue, the Trump/Bannon issue and the BLM movement). In Britain, the Brexit/EU paradigm also created massive tension – and I heard someone warn recently that, if the government was at any point to ‘reverse Brexit’, it might unleash major civil unrest too.

Some of the ill feeling and anger that has erupted since the Grenfell Tower fire is also an indicator of how quickly anger and unrest can develop, relating to class warfare rather than race warfare.

But Radical Islam and Far-Right Nationalism are the easiest and most ideologies to play off each other – because both insidious ideologies and their adherents are generally so stupid and so volatile. 

But both are also – and this is very important to understand – being funded and supported by powerful agencies and backers.


S. Awan

Independent journalist. Pariah. Believer in human rights, human dignity and liberty. Musician. Substandard Jedi. All-round failure. And future ghost.


  1. There is nothing Islamic about these attacks. These criminals are ALL, without exception, inspired by Zionist-created Wahhabism which is an ideology completely foreign to Islam. Furthermore, most of these attacks are also puppeteered and orchestrated by Zionists who are experts in manipulating the puppets that they themselves manufacture.

    According to the 1400 year old Shariah – the law of Islam – these individuals would be executed by a truly Islamic state – which has ceased to exist for several hundred years now. Such a sentence demanded by the ancient Shariah may seem extreme, but what is “extreme” and what is “moderate” is subjective.

    In any case, the point being made here is that an act for which the Islamic Shariah demands the death sentence can hardly be called Islamic.

  2. Complex and central to soon coming UK inner city, next-level social disruption, are ‘issues of radicalisation’. It’s difficult to plot the pulls for and levers by, but this article makes ground. (More who/else/is?) Central and secret services, want what? There’s UK/Govt. connected cabal(s) City of London etc. – yet – what about the other(s)? Starting with wider motives, it could be here’s the battling behind? Wars among the takeover elite/s and how and when to proceed. Then there’s the hyped-up public Left or Right who, having started their discourse, are damn certain no one is going to prove them wrong or cause any adjustment of thinking. The power of pride is greater than transparency for truth. Aforementioned figures and their internet pop commentary have no legitimacy regardless of respective calls on how might deal with race and religion because they refuse investigate details surrounding western terrorist acts. They know on the alt-right but don’t dare talk about. They’d be thoroughly embarrassed by any debate over the likelihood said ‘terrorist’ is/are not. Hoax to false-flag, they will not consider. Tommy R actually pushes the Truthers gone Right to blame every last act, since and inc. 9/11, on the Koran and followers. Proclaimed settled, when most likely/certainly their deception to suit prospective fan base. All to try and keep up rising in the alt. mainstream. A job and career, notoriety and recognition. Not sure for all the YT subscribers, have anything like the influence among those who’ll end up first fighting in the streets. The US campus scraps maybe but the mass of underclass, gangs and post codes, selling crack/weed, getting deeper into Islam/abstinence, black this, white that – they’ve always been at war with the ‘feds’ and state. Seen Islam ‘radicalisation’ come though prison but this often having limited influence upon release. Reckon there’s relatively one crowd and million or three, across US and EU, interested in their ongoing chat. For all the newbies are those falling off the internet. Well, could prattle on. Thanks for a bit of release. Provoked by what I read and have to, a number more times, to think-on. Intrigued by; ‘I do believe (and know) that there actually ‘is’ a major problem with radicalised young Muslims and with an extremist ideology.’ You would be one writer to stand in this gap. As I keep barkin’ on – not a lot to read, so please.

  3. This is another terrific piece of work! Great stuff!

    I would just like to add a point that at the level of international backers the connection is extremely odd again. ISIS et al coming from Saudi, and then the far-right association with Israel (which is shocking enough to begin with), when these nations are very strange allies to begin with. What is going on with this foreign policy alignment between Israel and Saudi? Is it just a question of convenience – any thoughts? Or does it have some bearing on the tensions outlined above?

    • I think, in terms of Saudi/Israel, it’s really about opposing Iran. A common enemy. Although, having said that, this business going on now with Qatar is very curious too.

  4. To get to crux of the matter in all this , and this is a good article , the final question would have be Cui Bono as it relates to the hate directed at the Muslim society and I would have to say that Israel would be the benefactor of this mayhem .If one remembers the statement from Netanyahoo after 9/11 , he did say it would be good for Israel .He caught himself and redirected , but too late in my estimation.

    • Yes, I wrote a very lengthy piece on that subject – of Israeli extreme-Zionists supporting the Far-Right and nationalists in the West. It’s very easy to show this to be the case.

  5. Whoa bro ! Really Nailed it here!
    The divide conquer strategy combined with the Gladio tactic!
    But what else could be expected from the ‘Globe’s Masters” , the “u.$”, Cheney etc
    who ordered nine-eleven AND
    Corporate Private Mercenary ArmedForces etc. Called Queda Isis etc.Cut-Outs.
    i suspect THE TRILLIONAIRE Clan & all the affiliated gangsters, banksters
    Dtrumf etc/ kings & queens of UK Saud Zionist ALL MASS MURDERERS WHO A
    DESERVE FAIR TRIAL before they are duly dissected!

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