Strasborg & the ‘Christmas Attack’: Who Benefits…?

So the shooting/attack in Strasborg at the Christmas Market.

It doesn’t really need much thinking to go into this, but I’m giving it a go partly for Mark from Truthscoop: because he pointed out that hardly anyone appears to have spoken about this particular ‘act of terror’ in any sceptical terms.

He’s right: but I’ve noted this before too (in regard to the Westminster ‘attack’ a few months ago, which seemed to barely register a blip in the news cycle or even in online alt-media and which most of us have completely forgotten about) – people who used to be all over this stuff a few years ago no longer seem to care.

I suspect this is partly because a lot of those people have shifted their interest from Objective Observation to instead joining in the divide-and-conquer programme itself, taking their lead from the mass hijacking of ‘alternative media’ that calls itself the ‘alt right’. For them, supposed Islamist-related terror attacks are best left unrefuted – because it serves the interests of the Alt-Right brainwashing programme and the divide-and-conquer psy-op.

That’s why – at the higher end of that equation – people like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson no longer acknowledge the existence of false-flag operations: and this is why a majority of self-styled ‘truther’ bloggers or video-makers also do the same, because they take their lead from the big ‘influencers’ in the hijacked ‘alternative media.

It’s a trickle-down thing. If the big alternative-media gatekeepers decide false-flags aren’t a thing anymore, then big swathes of so-called ‘truthers’ lower down in the hierarchy will follow suit.

And it’s not about objective thinking anymore – it’s all about the divide-and-conquer.

So, sorry: the Strasborg shooting incident.

My first thought was that the shooting had been staged so that it could be blamed on ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters – as a way to deflate that protest or discredit it.

But that isn’t what’s happened: instead it looks like it’s being spun as an Islamist terror attack.

Also, I don’t see why French ‘Islamists’ would be bothered about a Christmas Market this year and not last year or the year before that. But this seems to be a thing now: which I guess started with the attack on the Berlin Christmas Market two Christmases ago. The idea, I guess, is to make it look Christmas itself is under attack from these foreign barbarians who want to kidnap Baby Jesus and slay Santa.

That being said, you have to just assume it was staged either to intimidate the Yellow Vest protesters or to try to deflect the protesters anger towards the elites by reminding them of the foreign threat posed by Islamists: something along the lines of ‘stop protesting against US – they’re the problem, remember?’

Or the government just wanted a timely distraction to replace the Yellow Vests in the news cycle – which doesn’t appear to have worked anyway.

This was pretty unconvincing, either way. I have noticed, however, that some of those involved in the Yellow Vest protest have come out and called it a false-flag staged by the government. Which makes sense.

You might ask why the government would be so obvious: but then look at the Nice/Bastille-Day attack and how ridiculously obvious the timing was. I addressed that here the day after the Nice attack: the fact that ‘state of emergency’ brought into effect from the Paris Attacks a few months earlier was about to expire and the government was under pressure to discontinue the emergency measures. President Hollande announced that the ‘state of emergency’ was thus coming to an end – and, later that day, the truck attack unfolded in Nice: and provided the justification for the state of emergency to be extended indefinitely.

There’s another possibility too. Which is that this ‘attack’ was staged for the benefit of Marine Le Pen and the Front National: which has already been trying to draw a propaganda victory from the popular protests against Macron.

An apparent Islamist attack now – while all the Yellow Vest protests are going on – works 100% in the Front National’s favor, an Le Pen’s party will be hoping that Macron’s position becomes more and more untenable.

More and more unrest and discontent is something the Front National can try to tap into and use for its advantage – but they also need to re-insert the Islamic/foreign threat element into the equation too: because that’s their big attraction.

If this attack in Strasborg was done for the benefit of the Front National, then it must’ve been a Mossad operation. Mossad is known to have agents acting pretty freely in France. Le Pen – like the Swedish Nationalists, like Geert Wilders, like the AfD in Germany, like Tommy Robinson, like Trump and Kushner, like the Far-Right FPO in Austria – is 100% both Old Elite and also Zionist-aligned.

Her niece, who is also a Front National member of the parliament, is the daughter of an admitted Mossad agent who actually wrote a book on his time in Mossad (I covered that here).

Marine Le Pen, Front National Conspiracy

In fact, the terror attack that occured in Paris just days before the French election last year was – as I argued at the time – probably a Mossad operation to try to secure an election victory for Le Pen.

It didn’t work – and Macron won the election. But these guys don’t quit that easily.

Not that Macron isn’t an elite/establishment politician seemingly handpicked from on-high to be president of France. But you’d still have to wonder if it’s his main political opposition (the Nationalists he was so strongly condemning a few weeks ago) that have the most to gain from something like the Strasborg Market attack.

All of the terror attacks in France have been highly questionable. The Charlie Hebdo attack in early 2015, the Paris Attacks in November 2015, the Nice attack on Bastille Day: there was plenty of evidence to undermine all of the official stories of those events (which I did here, here, here, here and here).

The current ‘terror wave‘, that was powered by the intelligence-agency-backed ‘ISIS’ psy-op in the Middle East, began in France in 2015: and then quickly spread around Europe so that most major European cities or capitals had their own ‘jihadist attack’. This was combined with the Migrant Crisis, serving to destablise European politics and empower the Far-Right ‘Populists’.

That all of this was happening at the same time was no coincidence: this was also the exact same time that the major ‘Alt-Right’ personalities and platforms were popping up and being made to hijack or redirect much of the ‘alternative media’. What they all had in common – other than an obsession with ‘culture war’ – was that they all stopped talking about false-flags and insisted that the terror attacks occurring in Europe were all absolutely real attacks caused by Muslims, immigration, liberalism or multi-culturalism.

Many of the most prominent ‘Alt Right’ personalities are Zionist-aligned. ALL of the right-wing ‘Populist’ leaders or parties are Zionist-aligned. And many of the terror attacks (especially in France) used to empower that movement have had Mossad fingerprints all over them.

Worth noting too that Paris and France seem also to be big centers for the Masonic groups, as well as for Mossad. In fact, you will notice that a lot of statements, slogans or even placards from the Yellow Vest protesters seem to be recognising that: when they’re talking about the ‘elites’, they’re not just talking about bankers and politicians.

A lot of those people know that their country, their political situation and even their rights have been violated in the last few years: not just in terms of economics, but in terms of false-flag terror attacks in which a lot of ordinary French people were killed and the indefinite ‘state of emergency’ that those attacks were used to trigger – and which is still in full effect.

A lot of those people know they’ve been lied to.

In terms of the rising up against Macron’s government – the Yellow Vest protesters are an entirely diverse and representative group, including leftists, right-wingers, socialists, environmentalists, and generally just ordinary people. They’re mostly not Le Pen or Front National supporters.

But there remains the possibility (as discussed in the last article) that the Yellow Vests’ momentum could be hijacked and used by other powers, parties and agendas.

And if Mossad and the Front National can use it to their advantage, they will.

Also, in terms of those terror attacks – whether they were all Mossad operations or whether they were French intelligence ops (or a mixture of both) – these were each designed to aggravate the divisions in society and to nurture the ingredients and conditions for ‘race war’ or ‘civil war’: all of which was also designed to feed and fuel the rise of the Front National.

Even though French intelligence staging this Strasborg attack as a way to undermine or deflect attention from the Yellow Vests probably seems like the logical explanation, the Mossad/Front-National motive would seem to be stronger to me.

If Macron or the security services really wanted to stage a false-flag attack at this point in time, why wouldn’t they stage one made to look like the ‘Yellow Vests’ are to blame?

It wouldn’t be difficult, with all the unrest in the streets – and it would make more sense.

If Mossad was involved in the terror attacks and Le Pen is aligned with Zionist interests (and Le Pen has family links directly to Mossad), then it’s pretty obvious what is driving all of this.

On the Mossad front, I recall that, during the Nice attack, the then French President Francois Hollande didn’t seem like someone who knew what was going on. If he did, it’s very odd that he would go on television, announce that the state of emergency was ending and then have to come back later that day and say ‘whoops, there’s just been another massacre – we need those emergency powers, after all’. He would’ve known how obvious and stupid that would look.

It’s always seemed more logical to me that the President didn’t know what was going to happen in Nice – probably because French agencies weren’t behind it.

As noted, concerning the Berlin Christmas Market attack, it occurred on the day that Donald Trump‘s team had a ‘secret meeting’ with the Head of Mossad (although it appeared in Israeli newspapers, so I guess it was only a ‘secret meeting’ from our perspective): and this being while Trump was really ramping up his “the Muslim problem” thing and also – curiously, as I said at the time – weeks before Trump even got sworn in as President. That’s what was particularly strange about Trump’s team getting to meet with a Mossad delegation – Obama was, strictly speaking, still President: so this stuff was going on behind the sitting president’s back.

But this shit seems to be common: note how, in the UK, Pritti Patel was exposed having secret meetings in Israel – behind the back of her Prime Minister and the Foreign Office. An indiscretion for which she was forced to resign from the Cabinet.

In that context, Francois Hollande could’ve been in the dark about the Nice false-flag: and Macron could be in the dark about something like the Strasborg Christmas Market attack – particularly if the real beneficiary of the attack happens to be his political enemy.

At any rate, if the Berlin Christmas attack was a false-flag, there’s no reason to think Strasborg wasn’t either.

And there are plenty of motives and reasons for it. I don’t know which one was behind it – take your pick.


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  1. Like I say; you’re the stand-out bloke on the bloggy realm in my sight. Here and “oh, that he’d get going again” James/Crimes. All Strasborg hollas is about is the shift from apathy out ‘there’ to discouragement. “So why bov?” On to; let’s go into claimed ‘bigger pictures’ aka simulations and flat this and Mandella that. Or, so much youtube suspensions, deemed neither here, so go there. And, bugger-all outcry. The evidence, via available footage, is a hoax. UNLESS, all a purposeful technical, internet-block, scramble-head show. No footage to speak of… should raise alarms. All the classic calling-cards left like aces over the corpse. Is this the goal, that all but one/here, ok two… “any more for any more out there, a third”? Of course, people/injured/died? Yet chances was an alone ‘radical’?: Now we’re getting thin on the likelihood. Nothing reliable. A couple of could-be-actors outside the hospital, this, the most challenging. An interview (noted on the ‘Brazil’ comment) said, and over of cafe owner footage; “He said, recognised the man, as… and had a Kalesnikoff and was shooting”. Cuts to interviewer translating his speech direct, saying; “and I saw people running away from shooting…”. This the BBC News at Six. And WHAT? Spot the bull. No ain’t confirmation bias but deep, dark, hypnosis. Next clip, a couple of peeps talking of dear friend, maintain killed. Standing outside of a hospital. O’course, dunno, but… anything else? Believable because it’s The BBC. B–believable. B–best we do. C– (you know the word, can find no more provocative one). Your analysis of motive makes sense but it’s method and means over motive — every time. BBB: Winner of Best Strasbourg coverage, oh, no/one competes. Shame on us and, we should get shocked and upset.

    • It sounds like you looked into the details or the nitty-gritty of the Strasbourg thing. I didn’t even bother to do that this time: but looks like we came to the same conclusions anyway. I’m kind of getting the impression that they can’t be botheerd to craft out false flags anymore: after the really elaborate ones like Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan were exposed anyway, they must’ve realised there’s no point in trying to pull off sophisticated deceptions anymore – and so you get these really poor false flags like Strasborg, Westminster and the MAGA Bomber thing instead.

  2. Given that so much of the news we get is fake, how can we get to the truth? Much news never sees the light of day, and is ignored or buried from public sight.

    • We can’t, larryzb – and that’s where they wanted us: completely unable to discern true from false. it’s what they call the post-truth world, I guess.

  3. Thanks for this. I was hoping you were going to report on the yellow vests and this new ‘terror attack”. I’ve pretty much given up on searching for ‘news’ these days, as you say it’s got to the stage where I don’t care anymore, and it’s so obvious (Christmas Market et al), I’m tired of trying to convince people away from MSM. I did think it was a distraction from YV, I hadn’t thought about giving Le Pen a foot in the door to exploit. On Instagram Tommy Robinson supporters had tried to hijack the YV protests. I penned a reply to the ridiculous post but couldn’t be arsed to get into a debate with the morons, so I deleted it. Maybe your right on the button on this. Thanks mate.

    • Thanks Brian. Yeah I don’t comment elsewhere or get in to arguments anymore: it’s just so futile. And some of the so called ‘alternatives’ are worse than mainstream news anyway, sadly.

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